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Charlie Fink – Cover My Tracks. Album Review

It’s been over two years since Noah and the Whale disbanded and all the members went their own way. Charlie Fink was initially keeping a low profile, but then released the song ‘My Heartbeat Lost It’s Rhythm’ in 2015 to give us a taster of what Charlie was going to later unleash onto the world…then we got COVER MY TRACKS which is indeed a fantastic and well-rounded album with plenty of offer, but a different direction to what I was expecting.

The album kicks off with the quaint and chilled ‘Firecracker’. The album opens with a relaxed melody which then carries on to ‘Anywhere You’re Going Is On My Way’ which is a very enthralling track that is so laid back, you could listen to this one song a million times over.

This is not to say the whole album is mellow, especially when track three kicks in. ‘I Was Born To Be A Cowboy’ will definitely get your foot tapping and the song will sit in your head all day. From this point, there does seem to be a lot of reflection (plenty of first person lines too) and it’s always nice to have that unique perspective which Charlie has always incorporated into his music.


As the album goes on, there are certainly more peaceful, chilled-out tones with a few peaks along the way. As with many works by Charlie, there is a very personal feeling towards many of the songs. ‘The Howl’ and ‘Here Is Where We’ll Meet’ definitely keeps the album grounded.

It would be unfair to compare this to Noah and the Whale, but a couple of tracks were bound to get inspiration from the work that came before. That is the strength in this album, Charlie Fink has stuck to his roots and knows exactly what works for him. It would have been nice to see the more electronica side come out as teased from a few years back, but hopefully that will be for the next album.

Overall, I really enjoy this album. It works well as a complete story told from a female perspective, which is different to come from a male singer-songwriter, but that is the hook as you don’t expect it. After doing work on the stage adaptation of The Lorax and music for the film A Streetcat Named Bob, I couldn’t be happier to see the former NATW frontman back to making music!

Final rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

The album is available now through Amazon, iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify!


Noah and the Whale’s Charlie Fink announces solo album

It’s been over two years since Noah and the Whale brought their tenure as a band to an end (on April Fools Day! It still stings!). But, where we had Fred Abbott release his debut effort SERIOUS POKE, Matt Owens doing some solo work and with his band Little Mammoths, Tom Hobden joining Mumford & Sons and drummer Michael Petulla taking part in multiple projects…Charlie has been keeping busy with doing shows at The Old Vic and contributing to the soundtrack to the hit film ‘A Streetcat Named Bob’ (which was bloody brilliant!). Charlie Fink has made some great steps as a musician, and it will be fantastic to finally see him release his debut record.

COVER MY TRACKS will see Charlie Fink release his first album since 2013 with Noah and the Whale’s fourth album HEART OF NOWHERE. The album is to be released on Friday 2nd June, so not too long to wait. Then we have the theatre production at The Old Vic of the same name, which will see Charlie Fink and actress Jade Anouka take the stage from June 5th-17th. So not only is there a new album, but you can go for a night of live music pretty soon to see it performed before your very eyes.


First track ‘Firecracker’ has been released and it sounds great. Similar to the 2015 track ‘My Heartbeat Lost It’s Rhythm’, the song has a significantly different style to the days of Noah and the Whale and their folk-rock melodies. Which is a good thing as this establishes the development in Charlie Fink’s musical production in the 10 years he has been releasing songs. While there is little known about the rest of the album, I think this will be a great release.

COVER MY TRACKS is due for release Friday 2nd June 2017 and is available through Amazon, iTunes and on www.charliefink.co (yes, that is the website. It’s not a typo!)

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove