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Red Dwarf – Krysis. Review (Mild Spoilers)

Red Dwarf – Krysis (Series XI Episode 5)

As we have followed these characters for nearly 30 years, it did seem right that at some point we would see them at a certain age of maturity…or something like that. In this episode, we find Kryten experiencing a mid-life crisis. After finding the joy in his usual tasks fading, he begins to question his existence and his friends decide to help him get through these feelings. In an attempt to feel young, Kryten starts to act differently and gives his body a Ferrari-red coating with twin subwoofers. Later, the gang look to find a way to help Kryten to show that he has done a lot with his life and make contact with another Nova ship (similar to the one the crew met Kryten) and get him to meet their service droid, Butler.


Ok, around 10 minutes into the episode I think I have only really chuckled a few times. But I promise, this is where it changes. Butler, played by the fantastic Dominic Coleman, really shows up Kryten with his numerous works of art and the various scientific achievements he has made. Kryten then becomes jealous, and suspect that the crew will look to change him for a newer model (they do like Butler). Then we get a return of an old favourite, the GELF. Without giving too much away, the Red Dwarf crew probably get one of their best ever escapes from the man-made beings. Overall, it is worth a watch and finally we do get a much better conclusion than the last episode.


Red Dwarf is yet again given another episode where there are a great number of laughs (The Cat reacting to the stupid comment, the Blackberry’s going to Silicon Hell). But, like some of the episodes, it just doesn’t feel 100% complete. Visually, this episode looked fantastic and did make good use of its whole cast. It is nice for Robert Llewellyn being given more to do, and an episode centred on him was very welcome. As mentioned earlier, Dominic Coleman does a great job as Butler. He also does make some great moments, including his attempt at teaching GELF words to the crew. I wouldn’t say this was a bad episode, but after ‘Officer Rimmer’ and the fantastic ‘Give and Take’, it does feel a little less impressive. But, with one more episode of Series XI and Series XII to come next year, we won’t be short of Red Dwarf for a while.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Red Dwarf – Officer Rimmer. Review (Mild Spoilers)

Red Dwarf – Officer Rimmer (Series 11 Episode 4)

As we have now crossed the halfway point of Series XI, it is fair to say that Red Dwarf is now nestled comfortably in the Dave schedule and doing rather well. ‘Give and Take’ was for me one of the best episodes for a long long time, and this nearly did just as good of a job. ‘Officer Rimmer’ does give a great Rimmer-centric episode that provides many laughs, but falls just short in a few areas.


Starting with the crew helping a ship stuck in an asteroid field, it is through the idiocy of Rimmer that the ship is saved and their commanding officer (a bio-printed being, more on that later). The initial printing joke is something of comedy gold, and helps the real laughs begin. It is a simple premise to a degree, but with technology as it is today, it was great to see the problems we all face with printers being brought so hilariously to the screen. Anyway, with Rimmer being promoted due to his “heroic” actions, he begins to purposely annoy the rest of the gang with his new found powers of command. Rimmer decides that he deserves the luxury of his own private elevator and corridor, but isn’t it a shame he has no other officer to share this with?

Well thanks to the lovely bio-printer we see earlier, Rimmer ends up making multiple copies of himself. This for me is where some of the best laughs come, Rimmer gets to have plenty of other “Officer Rimmer’s” with him at the special officer’s club. In this club we meet multiple Arnold’s which includes the brilliant Barbershop Quartet. Hungry for power, Rimmer demands more copies to be made…and this is where we get another classic Red Dwarf moment when all things effectively change for the worse, again highlighting the mix of good and bad special effects that the show does so well.


I should note that Kryten does get a good few laughs as well in this episode, basically everyone does get to have a good joke or two…but I did feel like The Cat was fairly absent in the script, am sure he has got some great jokes to come this series still. The slight subplot about Lister selling his likeness for cloning programmes got a good laugh, and maybe we may see that come back around one day? And what about that rather abrupt ending? Where do I begin? It was so sudden I thought I had a mini blackout, the episode just finished where I was sure there must have been at least another minute to go. But, overall I did really enjoy this episode. Chris Barrie probably gives his best Rimmer performance for a long time in this episode, and for once it is good to see multiple Rimmer’s actually get along really well with each other. Doug Naylor has given us another great outing, and I look forward to seeing what Captain Bollocks and the rest of the Red Dwarf gang will do next week when Kryten has his mid-life crisis!

Final Rating: 8.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Red Dwarf – Give And Take. Review (Mild Spoilers)

Red Dwarf – Give and Take (Series 11 Episode 3)

Finally…Red Dwarf is back to its best! ‘Twentica’ got us started, ‘Samsara’ gave us some great nostalgia and was entertaining. But, ‘Give And Take’ I will go as far to say it is probably the best episode of Red Dwarf for over 20 years! We get a classic-esque storyline which features some great one-off characters, an extremely funny premise and one of the creepiest foes the crew has ever been up against.


