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Superhero TV shows have generally been a strong force in animation form for many years. With certain exceptions such as Batman 1966, Lois and Clark and Smallville, there has never been such high quality comic based shows on TV at one time. With DC ruling the roost on The CW and Fox, Marvel’s MCU taking Netflix and ABC by storm and Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and Outcast making some damn fine TV! So, the first in a number of countdowns, I wanted to give some top 10’s based on more current comic book shows and the characters that feature within them. With the short lived Constantine being hugely popular, Arrow creating a massive TV universe and Gotham giving us some great origins on much loved characters.

This list was not easy to write, but there was so many to choose from. Honorable mentions go to Morena Baccarin’s Dr Leslie Thompkins in Gotham, her partner and good cop Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells and Reverse-Flash in The Flash. I want to know who you would say was portrayed best as opinions will always vary. This is my personal list, so take this as you will.

  1. Harold Perrineau – Manny (Constantine)

Portraying an original character in a comic book show is not always seen as a great idea, but Harold Perrineau pulls it off so well as the angel Manny. Guiding Constantine on his journey to prepare for the oncoming war with evil, Manny appears at times of great need (even when John really could do without seeing him). Sometimes a very insightful character and a moment or two of comic relief, it is a shame that we may not see him spread his wings in Constantine’s future anytime soon.


  1. Teddy Sears – “Jay Garrick”/Hunter Zolomon/Zoom (The Flash)

Trying to top the brilliant work by Tom Cavanagh in season one was never going to be easy, but Teddy Sears takes you on one hell of a journey in season two. Revealing himself to be Jay Garrick at the start of the season, he claims his speed was stolen by another known as Zoom! The twist here is that Jay is actually Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom and he has hatched a plan to destroy all universes and speedsters…including Barry. Who knows if he will run again into the lives of the STAR Labs team.


  1. Emily Bett Rickards – Felicity Smoak (Arrow, The Flash)

Originally a minor character, Felicity grew to be one of the most important characters in the Arrowverse. Originally an employee of Oliver’s step-father Walter, Felicity proves herself to be a welcome addition to Team Arrow. Originally only wanting to save Walter, Felicity eventually joins the team full time and is vital in helping Oliver become more understanding and find new methods to deal with crime. Though many see their romance as annoying, Felicity really does make a big impact in the show and I hope she will do for a long long time to come.

City of Heroes

  1. David Harewood – “Hank Henshaw”/J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter (Supergirl)

One of the biggest surprises of Supergirl was the revelation that head of the DEA Hank Henshaw was actually the Martian Manhunter. Having been nearly killed by the real Hank Henshaw, Kara and Alex’s father saved J’onn and in return J’onn promised to look after Alex and Kara as much as he could. A character with a huge heart and one of the most heartbreaking backstories in comics, he fights his inner demons and becomes a true hero who eventually gets the recognition he deserves.


  1. Manu Bennett – Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (Arrow)

Probably the greatest rival to come up against Oliver, Slade Wilson originally helped Oliver Queen survive on the island and gave him the help he needed to escape and find his family. After Slade was injected with the “mirakuru”, he finds himself stronger than ever before, but his mind suffers from the chemical. He personally wants revenge against Oliver after what happens to him in regards to Shado and losing his eye. Killing Oliver’s mother and almost destroying the city was indeed enough to push The Arrow to his limit!

deathstroke manu

  1. Danielle Panabaker – Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost (The Flash, Arrow)

When she had her cameo in Arrow, I was not too sure how much I would like this character. But from her first episode, Caitlin is shown to be a great part of the STAR Labs team. She is shown to be very distraught over the particle accelerator explosion which seemingly killed her fiancé and at times being cold towards her friends. Though Caitlin is indeed, in at least one life, destined to be the villainous Killer Frost, she proves a true friend and a heart to the show. She knows how to take on enemies without powers of her own and will do anything to help you.

The Fury of Firestorm

  1. Stephen Amell – Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Arrow, The Flash. Legends Of Tomorrow)

The man behind the Arrowverse, Oliver Queen returns to Starling City after five years being presumed dead. When he returns, he takes on the mantle of The Arrow to fight the crime in the city as part of his promise to his father. Originally wanting to take on this crusade alone, Oliver later gets assistance from John Diggle, Felicity, Roy Harper, Sara Lance, Laurel Lance and even his sister Thea. Though Oliver may be sometimes hard to trust, he does care about his friends and family and does show a lighter side with his friend Barry/The Flash.


  1. Grant Gustin – Barry Allen/The Flash (The Flash, Arrow)

After getting caught in his lab as the STAR Labs accident happened, Barry Allen became The Flash. Originally unsure if he deserved his powers, Barry would go on to become one the greatest heroes in existence. With a pure heart and mind, Barry is definitely the best person to have on your side when in trouble with a meta-human. When Barry developed his powers and begun travelling through time, we see him truly get emotional with anything around his deceased mother when he sees her in the past. We want Barry to have a happy ending, but has he destroyed the world to get it?


  1. Robin Lord Taylor – Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin (Gotham)

The only Gotham character to make it into the list, but there is a good reason why he is this high! Robin Lord Taylor from episode one managed to make Penguin probably the best portrayal of the character in any medium. Danny DeVito done a great job in Batman Returns, Nolan North makes a great performance in the Batman Arkham games but it is Taylor’s take on the character which is unique and intriguing. Starting as an aspiring gangster, he eventually takes control of the Gotham underworld and uses many means to get what he wants. Whenever his version of Oswald Cobblepot takes to the screen, I am glued!


  1. Matt Ryan – John Constantine (Constantine, Arrow)

You know you have done a character right when you have a fan and cast campaign to get you to be the character again (eventually appearing in Arrow Season 4) and then becoming the character again for an animated movie (2016’s Justice League Dark). Am I right? Matt Ryan embodies the character perfectly and does everything right. He smokes like a chimney, isn’t afraid to be rude, enjoys being an arse to people and fights demons with ease. The look is also done right, down to the hair colour and the clothes. We may have only had 14 hours of TV with John Constantine, but I am sure Matt Ryan’s version of the character will be around for a long time…and maybe that petition to get a season two of Constantine will also become reality one day!

Constantine - Season Pilot


Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

The Top Five DC Villains On The Small Screen

So, I begun thinking about the takeover the DC Comics shows have had recently. With Arrow and Flash sharing a rich universe, Gotham bringing a fresh-faced look at those villains we remember and multiple cartoons which intrigued and gripped us. Well, I decided to make a list on here of my top five villains. I tried to be fair and keep it to one from each show. Let me know your own thoughts, but for now this is what I have put on…

  1. Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress – Arrow

I am sure many may not agree, but Helena Bertinelli is a very interesting character. Being a love interest for Oliver Queen, Jessica De Gouw brings a vigilante to life in Helena and we find her as more than a match for Oliver Queen. When they begin a relationship, it seems that Oliver can help keep her in control, but eventually The Huntress continues her mission to take down her criminal father and anyone who gets in her way. Helena Bertinelli is shown to be tough, dangerous and untrusting. When all happens, she finds that her revenge doesn’t change her, and this makes us anticipate what will happen in future appearances.

  1. Leonard Snart/Captain Cold – The Flash

So this is possibly the newest villain, but someone who has made a great impact on 2014’s The Flash since his debut. Wentworth Miller portrays a brilliant villain as Leonard Snart, the first rival for The Flash who isn’t a meta-human and definitely one of the most dangerous. Leonard Snart is the first man to actually stop Barry Allen with the ice gun; he uses his brains and has become a recurring menace for the STAR Labs group. Teaming up with other villains in the Rogues Gallery, be sure to see Captain Cold for a long time still as his menace and gravitas continues.

  1. The Joker – Batman: The Animated Series

The Joker has been popular for many years, though he didn’t really see his character fleshed out on screen as much as when Mark Hamill took to voicing him in the 1990’s cartoon series. The character, though in the series was slightly restricted to how far he could go, his menace shines through in each appearance and each time you hear that laugh is a feeling of both discomfort and fun. His appearances in the Batman animated films and Batman Beyond continued his menace on a more terrifying scale and his inclusion in the Batman: Arkham Video Game series showed just how far The Joker can go while keeping Mark Hamill to cement the most popular villain in Batman history.

  1. Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin – Gotham

I will start by saying that Penguin has never been my favourite villain. I enjoyed Burgess Meredith’s portrayal in the 60’s and Batman Returns saw Danny Devito really bring in the creep factor, but one man beats them all. Robin Lord Taylor. Bringing Oswald Cobblepot to a pre-Batman Gotham showed us a snivelling, cowardly character who is being an obedient little servant. But, we slowly see he is actually clever, treacherous and dangerous. Seeing him kill a number of people and also plant himself into both of the big gangs in Gotham, The Penguin is also shown to be caring to his mother but heartless to everyone else. Robin Lord Taylor is the best actor to take this role, and arguably the best actor on the show.

  1. Slade Wilson/Deathstroke – Arrow

Starting as a friend to Oliver Queen while on the island Lian Yu during his first year being “dead”. Oliver is told to find Slade Wilson to help save Yao Fei from his imprisonment. Oliver and Slade become good friends, working together to eventually get off the island. Later, Slade Wilson is injected with the Mirakuru serum and becomes super-strong, but his mind evaporates and he begins to see visions of Yao’s dead daughter Shado whom he loved. He blames Oliver for his death and seeks revenge. Though Oliver thinks he has killed Slade while on the island, he returns five years later to seek revenge on Oliver and makes him suffer. Manu Bennett may not be the most known actor, but he makes a really tough character and a formidable foe for any hero.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Gotham. Episode 8: The Mask

No you won’t see the mad, green-faced character from the 1994 film, what we start with is two guys fighting each other in an office wearing balaclavas. Why? Who knows why? One emerges victorious and gives address to a security camera watching him. Meanwhile, a murder starts the day for Gordon and Bullock as they seem to find the man who was just seen beaten and he is covered in black ink and Edward Nigma is helping do his forensic touch with the body. Investigating the body, he finds a severed finger in the body of the corpse. The Penguin is seen in town and steals jewellery from a woman passing by. He visits Fish Mooney to agree terms of their deal which was made by Maroni and Falcone. He gives the jewellery as a gift, but stabs the hand of Penguin with a pin for his betrayal to her. Bruce Wayne finally goes back to school for the first time since his parents died, Alfred tries to convince him that he needs friends his own age and try to be “normal”. Gordon finds himself interviewing the mother of the dead man, he was at the time looking for a job in an office. Bullock reflects on the police force that walked out of the GCPD when Gordon was facing off with Victor Zsasz. The Penguin goes back to being Oswald as he presents the jewellery to his Mum as a present after taking it back from Fish. Mrs Cobblepot notices the mark on his hand and is angry that he is hurt.

The detectives go to see a doctor who had seen the man they found dead earlier. They arrest him after they see a link in the case. The detectives agree to let the doctor go and check the company that the man was at. Gordon walks into his apartment to find Barbara is there with a gun, he tries to reassure her that she won’t get hurt as she is still upset over the ordeal with Zsasz in the previous episode. Individuals are seen in cages wearing ties, shirts and braces. Being given balaclavas by a masked man, one of the caged men wants to know when they can go and he states that they know how they can go. Edward Nigma is about to do a thorough investigation of the dead man via autopsy, though it turns out he shouldn’t really be there as the real surgeon then walks in. Bruce is shown trying to get back to life at school, he is then greeted by some fellow students including Tommy, who asks about the deaths of Bruce’s parents and persistently torments Bruce. Fish Mooney meets with Liza in a church as its one of the private places they can talk. Mooney gives Liza a concoction which will make Falcone sleep and then for her to find some notes that Falcone has hidden in his desk as Mooney wants the information. Richard Sionis is then interviewed by the detectives, the owner of the company in which Lawson, the deceased man seen earlier, worked for. They investigate the office and see lots of warrior items and weapons. The mask seen earlier is shown in the office of Sionis, they get quite in depth in the chatter of murder and Gordon is convinced Sionis is the murderer. As they leave, Gordon notices a trail of blood leading to a bathroom. Gordon sees a man with a busted nose and another with his hand in bandages. After a small tussle, Bullock and Gordon are over the bandaged man as he tries to escape.

