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Doctor Who – The Doctor Falls. “You May Be A Doctor. But I Am The Doctor. The Original, You Might Say.”

I will tell you now, there is a fair few spoilers!

Doctor Who concluded its tenth series of the revival with one of its most heartfelt, powerful episode’s that Moffat has ever delivered. We had Bill as a Cyberman, a spaceship where the flow of time was all messed up and TWO Masters! How do you get out of this one? Well, with a 90% success rate.


We begin the episode with Missy and The Master teaming up for a great and slightly creepy partnership (The Master flirting with himself/herself and pushing sexual chemistry with themselves is disturbing) to defeat The Doctor. The Doctor manages to get the upper hand early on, encouraging his rival (rivals?) to lend a hand to survive.

For the first time in quite a while, the Cybermen do feel like a real threat. Eventually, they turn on their controller and look to destroy/convert EVERYONE! Seeing the different generations of Cybermen on screen was a visual treat and seeing them blow up was action-packed and a bit funny (loads of them go flying through the air, you will laugh!).


Elsewhere, what has become of poor Bill? Well, she is still a Cyberman! It was upsetting to see Pearl Mackie deliver them lines of sadness and anger as her character struggles with the idea of no longer being human.

Having The Master and Missy certainly was great, and to see the two conflicting was just a treat. While Michelle Gomez brings Missy down from her crazy ways, John Simm continues his ever so twisted plan to defeat his rival (and luckily not dancing around like a lunatic. But I do enjoy his nod to Delgado and Ainley).


‘The Doctor Falls’ is not all about deception, evil and sadness (though that is a majority of it). Matt Lucas gets to once more make Nardole a very comedic character and his interactions with a slightly flirtatious Samantha Spiro was worth watching alone. If this is the last we see of Nardole, at least he had a happy ending…living on a floor of a giant spaceship that looked like the countryside.

Speaking of endings, Bill gets a nice ending which brings her face to face with someone from the past and the emotions are already high. Pearl Mackie has been a magnificent part of the cast and it is a shame to see her bow out here. But, Capaldi manages to steal the show back in that final scene!


Remember that tease at the beginning of ‘World Enough And Time’? Well, Capaldi literally punches his way out of regenerating, setting up what may be a very explosive chain of events which could lead to a highly traumatic change at Christmas. Then we have that familiar face come to The Doctor, but what does this mean for the Time Lord?

I thought this episode was great, and to see Steven Moffat throw so much into his penultimate Doctor Who script was mostly well executed. It was a shame to see Nardole left behind, but I did enjoy how Pearl Mackie was present on screen throughout the episode while still being a Cyberman. To see John Simm take on a disguise as The Master and seeing his look was like being in the classic Who era, and to have Gomez take him on was truly spectacular. Moffat wants his time on the show to go out with a bang, and his fuse which has been burning away since April, is now fit to blow.


While we now have that wait until Christmas for the next lot of Doctor Who, it is clear that the special in December will be one you cannot miss!

Probably the best series finale of Doctor Who since 2008!

Final rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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P.S. How great does David Bradley look as the First Doctor? To quote Christopher Eccleston, “FANTASTIC!”


Doctor Who – World Enough And Time “Hello Missy, I’m The Master. I’m Very Worried About My Future”

*Some Spoilers Ahead*

Well, we knew we were getting The Master and Missy standing side by side at some point in this episode, and this episode, much like ‘The Eaters Of Light’ from last week, has a classic who vibe to it.


We start this episode with The Doctor still trying to convince Missy to be good, taking her on a “test run” to see how she reacts in the face of danger with Nardole and Bill as companions (or expendables). The problem is, the ship that they are on is carrying a number of dark secrets. For a time-travel show, they have a really great idea that time goes at a different speed dependent on where they are on the ship.

So, this is where I hit some spoiler territory, you have been warned! BILL!?!?!?! Bill was shot through the chest, brought back to life and then…watch it! The Mondasian Cybermen return and I will say the robots shouldn’t be so creepy, but they are f**king terrifying! Ok, we knew the Cybermen were coming, just like we knew to expect The Master, but does that really matter? Not too much.


