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Holly Holden – Tropical Soul. E.P. REVIEW

Born in London and having a huge link to Cuban and Caribbean sounds, there is definitely a fusion of sounds and flavours to take in from this artist. I can’t name many artists who can seamlessly go between singing in English and then to a Spanish tongue, but Holly works it so well. Self-producing your own music is not easy, but Holly and her fantastic group make this sound like a great production.

The soul vibes begin from the opening track ‘El Impulso’, Holly immediately impresses with the blendless back and forth of the languages she works so well. The tune comes in with an easy beat and then the party comes to life. Then next on the list is ‘Run’ and immediately I love the soul/ska blend that comes. If the first track was a display of the European roots, this song is the tribute to the Caribbean vibes which Holly and her band have truly embraced over the years.

Listening to this E.P. makes me think I am taking a trip around the world and each song is a new destination. ‘Dead Coral’ was a dance number in which I feel the need to don my Cuban heels and hit the dancefloor. England has made a great name for itself with many great ska acts, and I would think maybe The Specials have been a big influence on the track ‘Mellow Drama’ (If I am wrong, I won’t be upset with being corrected, it is just my opinion and I mean it in a positive way). Hearing this song makes me wish that Holly Holden could maybe collaborate with miss Millie Manders for a track or two (please make it happen!).


‘Benji Muji Mau’ is fun, energetic and continues this party that we have been enjoying for the last 15 minutes. Then the closing track ‘Born At The Right Time’ allows the release to come to a nice climax. Reflecting on this last song and the E.P. as a whole, there isn’t many acts who can make songs that sound both original and inspired. The blend of influences is surely the winning factor for Holly’s music and I hope she has her passport in hand to help create the next release! An inspired experience and one I had to hear twice in a row because it was a fine one for 2017!

The E.P. is due for release this spring.

Final Rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Hamilton Is Coming Home (To The West End!)

By Joanna Cosgrove

Go back a few months, I wrote an article about the phenomenon that is Hamilton, the musical that told the life of Alexander Hamilton and the independence of the United States of America back in the 1700s. Since then, has the hype died down? No it hasn’t and thank God it hasn’t.

On Monday 16th January, pre-sale tickets were finally released for Hamilton’s West End run at the Victoria Palace. This was long-awaited by myself and many massive fans of the American musical, and the tickets were going and going quickly! Don’t worry, I got mine and in December, I will be writing up a full review of the show on the night of the 18th (funnily, the night of my 19th birthday).

With its current run on Broadway, as well as in Chicago, and plans to take it to more and more and more countries and theatres, I can’t see Hamilton dying off anytime soon. People are seeing it repeatedly, and most are saving just for their one and only show.

However you are planning your experience, enjoy it. I wish everyone happiness with their Hamilton show/s; and those waiting for general sale on 30th January, I wish you the best of luck!

I hope to see you all in the room where it happened!

Concert Review: Panic! At The Disco – Alexandra Palace, London, 19.11.16

By Joanna Cosgrove

This year has been one of the greatest for the pop-punk band (technically a one-man-band at this point), and as it began with some great UK shows by Mr. Brendon Urie and his tour band, it’s only right to end the year with some too.

At London’s own Alexandra Palace, Urie made his debut at the beautiful venue that Saturday night, and brought every last bit of that charismatic and sparkling personality we all know and we all sure as hell love.
With his tour band, consisting of guitarist Kenneth Harris, bassist Dallon Weekes and drummer Dan Pawlovich, Urie rocked the place all night long, never missing a beat or skipping a note (but in fact added some extra high notes, as he does them oh so well). With a nostalgic throwback to the 2000s era of the band, mixing in a fair share of the newer tracks in the band’s repertoire, the night was a sure success among all fans in attendance, young and old.


The show began with an opener of the Black Eyed Peas’ hit “Pump It”, but that wasn’t a long-laster. It was just a short warm-up, getting everyone pumped for the experience that was about to begin. It worked! Because as soon as that music faded and the beginning notes of Death of a Bachelor hit “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” echoed, everyone was dancing and screaming and singing and – if they were like me – were jumping in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the man behind the voice.
Nothing sparks a fire in the crowd more than the LA devotee himself screaming his welcomes at his “motherf*ckers” in the audience of over 100,000 before him. There was not one moment on stage where Urie stopped and breathed – he kept going, kept his feet moving and hit every note he needed to.