Back at the school, Bruce has another face to face with Tommy. He continues to torment Bruce and bullies him over the death of his family. Bruce finally snaps and smacks Tommy, to little effect. The Penguin gets his men to kidnap the new assistant to Fish to ask questions, he waddles to his seat and sits while his men beat the man up. When interviewing the man who tried to escape, the detectives discover that the injuries are from fights that the men had during the interview phase for their jobs. Edward Nigma discovers that the ink is actually printer ink and establishes the death was in an office, which the officers are now aware of. Their one man is taken away as Sionis buys a lawyer to intervene, the detective’s state they need to find where the fights are taking place to stop any more deaths from happening. Captain Essen is upset over leaving Gordon in the office alone with Zsasz, knowing she should have stood by him. Bruce Wayne comes out of school shaken and Alfred wants to help his young master. Gordon gets a call from Barbara but cuts it short as he and Bullock look to solve the case. Liza begins her plan to get the notes for Fish and places the concoction into his tea. Gordon walks into the office where the fights happen and find the men in the cages, only to be jumped by Sionis. We finally catch up with Selina Kyle, and she is caught shoplifting from a clothing store by the police. Bruce Wayne goes to the home of Tommy for a confrontation. Bruce brutally beats Tommy and leaves him bloodied as Alfred stops Bruce from going too far, but rewards him for standing up for himself.

Gordon is found in the middle of a fight with three potential employees of Sionis, he claims the person who kills Gordon will get the job and one million dollars. Knowing he must be in trouble, Bullock shouts out to the GCPD to help find him and they finally agree to help their fellow detective after leaving him previously. Gordon is seen to be fighting all three to stay alive; he manages to knock all three unconscious and comes to now fight Sionis who looks to kill Gordon himself. He looks to expose the killer in Gordon, but Gordon does not give in to that side of himself. The police find him only to see he survived the attack. Back at her club, Fish is watching a potential act for her club (does her club actually ever open anymore?) and she is then approached by Liza, Liza states that she wants out of the agreement, Fish Mooney won’t allow it and tells Liza about how Falcone had instructed the death of her own mother and that she was fuelled by this to kill Falcone. Fish Mooney gets the notes that she asked for from Liza, she promises she will look after Liza and kisses her with the promise of her protection. Meanwhile, the new assistant of Fish is still being held hostage by Penguin as he looks for information on her and what her plans are. He discovers that Fish has someone on Falcone, so he wants to find out who it is. Gordon thanks Bullock for his help and for rallying the police to his rescue, they share a handshake. Gordon is thankful and knows he is punching a lot out, but is doing it as he wants to clean Gotham once and for all. Fish is approached by the old woman and is apparently told she lied to Liza, is this elderly woman her mother? So, the episode is ending and Gordon is about to be re-acquainted with Selina Kyle, she smiles and says “Hey Detective, miss me?”. Bruce speaks to Alfred about his fight, stating he enjoyed revenge and feels angry all the time. After a quick chat, Alfred agrees to teach Bruce how to fight.

Wow, that was a lot to cover. So, still a good episode. Though it doesn’t reach the heights of last week, it is still a great episode to enjoy. Nice to finally see Selina Kyle is back and Camren Bicondova should hopefully get more screen time in the next episode. The “fight-club” aspect was good, it was more about the twisted mind of an individual who enjoyed his power than actually trying to make his mark on Gotham. Ben McKenzie shines as Gordon as he is shown to beat all those who stand in his way, literally. Finally the big praise goes to Jada Pinkett-Smith and Robin Lord Taylor as they continue to be big talking points. Jada’s Fish Mooney is really starting to grow on me and to see Taylor is now embracing his Penguin character to full force, what isn’t to enjoy? Also it is great to finally see young Master Bruce kick some arse! Can’t wait to see next week when a certain future District Attorney who may have a bit of a split-personality disorder turns up in Gotham!

Final Rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove.

Episode 9 preview: Harvey Dent


Gotham. Episode 7: Penguin’s Umbrella

So we finally see Oswald Cobblepot come out of hiding and fully embracing himself as The Penguin. Jim Gordon’s big secret finally comes out and Harvey Bullock is out to keep himself out of trouble with Fish Mooney and Falcone. As Jim tries to contact Barbara, she is already being held in their apartment by Fish Mooney’s crew. Jim comes and saves Barbara, Gordon sends his fiancée away and begs her not to come back until he can make things right. The GCPD all have eyes on Jim Gordon, they have no idea what to make of him following the revelation he let The Penguin escape death. Fish Mooney is worried about what Penguin can do, and also worried it is taking too long for her hired girl Liza to start her seduction of Falcone and begin her plan to take over. Back at GCPD, there is an arrival of Mr Victor Zsasz. Victor Zsasz, a famous character from the comics, is sent by Carmine Falcone to collect Jim Gordon. Victor Zsasz commands the police force out of the building, so it is just the delusional criminal and Detective Gordon who remains. During the shootout, Jim is shot and runs for his life as Zsasz and his henchmen (henchwomen) are in pursuit. Amongst the police cars of GCPD, a cat and mouse game is played and Zsasz almost has Jim until he is saved by Detectives Montoya and Allen. Sal Maroni and Fish Mooney begin to discuss the future of The Penguin as he hides in the kitchen. ‘The Penguin’ is asked to apologise for making any bad feelings towards Mooney and Falcone, Mooney then reacts with the threat of torture for her previous henchman. Speaking of henchmen, right-hand man Butch helps Mooney to upset Sal Maroni by sabotaging one of his deals, but Penguin states that he can help Maroni to hit her back.

Jim Gordon goes to see Bruce Wayne with the help of Montoya and Allen as they look to keep him away from being seen. He goes to Bruce to tell him that he may not be able to solve the murder of Bruce’s parents, but Montoya and Allen, whom he now has an alliance with, will continue the investigation if need be. The Penguin comes to full force as his crooked walk leads the Maroni men to a warehouse of Falcone’s and kills Nikolai and his group. Penguin begins to assert his power in the group and kills Frankie after he offers more money to those in his company. Maroni and Falcone come face to face after the death of Frankie and Nikolai from their gangs. They look to make a deal and avoid bloodshed, as Maroni seemingly taunts Falcone over not being able to catch Jim Gordon. Gordon is in his home as he is visited by Bullock. Bullock says he will help support Gordon, though seems to be less thrilled when he hears Jim’s plan to arrest the Mayor, Falcone and the others involved in Gotham’s corruption. Gordon and Bullock arrest Mayor James and Don Falcone is about to be held until Falcone unveils his ace, Victor Zsasz is currently holding Barbara hostage and will kill her if Jim Gordon doesn’t step back. Falcone states that Gordon and Bullock need to be good cops and stand for the good, but believes that they are still a pain in his side. He releases them after Jim believed Falcone’s threat; not without warning him that Jim will say Falcone “…was right”. Returning to the apartment, Barbara begins to cry and states how she tried to help, but the two embrace and seem to be close again. Falcone enjoys some cooking from Liza, he is seemingly unaware of who she is, and looks to see his beloved chickens outside his home. The Penguin eventually reveals himself to Falcone, but the two embrace. A flashback to the first episode shows that Oswald and Falcone met and how it came to pass that Jim Gordon would be the one to “kill” Cobblepot. He promises he will be Falcone’s snitch and also tells Falcone about Fish Mooney’s plan to take out Falcone and rule the gang. Falcone is promised by The Penguin that he will be happy he kept Gordon alive, soon.

Ok, lots of good points here. Gordon and Bullock finally come together as a team who can trust each other as they look to clean Gotham. Top marks to Robin Lord Taylor who still does a great job as Oswald, referred to as The Penguin for the majority of the episode, we finally see the plan he has been involved in and we really get to see his presence as the famous villain fleshed out in this serving. Also Anthony Carrigan who portrays Victor Zsasz is probably the greatest transfer from page to screen since The Penguin as he is calm, creepy, deadly and composed throughout his performance as the murderer who keeps a tally of his victims marked on his skin with a knife. John Doman finally shines as Falcone and gets a lot of time to show himself. Erin Richards and Ben McKenzie are also given some great scenes together and Donal Logue impresses as Harvey seems to become a straight up cop. Finally, it was nice that Victoria Cartagena and Andrew Stewart-Jones finally get a bit more to do and are shown to be on the side of Jim Gordon. But with the revelation that The Penguin is working for Falcone and has revealed what is happening in the background of his own gang, what will happen next? Plus, I want more Victor Zsasz!

Final rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove.

Here is a preview for episode 8. ‘The Mask’.

Gotham penguins umbrella

Gotham – Episode 6. The Spirit Of The Goat

“I am the spirit of the goat” is said repeatedly by the crazed Randall Milkie as we go to ten years before the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He abducts a woman by the name of Shelley Lawson and kills her in a certain ritual. A younger Bullock (Donal Logue in probably his best performance in Gotham so far) and his former partner Dix are on the hunt for Milkie, Bullock shows real concern for finding Shelley, when she is found dead they are then involved in a shootout which ends up with the death of Randall Milkie, who claims to have been taken over by “The Goat” and also Detective Dix is hit in the crossfire (not before showing a manner similar to present day Bullock). We flash to present day Gotham and Bullock is shocked to see a murdered woman in the same fashion as “The Goat” had done so many years previous. Before making the crime scene, Jim Gordon and Barbara are talking and the two seem to still be on patchy ground, will they resolve and come back to being a strong couple again? Also within the first 15 minutes we have more of Edward Nigma as he is on the crime scene helping the police and also looking for records to do with the old crimes involving “The Goat”. Robert Hastings is visited by Gordon and Bullock as his daughter is identified as the latest murder victim. The detectives speak to Dr Marks, the family therapist to the Hastings to learn more. In the neck of the victim, there is a penny stitched into the neck, which was the calling card to Randall Milkie when he killed his victim. Oswald Cobblepot finally goes to see his mom to let her know he is still alive, at first angry, Mrs Cobblepot welcomes her son back. Bruce Wayne wants to help in the case of finding “The Goat”, but what will happen? Edward Nigma upsets record keeper Miss Cringle as he attempts to re-arrange all the files under her care. Dix is visited by Bullock and Gordon who talks about the trademark penny, a fact which was only known to a handful of people. Bullock is upset at the idea that another killer is out there and not a copycat or lone murderer. So can the cops save the next elite socialite before she meets a grisly end?

Amber, the latest kidnap victim, is now being hunted by GCPD as they look to stop “The Goat”. Barbara goes to Montoya and begs for her to stop going against Gordon, Montoya reveals that Jim Gordon’s apartment will be raided and he will be arrested. Edward Nigma helps them find who may be the killer, and gives a tease to his future as The Riddler with his mug with a question mark upon it. Gordon and Bullock track down the goat and Gordon goes to grab Amber as Bullock attempts to hunt down “The Goat”. After a fight with the killer, the two cops apprehend him and save the day. Back at Wayne Manor, Selina Kyle goes to see Bruce Wayne and sees the board he has made up involving the corrupted officials and trying to find his parents murderers. Oswald is under his mother’s care and he finds himself in need of seeing his “friend” Jim Gordon. Raymond Earl is identified as “The Goat”, Bullock is upset that there is no motive for Earl to take on the persona, the same as Milkie who just became a murderer. Bullock is certain there is a connection. Gordon gets home to see Barbara is about to get out of Gotham and wants him to go too. Bullock goes to see Dr Marks and speaks of her career as a hypno-therapist. He discovers Raymond Earl was one of her patients. He realises a link as both Raymond Earl and Robert Hastings have the same type of habit to clench their fists. When confronted, Dr Marks claims she had to hypnotise these people so she could help change Gotham and eliminate those who are making the city bad. She gives Hastings the command and he suddenly attacks. Bullock puts him down and then stops Dr Marks from escaping. Back at GCPD, officers Montoya and Allen have Gordon held and arrest Bullock too for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot. Then, Oswald waddles into the police station and reveals to all that he is alive. This enrages Bullock.

Definitely a great episode, the idea of the murderer “The Goat” is played out well and to know that two people actually became this killing force was creepy and effective. Donal Logue gives in the best performance of the episode as Bullock, to actually see Bullock seriously care about a case is great and this results in the first time you really care for the Detective. Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon, though still central, is almost left out in this episode at times. A few flashes from main cast members make them almost irrelevant. But top marks for finally making Cory Michael Smith more central as Edward Nigma and see he can be fun when given screen time. Erin Richards makes Barbara Kean a very highly favoured character as she doesn’t know who to trust and Erin makes her best appearance so far. Finally, Robin Lord Taylor still impresses as Oswald, though this week is a bit calmer as he doesn’t kill anyone and gets to spend time with family. A great episode, great villain and was a lot easier to take in with the fewer main cast members taking centre stage.

Final rating: 9/10

Written By Jonjo Cosgrove.

Preview of the next episode ‘Penguin’s Umbrella’. Which I will review this week.

Gotham spirit of the goat

Gotham. Episode 5: Viper

Bruce Wayne is becoming obsessed with finding a connection between the murder of his parents and the Arkham project. Bruce is seen to be tiring himself out by learning what is happening with Arkham and a worried Alfred continues to support the young Wayne. The script does give the obvious hints of the future Batman, a bit cheesy at times but makes you wish a flash-forward would happen. A drug addict is on the street playing his guitar when a man leaves a green liquid substance in the guitar case; just the fumes of the liquid make an impact on the addict and give him a highly increased level of strength (breaking a bat in two works rather well to show your strength). The addict robs a store of its ATM (yes, he literally rips out the ATM and steals it) and the theft catches the attention of Jim Gordon and a food deprived Harvey Bullock who just wants to finish his lunch. A glimpse of Selina Kyle gets Jim’s attention until he attends the aftermath of the robbery. Gordon and Bullock eventually find the addict whose craving for milk leaves a trail to where he is hiding, his strength suddenly disappears as his bones seem to break and the ATM he is holding over his head falls onto himself, crushing him. The man who gave the addict the drug is seen to be handing this out to many on the streets of Gotham, but who is he? Edward Nigma discovers that the drug feeds on the calcium in the bones of its users to build the strength, this eventually leads to the death of the user. Damn, I have gone all this time without a mention of Oswald Cobblepot. Enjoying his new position, Oswald looks to become closer friends with Sal Maroni by revealing how he came to be in his company and away from Fish Mooney, though Sal Maroni seems unimpressed and physically assaults “The Penguin”. Gordon and Bullock investigate where the drug may come from and WellZyn, whom is a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, is the top of the list as the most well-known lab in the city. Gordon looks to continue his investigation, but is pulled away when he has to pay a visit to his “Dear Friend” Oswald Cobblepot who may be about to meet his maker.

Jim Gordon finds himself in the company of Sal Maroni who wants answers about Oswald Cobblepot. Maroni threatens to kill both Gordon and Penguin if Jim’s story doesn’t match up to Oswald’s. Gordon tells Maroni the whole story of The Penguin from how they met and how he betrayed Falcone and Mooney. A former WellZyn employee called Stan is seen to be the culprit in the deaths and Stan’s former mentor gives knowledge to both Gordon and Bullock about Viper and how it was a prototype to a drug which was made and called Venom (the same drug which would one day make Bane become the super-strong behemoth that would break the Bat! Batman I mean, not the bat from the beginning of this episode). Stan is seen ready to release the drug and threatens the lives of many. Bruce goes to meet with the staff of Wayne Enterprises, hoping to see the board members. When he meets someone who is under the board, he is disappointed and shares his thoughts on what is happening. The drug, at this time, begins to vent into the room where Bruce, Alfred and many important people are sat. A canister in the air vent is shot and hits Stan who had been feeding it through the building. The canister expels the gas onto Stan and he becomes exposed to Viper. He then runs from the detectives after they save the people and he jumps off the building but says for them to go to Warehouse 39, though they find nothing. After some time trying to convince Bruce to stop looking into the Arkham project, Alfred finally begins to help his master. Fish Mooney continues to work her way to the top and trains her girl Liza to prepare her for taking on Falcone and impressing him. She makes Liza a whole new woman, and finally is let loose on Falcone as Fish continues to get her hooks in people as she and Nikolai passionately plan Falcone’s downfall.

Gotham Viper

So, the introduction of the drug which increases the strength of its users may not be brand brand new (check out Arrow where the drug Mirakuru gave the users super strength) but it does make a massive impression. Viper makes a massive impact and brings a threat which could cause trouble for the whole of Gotham; also I hope it could be a way to introduce Bane soon. Ben McKenzie does well as Jim Gordon and I feel Donal Logue has started to make Bullock a more enjoyable character. Selina Kyle pops up and disappears just as quickly, but to see once again Cory Michael Smith’s Edward Nigma very briefly just to tell us about Viper makes me think can you just turn him into The Riddler and maybe he may do some more on the show. To get into Sal Maroni’s world a bit more was great and to get into Sal Maroni’s world a bit more was great and David Zayas is good (though I still prefer him in Dexter). David Mazouz makes the most of his role as Bruce Wayne as the young hero-to-be wants to find out what is happening with the company he is to inherit. Sean Pertwee is starting to get more out of his part as Alfred. Robin Lord Taylor is making his version of Oswald Cobblepot a masterpiece and it is great to see how he is growing in the ranks of the mob family of Maroni. Though my favourite character this week is definitely Jim Gordon, he may not have Barbara to pull him out of the police line this week but his interactions with Bullock is becoming more comfortable and the repercussions of him not killing The Penguin finally comes back to him as his life is threatened. A strong episode with a lot of development on Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, it was good to see them go on without meeting each other and next week I hope the development on the two continues.

Final Rating 8.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Here is a preview of episode six.

Gotham. Episode 4: Arkham

So, last week we had Oswald Cobblepot visiting a surprised Jim Gordon after he was supposed to have left Gotham for good. Oswald states about the war coming, and that it will be for…wait for it…ARKHAM! Yes, the war will be for Arkham Asylum. ‘The Wayne Plan’ is a focus on this episode, the plan was to make the Asylum a new and help the least fortunate in the city. Bruce Wayne wants to see the original plan live on which his parents started, but Jim tells Bruce that Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone (who is now backing the plans of ‘The Wayne Plan’ with the Mayor) are likely to be the two sides to a war which will see innocent people die. Now, let’s get on to the villain this week, a Hitman is attacking councilmen and at first his real motives are unclear. His first victim dies with help from an armed telescope and the second councilman is set on fire outside of Arkham Asylum (Yes, Arkham will appear quite a lot in this episode). Edward Nigma manages to link the deaths to the same person as the spike from the telescope is matched in each victim due to the injury. They lead to the conclusion their murderer is Richard Gladwell. Jim is inches away from finding Gladwell, but is called away by Bullock before he is uncovered. Bullock finds a note which reads C.L.M. but what do they mean? Finally, some excitement happens at the restaurant owned by Sal Maroni as a robbery happens and many of the people inside are killed. Oswald hides in the freezer with a big bag of the money held in there. After being found, the group state they will tell Sal about what happened. But what will happen with Sal and Oswald? Also, Barbara finally confronts Jim about Oswald Cobblepot about whether or not he shot him. Jim works out that Barbara spoke to Montoya about the shooting and learns Barbara and Montoya were once together. So, what does this mean for the couple?

Sal Maroni swears vengeance as he states Falcone must have orchestrated the attack; he rewards Oswald for his saving of the money and makes him the manager of the restaurant, which begins his rise to power. Bullock realises that Gladwell is actually dead and his identity was stolen. Jim finds out from Oswald and with some thinking that the Mayor will be the next victim of the Hitman, so springs into action and calls upon Bullock for assistance. Meanwhile, we see Fish Mooney looking for a female for a certain job, asking them to seduce her to see if they are worthy. Harvey Bullock goes to Fish Mooney for help, being spurred on by Jim’s threat of a gang war. Sure enough, when Jim arrives at the mayor’s home, the hitman arrives and is ready to make the kill. A chase begins as Jim tries to protect the Mayor; it looks like game over for Jim until Harvey comes in and guns down the hitman. Fish Mooney picks a girl called Liza (mainly cos she beats the crap out of the other girl, which scarily impresses Mooney), but what will she be used for? Jim refuses to talk to Barbara about Oswald, which seems to place a strain on their relationship and Jim is left with an ultimatum which could make or break their future. Remember that robbery from earlier, turns out Oswald set up the robbery at Maroni’s restaurant and presents his hired goons (the first of many) with food he has prepared himself. Mayor James gives his plan out to the Arkham development, with Falcone being left to sort out housing developments and gave Maroni the contract to Arkham Asylum to fix it as he pleases. Knowing that the Mayor is stuck between two powers, Jim discusses this with Bruce and convinces Bruce that he can do a lot to save Gotham. “I believe it’s worth trying” a hopeful Jim tells Bruce. Oh yes, that food Oswald ‘The Penguin’ Cobblepot gave his goons was poisoned.

Gotham arkham

So, I will just say it now that Robin Lord Taylor is still my favourite actor in Gotham. The Penguin is quickly shaping up to be a great force. The set up for the robbery and killing his own men shows Oswald truly is in control and will be a huge force going forward. David Mazouz is becoming a rather convincing Bruce Wayne; he is how I would imagine a young Master Wayne to be. Sean Pertwee is a good Alfred, but still needs to prove himself. Same to be said about Cory Michael Smith as his Edward Nigma is given maybe a minute on screen and disappears for the rest of the episode. Ben McKenzie is definitely a strong Jim Gordon, but I am hoping for him to jump to his iconic commissioner role soon. Camren Bicondova’s absence in this episode is a shame, as I feel we have a lot to learn still about the young Selina Kyle. This week’s villain, portrayed by Hakeem Kae-Kazim does well as the Hitman who is killing Gotham officials, but unfortunately we don’t learn much about him before he is killed. The most improved character this week is Fish Mooney; Jada Pinkett-Smith does a great service this week as her character begins her plan to take down her boss Falcone. A great episode, though I think David Zayas needs more of a presence as Sal Maroni and it would be nice to learn more about The Riddler as Edward Nigma so we get more riddles and potentially he may suddenly turn against the police this season. A good episode, though last week had the better villain and more fleshed out story, this is still a good episode and holds some great moments. ‘Arkham’ may not feature too heavily in its titular outing, but I hope we see more of it soon.

Final rating: 7.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Here is a preview for the next episode, titled ‘Viper’. Which you can watch at 9pm on Channel 5 in the UK.

Gotham. Episode 3: The Balloonman

We first see The Penguin as he makes his much needed return to Gotham. But, let’s catch up with him later. We get probably the best opener so far this year, a guy attached to a giant balloon. Ronald Danzer, a politician involved in a “Ponzi Scheme” and hated by many in Gotham is attached to a big weather balloon by an unidentified attacker and lifted above Gotham. Detective Jim Gordon wants to investigate the attack, but his partner Bullock refuses, stating that Danzer got what he deserved Jim Gordon is very busy, he is also following a lead from Selina Kyle and follows her to the crime scene. He initially rejects the idea she witnessed the murder, but believes Selina when he finds a wallet she stole earlier that night. Detectives Montoya and Allen finally make themselves useful by going to Fish Mooney to see what happened to Oswald Cobblepot, but we already know. They also question Gordon, who tells them straight that he didn’t kill Oswald. Montoya also makes one last stop to see Jim’s fiancée Barbara as she tells Barbara that Jim killed Oswald and doesn’t believe his innocence. It is also revealed that Montoya and Barbara were once in a lesbian relationship, so maybe this could be a reason behind Montoya’s hatred towards Jim. While back in Gotham, Oswald is almost taken back to Fish Mooney by one of her thugs, but Oswald is not going to go without a fight and leaves the poor guy dead in a pool of his own blood. Later he gets a job at the restaurant (which is helped when he kills a worker who has the same shoe size as him) run by Don Sal Maroni, hoping to become part of his gang. Bruce Wayne is trying to adjust to life without his parents and has a sword fight with walking sticks with his butler. Alfred once again is shocked by Bruce when he finds that Master Wayne has obtained the crime file for the murder of his parents. So we have touched in with many of our regular characters, and then we get a corrupt cop go up for a balloon trip by the same culprit.

“The Balloonman gonna get ya” states one of the residents of Gotham. Gordon and Bullock investigate and are given the lead of Carl Smickers who used to work in the factory where the balloons were made. They go to the apartment of Carl and arrest him. Fish Mooney meanwhile is putting a hit on Falcone’s mistress Natalia. Also, the horrible fact that the balloons eventually pop brings the fear that people will start dropping from the sky. Gordon and Bullock then set out to find the real killer, but how will they react when they finally get to them? They find out the killer was social worker Davis Lamond who was willing to break the law to save the people. He was trying to help the children who could not be adopted and wants those involved who think they are above the law to suffer. While holding Bullock at gunpoint, his defence slips and Bullock attaches the killer to the balloon and lets him go, but Jim Gordon jumps onto Davis and forces Bullock to shoot the balloon down before they both ended up sky high. The news report the man more as a vigilante than a villain, stating who will be the hero for the city and this is watched by the pre-Batman Bruce Wayne. The day is saved; Jim Gordon is supported by Barbara even though he feels like he is slowly falling apart on the inside. Just as the episode comes to a close, Jim is visited by an old face, the one and only Mr Oswald Cobblepot.

So, let’s keep this bit short and sweet. The idea we have a vigilante rather than a villain as this week’s big bad is intriguing, the idea of the police not being the only law is a big inspiration for Bruce Wayne to make a difference. Though not given much time, Camren Bicondova is still a delight to see as the young Catwoman. Ben McKenzie is really becoming a torn character as Jim Gordon goes through much stress to try and clean Gotham of crime. It was nice to see a bit more of Erin Richards as Barbara this week and to learn a bit more about her past, hopefully this will come out more in the coming weeks. Fish Mooney is given a bit of a rest this week, but it was nice to finally see David Zayas as rival gang leader Sal Maroni and his chat with Oswald Cobblepot brings out a great truce which I expect to see build up later in the series. Finally once again the top actor is Robin Lord Taylor, his portrayal of Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot just gets better and better and I am glad that this week he was given more screen time and look to see him more in the future. My only real disappointment is with Harvey Bullock, Donal Logue is a great actor but his character just doesn’t seem to be learning quick enough that he needs to change his actions, but he needs to stop seeing Jim Gordon as his conscience and grow one of his own. A greatly acted episode, a very creative menace is finally given to us and I know there is so much still to come in this fantastic series.

Final Rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove.

Now here is a preview for Episode 4: Arkham. Remember to catch it on Channel 5 in the UK.

cobblepot balloonman

Gotham – Episode 2: Selina Kyle

Once again, Selina Kyle is the first known character we see. The episode opens with some of the street kids she is hanging around with just as they get abducted by a couple in a car known as Patti and Doug, whom pretend to be part of a Homeless Outreach Program. They offer food to entice the kids and then use drugged needles to then take them. Selina stays away and another child also gets away from the kidnappers and is later taken in by the police. Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate as there is also a murder at the same time which they believe is connected. Fish Mooney is shaken after a meeting with her boss Falcone and is then shown to already be planning a demise of her Don and to take his place. Fish Mooney also seems to know something about the kidnappers but states she doesn’t know and nobody knows who it is. Barbara leaks information to the police about the kidnapping and this eventually leads the two detectives to a store that supplies the drug which just so happens to be where Patti and Doug are with the kids they took earlier. Later, these two twisted psychos appear again and kidnap a whole bus of kids who are to be sent to a Juvenile Detention Centre in order to keep them off the streets. Later, Jim and the GCPD come and save them before they are sent off in a shipping container. Jim still tries to be the voice of reason, though many still believe he murdered Oswald Cobblepot, though the audience knows that Jim’s soul is still intact as he let Oswald go.

Meanwhile, there is a lot more happening around Gotham. Bruce Wayne is testing himself and his pain thresholds by placing his hand over a small flame and is caught by Alfred who at first is mad with him but then holds him as he realises Bruce is still suffering. Alfred even asks Jim Gordon to come see Bruce to talk to him as he is really worried for his mental health. Edward Nigma (or Riddler if that helps) is still being rather creepy and makes a mention to the famous Arkham Asylum after discovering what the drug is, though we find out Gotham has been closed for 15 years! (Let’s be honest, it won’t be closed for too long). Also let’s not forget Oswald Cobblepot, the man who has already started to become The Penguin. Oswald escaped death after Jim Gordon let him go and he swam for freedom. He hobbles his way down the road until a car picks him up and after they state his resemblance to the bird that he has been called on a number of occasions, he kills the guys who pick him up and he drives until he finds an RV he rents outside of the city.