Anyone who ever saw the classic Doctor Who episodes that featured The Master, he was a master of disguise and I know many people were fooled by that outfit John Simm wore (I saw through it straight away, but it was a nice touch). To see Simm embrace the Delgado/Ainley inspiration for the evil Time Lord was a great nod and he is fantastic in his short time in the episode!

While Capaldi is gearing towards a regeneration and Lucas delivering more laughs, it was Pearl Mackie who gave us the real heart (sorry) of the episode! Staying in that “hospital” and coming face to face with the people who cry out in pain through their machines is scary. Bill is told by The Doctor to wait for him and the result is…well, you gotta watch it!


Steven Moffat is definitely gearing towards his big finale, and the beginning of ‘World Enough And Time’ is surely teasing the biggest event we have been waiting to see for the whole series. I have loved Pearl Mackie in this series and I hope she will come back for series 11 (please do it!).

Next week, we will see what happens when ‘The Doctor Falls’ and we find out maybe who our next Doctor is? Could it be Kris Marshall? Paterson Joseph? Olivia Colman? Maybe in a few days, it will all be revealed.

A great episode, surely one of the best for a long time and an almost perfect score for a really gripping story!

Final rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove



Doctor Who – A Series 10 Theory (Maybe!)

Since watching the series 10 opener ‘The Pilot’, I have been thinking about how the whole TWO Masters will come together. I want to make it clear, I have no insider knowledge nor have I seen beyond the first episode, but I have come up with this little theory which actually made sense to me. Missy is not The Master!


What was that? You’ve heard that one before? It is true, many have mentioned that Missy could actually be The Rani. Now I have a slight twist to that thought, imagine if Missy is actually another time lord! Remember a certain young lady called Susan Foreman? (Yes, I went there!) My main thought has been the more recent nods to Susan (the picture in ‘The Pilot’ and named in Coal Hill Academy’s honour roll in Class.

As I mentioned, this is just a theory. There has been a few little moments that have made me think Susan could return to the show. Also, what would you think to actually having Carole Ann Ford make a welcome return too? This is my four steps to how I think this has played out and how it comes to be part of a plan set by The Master (The John Simm version of The Master).


Step One: Motivation

Back in 1964, The Doctor said goodbye to his granddaughter Susan and left her with her human partner David. This did initially upset her as she wanted to stay with The Doctor. Maybe in time she has been depressed with not living in the adventures, losing David, grows angry of being left alone and possibly heads back to Gallifrey…but, oh no! TIME WAR!

Step Two: Meeting Master

The last time we saw John Simm’s Master, he was pulled back to Gallifrey with the Time Lords as he fought Rassilon. Maybe Susan has then somehow got back to Gallifrey (either pulled there by force or somehow got another TARDIS). Knowing they are about to be sent into a pocket universe, The Master then escapes with Susan in tow and they take a TARDIS to some random point.

Step Three: Regeneration and Revenge

When they crash land on a planet, Susan begins to regenerate. Her and The Master moan about The Doctor, though Susan is a bit more sympathetic about her grandfather. The Master can sense a lot of hate in her, so he then takes the opportunity to implant some of his mind into hers (Time Lord stuff, there must be something like what happened to David Morrissey in ‘The Next Doctor’). She then believes herself to be the regenerated Master (Missy), and her hatred of The Doctor helps with the takeover.

Step Four: The Master Comes Forth

Ok, so Missy has faced up against The Doctor a few times. The Master finally decides it is time to come out of hiding, especially since Missy has failed multiple times to defeat his rival. She tries to destroy The Doctor morally, whereas John Simm’s Master just wants to destroy The Doctor. So The Master finally makes his appearance and reveals the truth of what has happened.


Well what do you think? I know this is a long shot, but I reckon the recent few nods could symbolize her return. How great would it be to see Carole Ann Ford even just briefly make a return to Doctor Who?

Doctor Who airs every Saturday on BBC ONE in the UK.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove