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So, I have decided to write about my Top 20 films of all time. This list of films was not easy, but I am glad that I have finally managed to make a selection that I think highlights some classic movies and purely brilliant cinematic pictures. A mix of action, comedy, horror, action and more is combined to create a top 20 I have grown up with and still enjoy a lot today. So, let us begin at Number 20: The Mask.

The Mask is silly, funny, unpredictable and downright entertaining. The film stars Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss, a bank worker who has been pushed around his whole life, making him a very shy person. He has very few friends and can’t get into any popular clubs, but one night everything changes when he finds a mask in the harbour. He places the mask (later discovered to be the Mask of Loki. The god of mischief. Which makes me wonder, could we get this film re-cut to include Tom Hiddleston as the god as he hides the mask on earth? No? Damn!) over his face and is transformed into The Mask, a character whom is able to warp the reality around him and is a polar opposite of the rather timid Stanley without the mask. The powers granted to Stanley are hard to describe, he can basically do anything he wants and gets revenge on those who have wronged and upset him. A plot in the film revolves around gangster Dorian Tyrell as he looks to overthrow his boss and make his mark in the city. In between this, we see The Mask as he makes fun of the world around him and fun random acts come up including creating a tommy gun out of a balloon and eat a bomb! Plus, when his dog Milo puts on the mask, you can’t help but laugh and think “Awww, how cute” at the same time.

Why do I like this? First, it is incredibly funny. Jim Carrey unleashes a barrage of comedy as soon as his head is green and he becomes a human cartoon for his audience. The random lines, the references to pop culture and the zany nature that The Mask held was something that the audience young and old could both enjoy. The jokes are rather clean cut and can be both immature and clever.  Jim Carrey is able to make himself two completely different people while retaining the Stanley character in both his standard and mask versions. Cameron Diaz gets her first lead role in The Mask as Tina Carlyle; she shines as the girlfriend to a mobster who eventually falls for Stanley Ipkiss. Also, a mention should go to Richard Jeni, the comedian played the part of Charlie, the only friend on Jim Carrey’s Stanley. The comedian may sadly not be with us anymore, but his presence is so strong in this film that I almost wished a sequel would happen just to have Charlie become the new holder of The Mask. Finally, it’s a good 101 minutes of fun which showcases a Jim Carrey at his best and a peak for comedy movies in the 1990’s.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

the mask