I would personally say one of the surprise hits on the setlist was the Fever track “Time To Dance”, because of that fact itself: it’s a track from the band’s debut album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, which was released over 11 years ago. And yet, Urie added this non-single track because obviously, he knows what his audience loves to hear. Everyone in the place was singing along, dedicated to every word of that track, singing their lungs out for the love of their emo idol on that stage.
Another stunner that night was the performance of newer track “Crazy=Genius” from Death of a Bachelor. The energy was electric, and the roaring 20s feel shook through everyone on the floor, but how could you make that effect even greater? Two words: drum off! That’s right, some stage-hands brought on a second drum kit so Urie himself could play alongside/battle against Pawlovich in a once-in-a-lifetime breakdown in the middle of the track. If crazy equals genius, then Urie sure is a rocket scientist! We know of his musical talents, among multiple instruments (as demonstrated on his 2016 release), but to see it with your own eyes just makes the fact so much clearer. It was time to pinch; this was NO dream!
And what’s a Panic! concert without that one song? That ONE single? You hear the beginning notes, you freak out because of course “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” was going to be played. One does not simply go to a Panic! concert without expecting that song. Introduced as “one of our newer songs, so don’t worry if you don’t know the words”, met with an obvious giggle from the crowd, every single fan had that bond for a few short minutes because no matter if you’re an old fan, or newly getting into the band, you know this song. This was the song.


And I can’t finish this without a mention of a regular now in Panic! concerts, which everyone expected as soon as they saw Urie make that stroll up to the grand piano on the highest platform of the stage. “This isn’t a Panic! song, but I wish it was”, said Urie as he prepared. This was time for “Bohemian Rhapsody”.
As I began with, 2016 has been a massive year for Panic! At The Disco, and this song was one of the reasons. As well as being released as a studio recording as part of the soundtrack for the DC movie Suicide Squad, Panic! has made this classic rock hit a regular in their concerts and every fan gets excited about this as much as they do about the original Panic! hits. It’s that song that brought us all together, swaying, singing, some were crying. It shows that the whole room, they are a family; every one of us are one large family. That is what a fandom should be. What we felt in that moment. One family.

Overall, with the performances and the interactions with the crowd (Urie spreading his love among the thousands in front of him), there was never a dull moment that night.


This was Panic! At The Disco’s first performance ever at the Alexandra Palace. Thank god we made it a memorable one!

Rating: 5/5

London Film and Comic Con 2016 REVIEW

A lot better organised, a superb selection of stars and a great weekend all round. The displays were fantastic, the halls well-spaced and some great people all round. Olympia in London set the biggest weekend of the year into motion almost seamlessly.

I was there for Saturday and Sunday and I had a blast. Getting there at 7am (I know that is two hours before the day starts), I made sure I was near the front of the queue. Different to previous years, the organisation was spot on and people got in quickly and easily. Heading to the 1st floor for the virtual queue tickets for autographs was a breeze and I managed to get many within 20-50 and happy with how easy it was to get there. I was also asked by my best friend to obtain some, and was surprised at how easy it was to find everyone as the autographs all seemed to happen in one area (my friend also done two lots of cosplay, and I didn’t do any. Saved my money for lots of nerdy things that I really wanted and don’t regret).


Some highlights from this year included the Suicide Squad outfits on display. In glass cases, we see the outfits from the new blockbuster on show for all to see, and there is a sense of joy at seeing these in the flesh. There are also all the fantastic outfits worn by the attendees, including the guy with a latex Arnold Schwarzenegger mask dressed as The Terminator was rather cool. The guys dressed as Stormtroopers once again looked cool and the guys and girls dressed as Marvel characters really made an impact, but there was one clear winner…Harley Quinn! The number of girls dressed as the Margot Robbie iteration of the character was incredible, and certainly must have raised a few eyebrows for the popularity of a character before the film officially debuts (and not just because of how revealing the outfit is).


The guests I got to see was fantastic. The first person I got to see was the action legend Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, The Expendables). I have to say, he was very kind and really chatty when getting his autograph. I then met Michael Emerson (Lost, Person of Interest), once again a very kind man and was really happy to talk. I also had to meet Carl Weathers, even if it was to mainly get his autograph for my dad on the same picture as the one signed by Dolph! One autograph I had wanted since the initial announcement was Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead), though I had to wait a short time for her when she needed a break, she was indeed lovely and I got a hug from her for waiting for her to return (what, would you turn down a hug from her?). Harold Perrineau (Constantine, Lost) was really great to chat to and was more than happy to take a photo, though I did look slightly evil in the picture. The fantastic Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) was also a great guy to meet, he was happy to take a selfie and was more like his character than I thought possible (which was cool). The last person I got to meet was Tobin Bell (Saw) and again he was really nice and definitely someone I enjoyed talking to and was happy to get his autograph.


With all the good, there was a few points which let the weekend down. Now, I know being in a very warm place all day working can be tough, but there is no need for the rudeness from some of the guys at LFCC. Don’t get me wrong, the guys and girls there really made me feel welcome and were very helpful throughout. I also want to thank the lady who held my lightsaber (not a euphemism) while I got the Tobin Bell autograph, but the person who was in control of the queue for Tobin was rather rude and unnecessarily mean to fans. The attitude she displayed was just spiteful and some people looked physically upset with how she spoke to them. Also, the security guy who actually demanded that a fan deleted a photo off his phone and went to grab the iPhone off the young guy was a shocker. I understand the ‘No Photo’ signs should be respected, but the way that was dealt with was shocking. Talk and say “please don’t take photos”, not take their phone from them.

With that, these were only minor gripes and I am glad that neither of them were actually against me (not the 2nd point anyway). The way the halls were presented was fantastic, the stalls were nicely spaced to walk through and allowed a great flow of crowd at all times. Being able to go between the halls on both floors was great and eased a lot of congestion what was a huge problem in previous years. The services were adequate and I knew my surroundings well within a short amount of time. I overall was really happy at Comic Con this year and had probably one of the best experiences there for years. LFCC 2017 I am sure will continue to see this all grow and I really hope that it continues in the direction. My favourite buys were the Pop Vinyl figures of Rick and Morty, the T-Shirts and also the Kylo Ren lightsaber (I spent a good amount of money, but I was happy with every purchase). I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Video credited to Hollandian Ground Productions

Coldplay – Live at Wembley Stadium – Saturday 18th June 2016

A fantastic, light filled and colourful night was in store for all of those in Wembley Stadium. There are so many times in which I just thought “That was so awesome”. The concert saw a great blend of hits, some spectacular stage production and the real treasure being the feeling of fun and joy within the sold-out stadium. Notes should be given to Reef giving the night its first real sing-a-long of the night and then Lianne La Havas providing her beautiful tones to the audience who accepted her with open arms. Then when the main act come out…WOW!


Starting off with title track ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’, the band come out to the crowd in a big and colourful way. Then the colour changes yellow, for the song ‘Yellow’. It is fantastic to get this classic track so early, I couldn’t wait to start singing this one at the top of my lungs and so did the other 90,000 other people in the venue. The show does flicker between tracks as we have the energetic ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’ which gets everyone jumping, we then get the emotional ‘The Scientist’ as everyone really loves to sing to this track and there was a good amount of tears from some of the audience members (not me though, I wasn’t crying. Just want to make that clear. But there was a lot of people with tears falling down, basically creating a waterfall). ‘Birds’ and ‘Paradise’ really get everyone back on the positive swing, then the band then move to the B stage situated in the middle of the stadium.

B stage kicks off with ‘Always In My Head’, ‘Princess Of China’ then sees the funky guitar effects come to play and some guest vocals from Rihanna (obviously she ain’t there, maybe they should have got Lianne La Havas to perform her vocals). ‘Everglow’ is warmly accepted and ‘Raspberry Beret’ proves that the band can do a fantastic job of a Prince classic which also gives them the chance to make a tribute to Muhammad Ali. Back to A stage, ‘Clocks’ then gets its chance to shine and you know that so many people love this track. ‘Charlie Brown’, ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ keeps the energy up and then ‘Fix You’ makes it mellow once again. Giving Bowie a dedication, you then have ‘Heroes’ which I wasn’t that well sold on, but it was again a great dedication. ‘Viva La Vida’ is again another track everyone loves singing, especially the “Oh oh oh oh ohh oh” line which gets heard so much, and I even got to hear it done a few times during the gig and even when I was heading back to the train station. ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ then gives them the opportunity to make a transition to be C stage (Yes, they had 3 stages!!).


On C stage, we got the classic ‘Don’t Panic’ to hear in full in an acoustic format, followed by a great request for ‘Green Eyes’. Then how do you end a short acoustic set? Chris Martin dedicates ‘Ring Of Fire’ to his dad, and does it rather well. The band then returns to A stage to finish with three more great tracks. The sad thing is, Coldplay finish their set with mostly new songs. Not that I didn’t like them, I thought they were great tracks. ‘Amazing Day’ starts the encore, followed by the almighty ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’ which I think is the closest Coldplay ever comes to having a dance track. It sounds so good and everyone is pumping for this track. The night closes with ‘Up&Up’ and the energy is flowing right to the last moment.

This was a fantastic night; throughout the show my eyes were treated just as much as my ears were. The problem with Coldplay, like many bands, is that they have so many songs that people want to hear. I feel that 7 tracks from the new album was too many, but I did still enjoy them. The band know how to put on a great show, and to see them play a request for someone dedicating it to his partner and going for a lesser-known track was a great selection. The colourful stage and the effects were so eye-catching and appealing, nobody could hate how that venue looked. The songs were all fantastic and it was great to hear the tracks in all their glory. I would have like a few more tracks from X&Y and VIVA LA VIDA OR DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS, but I couldn’t complain with what was selected. I really hope this isn’t the last tour from Coldplay as many seem to think it is, as I am sure Chris Martin and company have got many big shows ahead of them and I want to go again!

Final rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Weird Al Yankovic – Eventim Apollo – Sunday 4th October 2015

Coming in from the streets of Hammersmith to the comforting Apollo, Weird Al begins his set with the catchy ‘Tacky’, a parody of Pharrell’s massive hit ‘Happy’. We see a camera crew follow him as he eventually makes it to the stage. ‘Lame Claim To Fame’ and ‘Now That’s What I Call Polka’ continue with the newer songs, and then we finally get to go through the back catalogue. ‘Perform This Way’ sees Al don an octopus suit you would expect to see Gaga parading around in. Then, we go even further back to ‘Dare To Be Stupid’ and the band look like they have been plucked from the 80’s. During the set, we get several changes in outfit which include the Jacko fat suit (‘Fat’), 90’s grunge clothing (‘Smells Like Nirvana’) and even dressed up as a rapper (‘White & Nerdy’). Never have I felt such laughter from myself at a music gig, not since Flight Of The Conchords have I felt music and comedy go so well on stage.

Throughout the night, mainly during costume changes, we see a selection of TV and film clips which feature and/or mention Weird Al Yankovic, and provide some comedic relief during the switching time. In a night where you parodies of tracks by Queen, Madonna, and the infamous eBay song inspired by the Backstreet Boys gets everyone singing along and really enjoying it. Props such as a reclining chair for ‘Inactive’ and use of tin foil for the song ‘Foil’ and even dressed in full beard and suit for ‘Amish Paradise’. No matter how disturbing it may seem, you can’t help but laugh and love the gyrating motions of Weird Al as he makes his way through the crowd in the Apollo with ‘Wanna B Ur Lovr’ and throwing some of the best lyrics to the audience. The show is filled with nostalgia; you know exactly what is to come from each costume change.

The encore sees Weird Al and his band emerge as Jedi, where they are also joined by a group of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. The incredible ‘The Saga Begins’ (parody of American Pie by Don McLean) and ‘YODA’ (Lola by The Kinks) then brings the fantastic show to an end. Where some may be upset you won’t get full versions of ‘Eat It’ (though what you do get is it is mixed with the tune Layla as made famous by Eric Clapton), ‘Like A Surgeon’ and ‘I Love Rocky Road’, but you get so many songs in such a short space of time and it is enough to relive the memories of listening to all of them tracks the first time around. On top form and full of energy all night, Weird Al shows that at 55 and with four decades in music, he isn’t ready to stop yet. Being consistently hilarious, keeping everyone in the crowd singing and that epic finale featuring some world class acapella is just beyond amazing. Truly, one of the greatest performers in the world and I can’t wait for Weird Al Yankovic to come back to London!

Final Rating: 10/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Weird Al Jedi

Chesney Hawkes – Live At The Pheasantry in London

Though Chesney Hawkes may only be primarily remembered for that one song, there is a lot more to this musician than that single track. Coming onto the stage at this small venue, he is warmly greeted by the crowd. He begins an acoustic version of ‘The One And Only’, so does the mean he is playing his big hit first? Well, he gets to the end of the first verse and says “Thank you, good night”. Laughs ensue throughout the show, Chesney is not someone who hates the idea of being seen as a one-hit wonder in the public, as he knows he has more to offer than that.


The night sees a musical journey happen. Beginning with songs from the 1991 film Buddy’s Song, we hear ‘I’m A Man, Not A Boy’ and ‘Secrets Of The Heart’ which brings back memories for many who heard these songs on that first album (or maybe even saw the film?). We also get treated to tracks from his most recent release REAL LIFE LOVE, such as ‘John Lennon Lived Here’ (co-written with Nik Kershaw) and the rather personal ‘Aeroplane’ taking the breath away from this audience (with additional vocals from his sister). As the night goes on, we get to hear his attempt at country music (which is great) and his cover from his father’s band The Tremeloes (also brilliant) fills the impressive playlist (also, high praise to the string quartet who were helping on the night). Then the night comes closer to finishing, and we get ‘Another Fine Mess’ which brings a sing-a-long to proceedings and ultimately leads to ‘The One And Only’ as everyone chants them famous words ever so loudly! A nice touch is the two supports from earlier that night, Anthony Starble and Percival Elliott, come on stage too to make the performance truly spectacular! The night ends, and the encore we get is a top cover of ‘Bittersweet Symphony’. Truly, Chesney Hawkes knows how to put on a great show.

I went in knowing a handful of songs from Chesney, and I was glad at how many tracks I did actually remember. He sounds great still, even with nearly 25 years passing since his debut; he still looks younger than I am! The songs are fun, there is a lot to take from this set that is engaging and I honesty enjoyed this show! It is a shame Chesney doesn’t get the attention he deserves, a great showman and a performer who wows his audience with ease. Will definitely see him again!

Final Rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Alien Ant Farm – Live at Koko. “I missed you guys. I really missed you guys…not you f**kface”

Thursday 7th May 2015. London Koko.

2001, Alien Ant Farm released their cover of ‘Smooth Criminal’ and it was good. 2015, the band return to the UK to be part of a great show which brought back some of the early 2000’s underrated rock groups. The night began with the band emerging to a full house, coming to the stage with ‘Wish’ and doing a show which featured many other tracks from the ANTHOLOGY album. This is a band I wish I saw in their prime, but my excitement could not be held when they came into the room. Dryden Mitchell leads his band through thirteen great tracks, you may not know them all but you would enjoy them.


As the set continues, favourites such as ‘Forgive & Forget’ and the awesome ‘Movies’ gets so many people singing. Promoting their first album in nine years and touring the UK with P.O.D. and Hoobastank, Alien Ant Farm are definitely an enlightening presence on the crowd.  Though a few tracks may have slipped under the radar of these fans, it was indeed enjoyable. A few issues with sound did little to sour the night, though I was annoyed that Dryden did seem to have to struggle at times to get heard through the microphone. Though the jokes and laughs are very frequent throughout the sixty-minute set. It keeps everyone smiling between the songs that rocked us in (for the majority of us) our teens!

Overall, a great mix of music. The night did really get its burst of adrenaline when Alien Ant Farm got to play ‘Smooth Criminal’. It may have been originally by Michael Jackson, but you can’t help but love this tune. Sounding as good as it did fourteen years ago, I still love this cover. The set goes very quick and I wish we could have had more from this group. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough for this band in terms of hits; I wish the guys would have a big comeback. It is a shame they never hit a career high as many of the acts whom emerged at the time, but I am glad I finally saw this fantastic rock group live and kicking.

Final rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Lenny Kravitz – Live at Wembley Arena. “London, Thank You”

Making a one-off stop in the UK as part of the Strut Tour, Lenny Kravitz comes back to Wembley to perform to a crowd hungry to hear his hits. This night has attracted people from all over the UK, and a few from Europe as I got chatting to a few individuals before the concert started. The arena has played host to the legendary rocker a number of times before, tonight this was to be my first time seeing him live. Having been listening to his GREATEST HITS and latest album STRUT before heading to Wembley, I felt prepared for what was to come.


Arriving on stage roughly 40 minutes late, though understandable (I should note that we was told about a technical problem about 5-10 before he hit the stage, I don’t believe that is a Rock Star thing to do to apologise for being late). ‘Dirty White Boots’ begins tonight’s set, straight from the STRUT album, it gets the crowd grooving and brings Mr Kravitz to the stage. When the initial buzz is through, the cover of ‘American Woman’ is brought forward; the energy is positively sizzling as Lenny and his band pound out this classic for all to love. In need of another classic? Well, now it’s time for ‘It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over’, almost ironically near the beginning of the set-list. The crowd go from 10 to 12 as the screams are intense and not a single voice can’t be heard as everyone sings along with the star. ‘Strut’, the title track to the 2014 album is then next in the set, which gets people clapping along and prepares us for some funky dancing. During the course of the night, Kravitz removes his jacket, scarf (then puts it back on after) and the sunglasses (also make a reappearance later) which gets a cheer when the crowd can finally see his eyes. ‘Dancin’ Till Dawn’ keeps the classics coming and ‘Sister’ is a very heartfelt performance delivered in a way which could only be achieved by Lenny himself. Also, this is when we really start to get the feel of tonight’s musicians as they throw every ounce of their strength into these tracks where we get some songs lasting around 15-20 minutes with blisteringly good solo’s from Lenny Kravitz and his musicians. But wait, there’s more…

Talking about London, Lenny talks about his time in London in 1989 when he got to play small venues, ate at a nearby Malaysian restaurant and bought his weed from a gentleman from Trinidad. A few giggles had, Lenny talks about his love of London, but also shows his love for ‘New York City’. Another new song, this track is given a very long instrumental too which brings us past the hour mark of the show (Yes, 7 tracks in 63 minutes. These songs are long!). ‘Always On The Run’, ‘I Belong To You’ and ‘Let Love Rule’ are also given this treatment of being given a lot longer than the original tracks are known for, but would you really wanna stop Lenny Kravitz as he is using his magic over that guitar? Or when you get some great saxophone solos? No, you wouldn’t stop it. It is magical. So, we reach the end and it’s time to ‘Fly Away’. Not as extended as previous songs from tonight but still a great performance and everyone is given their chance to sing along to that famous chorus enough times. Encore time arrives and we have two more to hear. New track ‘The Chamber’ is an instant classic; everyone is chanting along and giving their last bits of energy. The show comes to a conclusion with ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ and Wembley is literally shaking as the crowd give their all for this anthem and cheering along to the instrumental closure to the night.

Rock is not dead, this night proves that fact. 40 Million Album sales and multiple awards. Lenny Kravitz has spent over half of his 50 year old life rocking and entertaining the world. This night at Wembley gave me the rare opportunity to see a real-life rock star that has touched millions with his music and continues to be a big part to the rock scene today. His energy on this night was huge and shows that a man of 50 can still dance, jump, run and party with those who are half his age. You hear stories about what some musicians get up to and you wonder how they survive. Well, sometimes a legacy is hard to kill and that is what a lot of rock stars make, a legacy. Lenny Kravitz may not be the best-selling rocker of all time, but Wembley proved that he is still one of the younger faces of the genre who has earned the status as an icon but spent a lot of time already in the industry to make him a go-to name. Pure rock and I could not get enough; let’s hope it isn’t long till Lenny Kravitz makes his return to these shores again.

Final Rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Nickelback announce 2015 UK tour, #DONTLETNICKELBACK campaign fails!

Nickelback are one of my favourite bands ever. I admit, I may not be the biggest fan of new release NO FIXED ADDRESS, but they are still a great act. In the two times I have seen them, I have been thoroughly impressed with their style and power. So, when I heard about the upcoming tour for 2015 for the band, I then remembered about a campaign which came up some time ago. Prepare for one of the greatest fails ever!

The campaign which was called #DONTLETNICKELBACK was created in order to stop the band from ever playing in London again. First off, I thought this was just stupid. Then afterwards, I had a bit of a chuckle to myself. It stated that money would go to charity or “therapy for those who’ve been affected by the band”. Many comments came from those who saw the site criticizing the creator for just hating the band and having an unnecessary personal vendetta against them. The fact that lead singer Chad Kroeger actually responded about the campaign was brilliant and said he liked it as it kept the band’s name floating about. Also, the target was $10,000 and this only got to $339 before the project then ran out of time. Clearly, there are only a small number of those who really want to target this band and try to bring them down, but shall not succeed.

Anyway, back to the tour. the No Fixed Address Tour begins in the UK on 13th November 2015 and will be playing eight arena shows all over the United Kingdom and coming to a close at Wembley Arena on Tuesday 24th November. This will conclude a 98 date (so far) world tour. Will you be seeing the band live? Do you enjoy their music? Let me know and if you are will be going to see them on their latest tour?


13/11/15: Motorpoint Arena – Sheffield

14/11/15: The SSE Hydro – Glasgow

16/11/15: Metro Radio Arena – Newcastle

17/11/15: Phones 4u Arena – Manchester

19/11/15: Echo Arena – Liverpool

21/11/15: Genting Arena – Birmingham

22/11/15: Capital FM Arena – Nottingham

24/11/15: Wembley Arena – London

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Watch this video which contains the world tour announcement and concert at the legendary House Of Blues to promote the 2015 tour!

And why not, here is Rockstar!

no fixed address