Starting off with Rimmer basically not getting his own way (I know, similar to the previous week. But just wait!) as he argues with an elevator, we then get classic Lister who is apparently nursing a two-day hangover. The crew are then shortly heading to an abandoned space station which really brings the classic feel back (The squabbles from the crew and Kryten’s file for Rimmer being called “Captain Bollocks” was bloody brilliant). The station is said to hold Asclepius, a robot who is a medical genius, and no longer insane like many believed him to be…apparently. The robot then kidnaps Listen and The Cat for his own operations. Then we get the robot which Kryten and Rimmer believe to be Asclepius, but you need to watch it to really get the most of it. There is just so much, and as usual, Rimmer does seem to mess up the day during his and Kryten’s rescue of their crewmates.

Even though it’s not exactly a ‘Bodysnatchers’ script, there are a couple elements when you see Lister having his kidneys taken by the insane robot! The interactions with the cast with the one-off additions really does set a great tone. The jokes about the robots are great, the interactions with the usual foursome is top notch throughout the episode. The mix of smart and funny was indeed pulled off well. The way that the show winds itself back to the beginning of the episode and fill some of the gaps from the opening minutes was indeed entertaining. I could talk about every single thing that made this episode brilliant, but it would stretch to maybe 5000 words on this review. ‘Give And Take’ is indeed a callback to the classic episodes of the 90’s, the story is indeed written so well and the comedy from the usual guys and the “enemy of the week” was so creepy and well made it certainly felt perfectly in place in the Dwarf universe (and I would be happy to see Asclepius come back to antagonise them again!).


Overall, I loved this episode. Red Dwarf may not beat this peak, and I may be a bit generous on my final rating, but I laughed a lot and the jokes about FIFA and Rimmer being dubbed Captain Bollocks was proof for me that Doug Naylor will still write truly great pieces for the fans. Please keep sending scripts out like this! Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn finally all get to have a great equal amount of time to shine, the location shooting blends in perfectly with the studio recordings and I know I will be re-watching this episode many times over. I will still be laughing hard for a long time to come!

Final Rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Red Dwarf – Samsara. Review (Mild Spoilers)

Red Dwarf – Samsara (Series 11 Episode 2)

Now we are heading in a great direction. The show definitely is sharper and funnier in this second edition, and hopefully it will continue to improve as series 11 goes on. This week we get some of the classic interactions which always made the 90’s Dwarf such must-see TV. It is also a great thing when I can say that The Cat does get some of the greatest and silliest lines for some time. Also we get a classic crazy premise similar to the shows of old, but let’s talk a bit about that plot!


So an escape pod from a ship called the S.S. Samsara comes into contact with Red Dwarf, the pod itself carries two survivors (who left the Samsara before it crashed on an ocean moon three million years prior). During this time, Lister and Rimmer are playing a game of Mine-Opoly and Lister’s cheating seems to be paying off no matter what! Later, the crew then go to Samsara to scavenge and see what happened to the crew. We also get to follow the story of the two survivors before they left the ship, which gives a great pay-off to the main twist in the episode. I really do enjoy the episodes where there is a smart backbone to all the jokes…and honestly this sits there with some of the best Series 5 and 6 episodes where I think they reached a peak in clever storylines which would entertain and tickle you. Also, how many episodes do you see the crew get rewarded for being themselves (out for themselves, greedy and vain. Wouldn’t want them any other way!).


The highlights for this episode is when you finally learn why the Samsara ended up crashed on the moon, the certain positions of them skeletons definitely gave me a good hard chuckle (and with the glow sticks, it was funny again!) and then there was the moments with Lister and The Cat when they are sealed in a chamber together. Kryten and Rimmer get some time together too, but it seemed to be more about the interaction of the two living characters this week. The joke about Archimedes being the inventor of gravy was so funny, and then saying he got a special hat to hide his bruises (a Knight Hood!) was indeed Cat at his best when he is completely wrong, but believes himself to be right. The only comments I would say against this episode is that you do feel a bit underwhelmed by the time the credits roll. This isn’t too say I didn’t enjoy the episode, this is probably one of (if not my favourite) the best episode’s since the show transitioned to Dave. Doug Naylor does still provide some sharp, funny scripts. They need to keep coming more like ‘Samsara’ and less like ‘Twentica’. There is nothing wrong with ambitious, but it needs to be tight and well-rounded too.

With episodes still to come such as Kryten having a mid-life crisis, The Cat apparently finding love and hopefully an episode which will very much be the ‘Bodysnatchers’ episode which never came to pass. For now, two in and I am ready for more…

Final Rating: 8.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove