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Constantine is coming back!

We wished and wished for more Constantine, we needed to see Matt Ryan come back in the role that he perfected. We had him appear on Arrow, but that wasn’t enough! Matt is about to reprise the role in the Justice League Dark animated movie, but still that couldn’t stop us wanting more! So, how does a new series set in the Arrowverse sound? Well, we are about to get our wish!

What Is Coming?

An animated series is being produced for the CW Seed who will air a 5-6 part series as a continuation of the NBC series which I really did enjoy. 13 episodes of supernatural thrills was not enough, so this news is indeed a good sign. It builds the establishment of John Constantine in the Arrowverse and maybe put the hope into the heads of the network to produce that live-action Season Two? We can only hope so.


Who’s Back?

As this is the first announcement on the show, we have nothing much on the casting except the return of Matt Ryan as the self-proclaimed master of the dark arts. I would assume we would see some of our favourite cast members return in the animated spectrum. It would be great to see the continuation of the storylines from Harold Perrineau’s Manny and Emmett Scanlan’s imminent transformation into The Spectre. Also, I do miss Zed and Papa Midnite and their interactions with Matt Ryan, so maybe they will all come back?

When Can We See It?

The reports I have seen suggest that the show isn’t too far away. We could be looking at Autumn/Fall 2017 for the series to begin, but it may be this time next year it could see the light of day. Whatever happens, we have got new Constantine coming. Whether it’s in a matter of days or months, I am happy to wait. But, can we have it now please? We have already waited so long!

Constantine - Season Pilot

The Future

As mentioned, I would really hope that this would help bring Constantine back into the live-action side of the CW’s well-established superhero universe. As done before with Vixen, the crossover between live-action and animated has gone well. John Constantine appeared on Arrow in 2015, but maybe a future appearance on the show or even in Legends Of Tomorrow? How cool would it be to get an alternate version of Matt Ryan’s hero in Supergirl? We had Earth-2 version of Laurel, Barry, Iris and even Henry Allen/Jay Garrick, so why not?

Are you excited to see Matt Ryan return as Constantine? Will you be watching the show? Do you think Constantine will make a full return? Let me know what you think and thank you for reading.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Constantine is finally coming to Blu-Ray and DVD

The strength of the short-lived NBC show is unbelievable. Since the show finished airing in 2005 after just 13 brilliant episodes, we do seem to find it hard to let go. On a recent post, I revealed Matt Ryan’s John Constantine as my favourite DC character on TV. If you have seen this show before, chances are you will want to watch it again very soon. For those who haven’t, here is everything you need to know about the upcoming release.



As of this moment, the release is set for October 4th 2016 in the US. Although at the time of writing, there was no UK date set. Hopefully this will be rectified soon as I would very much like to own a copy of one of my favourite shows from the last few years. Worldwide I am not too sure on when it will be released, but it is a better promise than saying IF it will be released.


Being called The Complete Series, you know you will have all 13 broadcast episodes of the Hellblazer adaptation. The extras are there, just not too many to get excited about. First we have the Constantine Trailer (trailers have always been a popular feature). There is also Behind The Scenes footage for the release too. For the Comic-Con lovers amongst us, there will also be the 2014 SDCC panel which features cast and crew of the show from before it made its debut and finally a feature known as ‘DC Comics Night at Comic-Con 2014’.


As we know, there has been a lot of internet buzz around Constantine returning in some shape or form. The biggest moment so far was Matt Ryan reprising his role for an episode of Arrow (please make more appearances, that was a great one!). With Matt Ryan coming back again to play the character for the animated feature Justice League Dark, there is certainly an audience for his take on the DC character. I think this may get some wheels into motion for potentially a new Constantine series (still think CW should have done Constantine Season 2 instead of Legends Of Tomorrow) and if popular enough, plenty more from this character in the future. Plus if you haven’t seen the show, I guarantee that having this in your collection will be a wise move and one you won’t regret.


Constantine: The Complete Series is out October 4th in the US and will be available through Amazon and other retailers. Expect international release dates soon!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove



Superhero TV shows have generally been a strong force in animation form for many years. With certain exceptions such as Batman 1966, Lois and Clark and Smallville, there has never been such high quality comic based shows on TV at one time. With DC ruling the roost on The CW and Fox, Marvel’s MCU taking Netflix and ABC by storm and Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and Outcast making some damn fine TV! So, the first in a number of countdowns, I wanted to give some top 10’s based on more current comic book shows and the characters that feature within them. With the short lived Constantine being hugely popular, Arrow creating a massive TV universe and Gotham giving us some great origins on much loved characters.

This list was not easy to write, but there was so many to choose from. Honorable mentions go to Morena Baccarin’s Dr Leslie Thompkins in Gotham, her partner and good cop Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells and Reverse-Flash in The Flash. I want to know who you would say was portrayed best as opinions will always vary. This is my personal list, so take this as you will.

  1. Harold Perrineau – Manny (Constantine)

Portraying an original character in a comic book show is not always seen as a great idea, but Harold Perrineau pulls it off so well as the angel Manny. Guiding Constantine on his journey to prepare for the oncoming war with evil, Manny appears at times of great need (even when John really could do without seeing him). Sometimes a very insightful character and a moment or two of comic relief, it is a shame that we may not see him spread his wings in Constantine’s future anytime soon.


  1. Teddy Sears – “Jay Garrick”/Hunter Zolomon/Zoom (The Flash)

Trying to top the brilliant work by Tom Cavanagh in season one was never going to be easy, but Teddy Sears takes you on one hell of a journey in season two. Revealing himself to be Jay Garrick at the start of the season, he claims his speed was stolen by another known as Zoom! The twist here is that Jay is actually Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom and he has hatched a plan to destroy all universes and speedsters…including Barry. Who knows if he will run again into the lives of the STAR Labs team.


  1. Emily Bett Rickards – Felicity Smoak (Arrow, The Flash)

Originally a minor character, Felicity grew to be one of the most important characters in the Arrowverse. Originally an employee of Oliver’s step-father Walter, Felicity proves herself to be a welcome addition to Team Arrow. Originally only wanting to save Walter, Felicity eventually joins the team full time and is vital in helping Oliver become more understanding and find new methods to deal with crime. Though many see their romance as annoying, Felicity really does make a big impact in the show and I hope she will do for a long long time to come.

City of Heroes

  1. David Harewood – “Hank Henshaw”/J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter (Supergirl)

One of the biggest surprises of Supergirl was the revelation that head of the DEA Hank Henshaw was actually the Martian Manhunter. Having been nearly killed by the real Hank Henshaw, Kara and Alex’s father saved J’onn and in return J’onn promised to look after Alex and Kara as much as he could. A character with a huge heart and one of the most heartbreaking backstories in comics, he fights his inner demons and becomes a true hero who eventually gets the recognition he deserves.


  1. Manu Bennett – Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (Arrow)

Probably the greatest rival to come up against Oliver, Slade Wilson originally helped Oliver Queen survive on the island and gave him the help he needed to escape and find his family. After Slade was injected with the “mirakuru”, he finds himself stronger than ever before, but his mind suffers from the chemical. He personally wants revenge against Oliver after what happens to him in regards to Shado and losing his eye. Killing Oliver’s mother and almost destroying the city was indeed enough to push The Arrow to his limit!

deathstroke manu

  1. Danielle Panabaker – Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost (The Flash, Arrow)

When she had her cameo in Arrow, I was not too sure how much I would like this character. But from her first episode, Caitlin is shown to be a great part of the STAR Labs team. She is shown to be very distraught over the particle accelerator explosion which seemingly killed her fiancé and at times being cold towards her friends. Though Caitlin is indeed, in at least one life, destined to be the villainous Killer Frost, she proves a true friend and a heart to the show. She knows how to take on enemies without powers of her own and will do anything to help you.