The friendship that is growing between Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon is becoming strong, they show they can work together and both Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) and David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne). Donal Logue is still fun as Bullock, though his brash behaviour is not as strong as in the pilot, but maybe this is time for Bullock to change and become a more reliable ally for Jim. Selina Kyle actress Camren Bicondova (probably the best child actress since Jodie Foster) is proving to be very strong and rather intriguing. Selina has got a strong instinct to survive as twice she avoids capture from the kidnappers and manages to defend herself too when needed. Sean Pertwee may not still have too much to do as Alfred, but he seems to be rounding out a bit more and he knows that all he can do is support Bruce, not bring him up. Jada Pinkett-Smith really shows her strength and her vulnerability in this episode and you know she is gonna be a dangerous woman. Still my favourite character, Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot is still so good and manages to still make a massive impact even though he is featured a lot less in this episode than in the pilot. At the end of the day, the episode was called ‘Selina Kyle’ for a reason and has now made her stand out as one of the top characters in the show. Definitely a great episode, the child-trafficking plot may upset a few people but I think it was a great way to mention the villain ‘Dollmaker’ and I hope he does make an appearance soon (such an underrated character). This would be 10/10, but only if it had more of Oswald Cobblepot being a psychotic bastard every time he was called “Penguin” and just more of him in general.

Final Rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Sneak peak of episode 3 here…


Gotham – Episode 1: Pilot.

Within the first 10 minutes of Gotham (Yes, you won’t see Batman in this. No flashforward, not yet anyway) we get to see Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) as she steals from the city, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as he begins to make himself known at GCPD and we get to witness the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne as they are murdered. The murder takes place right in front of their son Bruce (David Mazouz) who finds himself going silent until he meets Jim Gordon and begins to open up. Jim promises Bruce to find the murderer and bring him to justice. The show quickly starts to introduce its cast including Fish Mooney, a mob leader portrayed rather coldly by Jada Pinkett-Smith and other popular villains including Edward Nigma (Who so far works for the police but is later to become The Riddler) and Oswald Cobblepot, who is shown to be working for Fish Mooney (known by other mobsters as The Penguin, a name which he would later become known as). Ok, that’s a lot of characters in a short time, but they all are shown as Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) begin to investigate the murder of the Wayne’s. They suspect a man called Mario Pepper, Mario then runs away as Jim chases him and they suspect that they have the right man. During a forensic investigation, a gun is found and the necklace believed to be that of Martha Wayne is discovered. Jim then goes to the funeral of Thomas and Martha Wayne and speaks to Bruce about Mario being taken; Bruce shakes hands with Jim and thanks him for keeping his promise and then being taken home by his butler Alfred (Brought to life by Sean Pertwee, though not given too much to do in this episode except keep Bruce strong). Case closed right? No way!

Oswald Cobblepot (portrayed brilliantly by Robin Lord Taylor) speaks to two cops from the MCU (Major Crimes Unit) about the shooting and that Fish Mooney has framed Mario Pepper. Jim Gordon eventually learns about the framing and finds that the “Shiny Shoes” description of the killer given by Bruce Wayne doesn’t fit Mario as he doesn’t own any shoes like that. Jim then goes to see Fish Mooney to get a confession on the murder, he is then attacked by Fish Mooney and is taken away by her thugs while Harvey is left to speak to Jim’s fiancée Barbara when she worries that she hasn’t seen Jim for some time. He states he must be on a stake-out, but does Harvey know more than this? Harvey then goes to get Jim and looks to retrieve him from Fish’s thugs. The trust between Harvey and Fish is broken as she is not happy with the idea he may have to come for her if she kills Jim so she tells her henchmen to kill them both. Fish also knows that the man who snitched to the police was Oswald as he was the only one who saw her with the pearls. She attacks him and angrily vents as she feels betrayed by someone she liked (the attack gives him his distinctive “Penguin Walk”). The two officers meanwhile are saved from death by Carmine Falcone, the mafia don who is not just the superior to Fish Mooney but also has both police and government on his payroll to keep him in control around Gotham. So what have we learnt?

Gotham is a city where things are not right. The police believe in a shoot or be shot motif which Jim Gordon is not a fan of. There may be just one too many nods to well-known characters and we don’t get enough time to see these characters in the best of light. Carmine Falcone is looking to keep a balance in Gotham by controlling both the law and crime in the city. There seems to be a lot going on with Selina Kyle, she is very much in the background of everything to do with Bruce Wayne, she saw the murder and kept an eye on him throughout the episode. Will Selena and Bruce meet soon? Also, Jim is tasked with killing Oswald Cobblepot, but will he do it after having his fiancée threatened by Falcone? Well no, but he finds a way to satisfy his “boss” Falcone and to keep Penguin alive, but will it be a move he may later regret? Oswald talks about a war coming. Fish Mooney is feeling like quite a strong villain, though I feel she won’t be around for too long. Finally, Bruce and Alfred are told by Jim that Mario Pepper was not the murderer and that he will find out who killed Bruce’s parents and that he shall try and clean up the city. This also seems to be what fuels Bruce to take vengeance on the murderer and brings out his darkness to become the future Dark Knight. But, I have to say that what I learnt most is just how great a character The Penguin is beginning to look as Robin Taylor Lord makes Oswald look rather timid but also a right evil bastard at the same time (especially with that baseball bat). Oswald wants to rule, he wants to be a leader of men. Though the series is supposed to show the growth of Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne primarily, I reckon a good bet on Oswald Cobblepot getting some great storylines is all but confirmed so far. Overall I really enjoyed this episode, lots of characters pop up in this first episode and so far I feel I can only really care for a handful of them, but I am hoping that will change soon. Robin Taylor Lord as Oswald is just a TV classic in the making and Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon is rather good and effortless to see as he makes his mark in Gotham. A strong debut with a few too many details and a couple of points we need clearing up soon.

Final Rating: 8/10

Written By Jonjo Cosgrove

You can watch the show on Channel 5 in the UK every Monday at 9pm. Plus, here is a peak of episode 2…