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Katrina Marie Interview!

When I used to present on radio, Katrina Marie was one of the first musicians to agree to an interview. Coming from the United States, Katrina has seen her music presented to thousands of people over the years. Her album ‘Wake Up’ was a favourite of mine and I still enjoy hearing it today, but now I am pleased to say that Katrina has agreed for another chat today to see what has been happening recently…

JC: Its been a few years since we spoke and now you are fronting your own band, how is life leading a band?

KM: I love being in a band. I always felt so lonely playing by myself. I used to ask audience members to come up and sing with me so I wasn’t up on stage alone. Its way more fun being part of a team. The group I’m working with is made up of a bunch of pros who have had a ton of experience performing so they have taught me a lot. They are supportive of my original music and genuinely love playing the soul/blues/rock genres so I’m lucky to work with them. The only thing I might add is a female member. The guys are awesome but it would be nice to have another girl around!

JC: I remember when I first heard your music was when I heard the song Wake Up, still a favourite of mine. How did you come to write that track?

KM: Hate to spoil any magic for anyone but “Wake Up” wasn’t a personal song. The hook just kind of came to me. I rarely write songs with instruments so this one just popped into my head and I wrote it very quickly, just kind of humming along. Once I realized what the song was about, I wrote verses that completed the message. Typically I write lyrics and melodies at the same time.

JC: The album Wake Up featured a great collection of tracks, do all the tracks have a special and/or personal meaning to them?

KM: Back when I wrote the album “Wake Up,” I was trying to promote myself as a songwriter. I just wanted to be behind the scenes getting a high off of writing exciting songs for well-known artists. The idea of fame sounded terrible to me. I just wanted my songs to be famous. Does that make sense? Most of the tracks were not personal, just written with other vocalists on mind. But since I didn’t have a dime to my name I decided, “Hey, why not just sing my own songs and shoot some videos so I don’t have to pay for promotion.”

JC: The new album When There Is No Color is out now. How does this album compare to the previous releases?

KM: My new album is different in that it is 100% raw and personal. I’m not sure if I did it because I was owning who I was as a mature songwriter or if I just needed to get shit out. Probably a combination of the two. I remember taking the song “Not Afraid” to my writing buddy Dave Cohen. He listened to it and said “Sounds like we’re heading in the direction of a blues album.” Never thought I would end up singing the blues, but I guess life takes you there sometimes.

JC: What was the biggest challenge when making the new album?

KM: Recording! I hate recording. I get stressed out when singing doesn’t feel natural. I think there’s two songs on the album that we ended up doing in one vocal take. It’s a lot easier pretending to sing live.

JC: Many musicians have some strange ways to help them relax and keep their vocals in check, is there anything special you do to keep yourself in check (not saying you do anything strange)?

KM: I’m literally the worst when it comes to taking care of my voice. I’ve had very minimal vocal training and I used to work as a teacher so I’ve had every cold known to man. Possible reason for why my voice can be so gravelly. My saving grace is hot loose leaf green tea. As far as relaxing goes…um…bourbon.

JC: With the new album out, are you going to be out performing any shows soon?

KM: Yes! We’re gonna be playing at an outdoor summer concert series in Westford, MA on August 6th. Come hang with us. You can keep up with future shows on our website KatrinaMarieBand.com

JC: Is there any songs you didn’t get to put into the new album, and will ever be revealed?

KM: Just one song that we decided wasn’t cohesive enough to put with the others. It was about a loved one who helped me get on my feet after trying times. It’s been hanging out on my computer for a couple years. Perhaps one day I will let it loose. I’ve also got a bunch of new songs hanging out in my head. I think I will write my next album with the audience in mind. Next mission: How can I show my band and our audience a good time?

JC: Last question, who in music today would you like to collaborate with and why?

KM: Would love to collaborate with Paul McCartney. Or maybe I just wanna rack his brain over a drink or two. Some of the first songs I ever heard were written by him. It would be nice to learn from his experiences. He must have a lot of crazy ones.


You can see Katrina Marie on YouTube and her latest album ‘When There Is No Color’ is available to download on iTunes now https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/when-there-is-no-color/id1189187067! Also look her up on the website http://www.katrinamarieband.com

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