The Fury of Firestorm

  1. Stephen Amell – Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Arrow, The Flash. Legends Of Tomorrow)

The man behind the Arrowverse, Oliver Queen returns to Starling City after five years being presumed dead. When he returns, he takes on the mantle of The Arrow to fight the crime in the city as part of his promise to his father. Originally wanting to take on this crusade alone, Oliver later gets assistance from John Diggle, Felicity, Roy Harper, Sara Lance, Laurel Lance and even his sister Thea. Though Oliver may be sometimes hard to trust, he does care about his friends and family and does show a lighter side with his friend Barry/The Flash.


  1. Grant Gustin – Barry Allen/The Flash (The Flash, Arrow)

After getting caught in his lab as the STAR Labs accident happened, Barry Allen became The Flash. Originally unsure if he deserved his powers, Barry would go on to become one the greatest heroes in existence. With a pure heart and mind, Barry is definitely the best person to have on your side when in trouble with a meta-human. When Barry developed his powers and begun travelling through time, we see him truly get emotional with anything around his deceased mother when he sees her in the past. We want Barry to have a happy ending, but has he destroyed the world to get it?


  1. Robin Lord Taylor – Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin (Gotham)

The only Gotham character to make it into the list, but there is a good reason why he is this high! Robin Lord Taylor from episode one managed to make Penguin probably the best portrayal of the character in any medium. Danny DeVito done a great job in Batman Returns, Nolan North makes a great performance in the Batman Arkham games but it is Taylor’s take on the character which is unique and intriguing. Starting as an aspiring gangster, he eventually takes control of the Gotham underworld and uses many means to get what he wants. Whenever his version of Oswald Cobblepot takes to the screen, I am glued!


  1. Matt Ryan – John Constantine (Constantine, Arrow)

You know you have done a character right when you have a fan and cast campaign to get you to be the character again (eventually appearing in Arrow Season 4) and then becoming the character again for an animated movie (2016’s Justice League Dark). Am I right? Matt Ryan embodies the character perfectly and does everything right. He smokes like a chimney, isn’t afraid to be rude, enjoys being an arse to people and fights demons with ease. The look is also done right, down to the hair colour and the clothes. We may have only had 14 hours of TV with John Constantine, but I am sure Matt Ryan’s version of the character will be around for a long time…and maybe that petition to get a season two of Constantine will also become reality one day!

Constantine - Season Pilot


Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Matt Ryan Returns as Constantine…in Justice League Dark

So if you have ever watched the 2014-2015 Constantine TV series, you will know that it was one of the biggest TV casualties of recent years. Why? Because it was cancelled after just 13 episodes. I have seen very few fan reactions this strong for a TV character, but I must admit that Matt Ryan was the ultimate John Constantine and it was a shame to see his tenure come to an end. After much reaction from fans, Constantine was officially brought into the Arrowverse and made a massive impact in his one (so far) appearance on Arrow. Since then, the Constantine front has been churning rumours such as an animated series on CW Seed, a second TV series and maybe even an appearance in film. Well, we have just found out that Matt Ryan will be reprising his iconic role in Justice League Dark, the latest animated film from DC Universe Animated Original Movies series.

In the film, Matt Ryan will be leading the cast as the self-proclaimed Master Of The Dark Arts. He will be joined by Camilla Luddington (Tomb Raider video games, Greys Anatomy) as Zatanna, Nicholas Turturro (Blue Bloods) as Deadman, Ray Chase (One Punch Man) as Etrigan and Jason O’Mara returns as Batman! An impressive cast to be sure, the film will definitely be anticipated as it follows-up (but not linked to) the eagerly awaited Batman: The Killing Joke. The preview of the film and behind-the-scenes footage gives us a great tease of what is to come. Are you excited to see Matt Ryan become Constantine once again? To get you ready for what is to come, here are some shows and films to see before Justice League Dark comes out later this year!



First off, completely ignore the 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves. This keeps almost nothing that made Constantine the respected and much loved character that we knew. Matt Ryan took 2014 by storm and gave TV superheroes a new bar to match. Not many comic book shows feature such a reluctant and tortured hero nowadays, but this one works superbly well. Matt’s Constantine not only respects the source material, but he gives you so much to make you both like him and hate him. In the end, Matt makes his mark and produces the definitive version of John Constantine. The 13 episodes may go quick, but all the easter eggs and characters really fit in well and the story will have you hooked in five minutes.


I am not too sure how much of Batman we will see in the Justice League Dark movie, but I think it will be great to see Jason O’Mara come back to this iconic role. What makes Jason work as The Dark Knight is that he isn’t trying to copy any of his predecessors, and seems natural in his dialogue as the character. Also the animation in this film and the storytelling was just top-notch throughout and worth a watch before Justice League Dark makes its debut. There may be little in common with the two, but I believe they will have a very similar look between the two.


Ok, this one may take a little while longer to watch. Arrow kicked off a new wave of superhero shows which currently sees at least five (six if we count Vixen from CW Seed) shows connected in the so called Arrowverse. Though with this, it was a great way to give the idea of magic and dark arts into the show by incorporating Constantine in the fourth season. Stephen Amell had campaigned for Constantine Season Two and said he would guest in the show if it happened, so was great to see it happen the other way and Matt Ryan graced his way into Star City and stole the episode.

Justice League Dark is out later in 2016, watch out for a review later in the year.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Constantine is coming to Arrow!

After the upsetting cancellation of Constantine after only 13 episodes, there is finally some good news for fans of the supernatural fighter. Matt Ryan will be reprising his role as John Constantine in the fourth season of Arrow. How amazing will it be to see the “Self-Proclaimed exorcist and master of the dark arts” and the “Emerald Archer” come together? Well episode five, titled ‘Haunted’, will see Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) get critical support from John Constantine (Matt Ryan, reprising his role from the short-lived TV series) when arrows aren’t enough!

It has been reported at this time that this will be a “great, one-shot episode” by CW president Mark Pedowitz, so doe’s this mean this is the only time we will Matt Ryan take on the trench-coat again as Constantine? Well, here are five things I would like to see happen with the character.

  1. Don’t erase the past

It seems likely that a soft reboot will take place to bring Constantine into the world of Arrow/Flash/Legends Of Tomorrow. Though it may take a few changes on board, let it not completely erase what came before it. The show, though had its critics, was enjoyable and at times rather gripping. Matt Ryan coming back as John Constantine is definitely a push in the right direction. But, don’t make it a whole new slate for those who followed the character previously.

2. Embrace the mystical side

Marc Guggenheim, co-showrunner of Arrow, has said that the mystical side of DC would be visited in season four. Though this promise was made, it is easy to sometimes not push an area too far. But, I think Constantine showed that it can work, and it will be great to see a new dimension come to the well-established show. Hopefully, we may see Papa Midnite pop up to cause a bit of chaos too.

3. Please don’t leave this as a one-off

I am not saying I want Matt Ryan to just pop up in Arrow anytime they can put him in! But, wouldn’t it be great for him to become a recurring force in the show? This may convince the CW to do one of them backdoor pilot’s to bring him into a TV show of their own creation. If a new show doesn’t come, let us at least have Constantine as an ally to The Arrow (or should that now be Green Arrow?) in the same way as The Flash has came back to Starling City on occasion.

4. Don’t be afraid to share Constantine in the universe

Wouldn’t it be fun to tease a Justice League Dark team within Legends Of Tomorrow? Well, I reckon just adding Matt Ryan to the already impressive cast in the show would be fantastic. With the immortal Vandal Savage, a slight touch of mysticism may be floating about this show. Also, the time-travel aspect could bring some great storylines about Constantine’s past and bring him face to face with some previously unseen characters in his mythology.

5. Bring him to be the central force in ‘Haunted’

We may be going into spoiler territory, but it is believed that Constantine will in some way be central to the revival of Sara Lance. Sara (Caity Lotz), who will be a main character in Legends Of Tomorrow, has yet to be revived in the continuity and it seems likely that Oliver Queen will be getting John Constantine to assist in something around the resurrection of the former Black Canary. But, what will be his part in this, if any?

Arrow Season Four will be returning 7th October 2015 on The CW in the US and at a slightly later date on Sky One in the UK.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove