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Doctor Who – Death In Heaven. “This is a promise, the promise of a soldier!”

So last week we saw Danny die, Clara trapped in a room with a Cyberman and The Doctor seeing his arch-rival The Master has regenerated into the Time-Lady The Mistress. The Cybermen begin their invasion of earth and the dead begin to rise as Clara attempts to survive in 3W with her Cybermen captors as she states she is The Doctor and that Clara Oswald is not real. Eventually Clara is saved by a Cyberman which is actually a certain Mr Danny Pink who has been sent from The Nethersphere back to his body, with a full upgrade. Meanwhile, the Cybermen are seen to be going up to the air and exploding into “Cyber-Pollen” which rains down over the graveyards of the world. The Doctor and The Mistress are both taken to an aircraft by Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Doctor-obsessed Osgood with The Mistress as a prisoner and The Doctor is made President of Earth during this time of crisis. During the time on the aircraft, “cyber-pollen” is spreading and creating Cybermen, but they seem to be child-like and not fully functional. In one graveyard, Clara finds herself in the middle of a group of recently risen Cybermen who have been created by the storms made by the pollen. Clara finds one Cyberman who is functioning properly, finding out that it holds Danny who has still got his emotions after refusing to delete his memories. Danny is alive, kinda. Clara is happy to see him, though she is upset that he wants to delete his emotions so he can not feel his pain anymore. So what happens on that plane?

The Doctor finds that The Mistress has escaped her imprisonment and killed Osgood (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!). The ship is attacked by flying Cybermen (I know, it is actually pretty cool) and a massive hole is made in the plane. Kate falls out of the plane and so does The Doctor. The Doctor manages to get to his TARDIS and find Clara and Danny. They learn the ultimate plan is to change all living people as well as the dead into Cybermen. The Mistress claims that the Cybermen were a gift to The Doctor for his birthday, she gives him the control over them and this only upsets The Doctor as he states nobody should have that power. Though he decides to transfer that power to Dan the Soldier Man as he takes the Cybermen to the skies and destroys them all. The Mistress is then seemingly blasted away by a lone Cyberman, is it Danny? Nope. This Cyberman is an old friend of The Doctor known better as The Brig; he saves his daughter Kate and flies off after receiving a salute his long-time friend and former UNIT co-worker. Before parting, The Mistress states co-ordinates to where Gallifrey is hiding. But is she telling the truth? Also, what happens when Danny is given one last chance of life? Well, let’s just say that tears and anger flow at the end. But, a certain jolly character comes to help save The Doctor, will he be able to bring the Time Lord some much needed joy and cheer this Christmas?

Well, this episode had a lot to get through. The death of Danny Pink may have started last week, but the impact of a post-deceased Danny makes probably the strongest performance of the episode. Samuel Anderson makes Danny one of the biggest highlights of series 8 and to see his soldier side come to be the hero for the day is just fantastic. Michelle Gomez is a creepy and psychotic female Master and hopefully will come back soon as the Time Lady. Jenna Coleman really does well as Clara, the side of her which has The Doctor influence really comes out in full force and at times is rather scary when we think of how her character was just a few weeks ago completely against The Doctor’s methods. It was nice to see the return of Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver as Kate and Osgood, though I am sad to see Osgood is gone, or has she? (Well I think it is conclusive she is gone). But I can’t forget Peter Capaldi, he shows some great emotion in this series finale and the anger over The Mistress lying about Gallifrey is probably the biggest emotional blow that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has suffered so far. Steven Moffat pulls a great finale out of his hat, it is probably the best finale since 2010 and shows how Doctor Who can still grow and captivate. Though the double threat of The Mistress and Cybermen may not have caused too much menace, the way they are displayed and brought to the screen is just wonderful. A lot had to be resolved, the scene where Danny gives up his chance at life again to bring back to life a child he accidently killed is touching though I feel this could have had been explored earlier in the series for more emotional impact. The storylines may have been a bit iffy at times, but we get plenty of answers and hopefully a happy ending on the horizon. One last highlight, the opening titles which gave Jenna Coleman top billing and featured her eyes was rather fun and a good way to mess with viewers as Clara pretended to be The Doctor. We have only a matter of weeks till Christmas, and Nick Frost is about to become Santa Claus!

Final Rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove.

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