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Red Dwarf – Krysis. Review (Mild Spoilers)

Red Dwarf – Krysis (Series XI Episode 5)

As we have followed these characters for nearly 30 years, it did seem right that at some point we would see them at a certain age of maturity…or something like that. In this episode, we find Kryten experiencing a mid-life crisis. After finding the joy in his usual tasks fading, he begins to question his existence and his friends decide to help him get through these feelings. In an attempt to feel young, Kryten starts to act differently and gives his body a Ferrari-red coating with twin subwoofers. Later, the gang look to find a way to help Kryten to show that he has done a lot with his life and make contact with another Nova ship (similar to the one the crew met Kryten) and get him to meet their service droid, Butler.


Ok, around 10 minutes into the episode I think I have only really chuckled a few times. But I promise, this is where it changes. Butler, played by the fantastic Dominic Coleman, really shows up Kryten with his numerous works of art and the various scientific achievements he has made. Kryten then becomes jealous, and suspect that the crew will look to change him for a newer model (they do like Butler). Then we get a return of an old favourite, the GELF. Without giving too much away, the Red Dwarf crew probably get one of their best ever escapes from the man-made beings. Overall, it is worth a watch and finally we do get a much better conclusion than the last episode.


Red Dwarf is yet again given another episode where there are a great number of laughs (The Cat reacting to the stupid comment, the Blackberry’s going to Silicon Hell). But, like some of the episodes, it just doesn’t feel 100% complete. Visually, this episode looked fantastic and did make good use of its whole cast. It is nice for Robert Llewellyn being given more to do, and an episode centred on him was very welcome. As mentioned earlier, Dominic Coleman does a great job as Butler. He also does make some great moments, including his attempt at teaching GELF words to the crew. I wouldn’t say this was a bad episode, but after ‘Officer Rimmer’ and the fantastic ‘Give and Take’, it does feel a little less impressive. But, with one more episode of Series XI and Series XII to come next year, we won’t be short of Red Dwarf for a while.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove