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Ant-Man and The Wasp! Review!

Ok, let’s get this over with. Arguably, this is the weakest Marvel film of 2018 so far! But, is it a bad film? Definitely not!

Set some time after Captain America: Civil War, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is near the end of his two-year stint under home arrest. While he has reconnected with his family, Scott has not been in contact with Hope or Hank since his actions in assisting Cap in Germany. But, when the scientists begin work with the quantum realm, it isn’t long until the former con is back in the fold.


Ok, I will do a more in-depth look at the film at a later time. There is a lot to take from this movie, first of all is the humour. While Avengers: Infinity War was a more intense and serious affair, Ant-Man and The Wasp is definitely the perfect tonic to the higher stakes we have already experienced. With the comedic timing of Paul Rudd and the unbelievably talented Michael Pena as he gives us some more fantastic improv to bring tears of laughter to the eyes of the audience. Also, the size jokes continue to be a thing…a great, funny, silly over-the-top THING!

The film is not all about Rudd and Pena; though they could honestly do a 2-hour feature with just the pair of them and I would be sold! Evangeline Lilly is indeed a highlight portraying the titular Wasp, it marks a great progression from her first MCU appearance as the feisty Hope looking to fill the boots of her mother (and doing a damn good job). Michelle Pfeiffer’ Janet is great and I hope someone we will see more of in Phase Four! Also, could Hannah John-Kamen’s Ghost be one of the most conflicting antagonists to come so far? Also, wasn’t Walton Goggins fun? How about I just say the whole cast was fantastic (Abby Ryder Fortson is just so adorable as Scott’s daughter, you just really hope she wasn’t subjected to that infamous snap!).


The film, much like the first, does relish in its smaller scale. Whereas Infinity War and Black Panther had worldwide repercussions, this was a more personal story filled with as many Easter eggs as a supermarket the day after Christmas! If you love some comic goodness or just an affiliation with a certain British musician, this will be right up your street! The special effects reflect well with this and again provide many size related spectacles and gags which again mostly all land. Seeing a GIANT Ant-Man in the water was in one way truly amazing and cheesy in equal measure. Also the car collection, why did that work so well?

If I had a critical point to make, it is within the post-credit scenes (yes, we get two!). While the first clip gives a great tease of what is to come, the second feels like it could have done with maybe a bit more substance. The second actually gives a great hint of what to expect in the future, but it feels almost wasted for a laugh which barely made a chuckle in the packed cinema screen.


Overall, I have to say I really had a lot of fun. It’s not the best MCU film of this year and would barely scratch my top 10, but there is an appreciation for this segment of the established universe and I do have a particular love for the lead characters. While this sequel may be the most important, it’s fair to say that a potential Ant-Man 3 would make more than perfect sense considering where we conclude!

Give yourself a laugh this summer and remember that we had to wait 4 more weeks in the UK because they thought this film would tank during the World Cup…I waited and I can’t wait for my second viewing.

Final rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Marvel Studios ANT-MAN AND THE WASP..L to R: Wasp/Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) and Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

Ant-Man. “Pick on someone your own size!”

Coming out a few months after the colossal blockbuster Avengers: Age Of Ultron, we all knew that Ant-Man wouldn’t be getting the easiest ride. With many behind the scenes issues such as the departure of Edgar Wright (who has been developing the movie with Marvel for around a decade) and the re-writes of the script to a delayed start in shooting, things were definitely not easy for the movie. Luckily, Marvel manages to pull off another fun and exciting film out of its rather grand hat. Though not as in-your-face as the other MCU film of this year, Ant-Man defines itself and makes its mark on this cinematic universe with great form and a new great hero.

We begin by meeting Hank Pym, the first Ant-Man. Up to 1989, he was a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and we get to see his links to the Marvel Cinematic Universe rather early. We then go to 2015 where we meet Scott Lang, just as he is being released from prison. A professional thief, Scott re-joins with his friend Luis. After originally going straight, Scott is convinced to take one more job to secure enough financial backing so he can see his daughter Cassie again. Breaking into the safe of the mark which Luis got a tip about, Scott Lang finds only a suspicious looking outfit there. Taking the outfit with him, Scott then wears the suit and discovers the power that the suit holds. Eventually, he comes face to face with Hank Pym, who asks for his help with a mission and to become the new Ant-Man. Hank wants to use Scott’s skills and knows he wants to redeem himself for his past. Scott agrees to help as Hank states it will help him to get back to his daughter and be seen as the hero that she already thinks he is. The training then comes next, as Hank and his daughter Hope trains Scott. Hope, has been estranged from her father for some time, but is willing to do anything to stop her boss Darren from perfecting the Yellowjacket and selling it on.

Why does Hank Pym need help? Well, his own creation, the “Pym Particle” is almost perfected by his former protégé Darren Cross. Darren has managed to create the Yellowjacket, a suit which would be used for war. Sending soldiers into battlefields, where they can shrink their size and go anywhere undetected. Hank is worried this technology could go into the wrong hands (wait till you find out who the buyer, won’t take too long). So a plan is made, with Scott taking the role of Ant-Man and infiltrating the company building to destroy all the data and the Yellowjacket suit itself. Scott gets help from Luis and his associates to bring the heist to life. But, as you may guess, Ant-Man and Yellowjacket do come face to face in some intense and at times humorous fight scenes. Though Scott is already dealing with a potentially world threatening mission, he is also being hunted by Paxton, an officer who is engaged to Scott’s ex-wife Maggie and he is determined to arrest him for his crimes and for breaking out of prison. Also, look out for one of the Avengers coming face to face with Ant-Man when one of his missions is to obtain a part from an old Stark Industries building (now The Avengers facility).

With the film being smaller (no joke intended) and with a more minimal cast than a few previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Ant-Man perfectly creates a distinctly different film and makes great use of one of Marvel’s older characters and gives it life. The casting of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang is brilliant, he is a very believable figure and you will be eagerly awaiting his return in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Michael Douglas provides a great Hank Pym, it is nice to see the character is more established and having an older Hank helps more with the change of him to Scott as the holder of the Ant-Man costume. Evangeline Lilly surprises many with a great performance and shows she is no damsel in distress as Hope (daughter to Hank and Janet Van Dyne, the former Wasp) and can kick arse when needed. I like Corey Stoll as a villain, but he unfortunately doesn’t really get the development to become a legendary villain and falls short, though definitely not the worst villain the MCU has offered so far. The rest of the cast work well, Bobby Cannavale as Paxton is a great character who clearly is not against Scott, but is very by the book. Judy Greer gets minimal time as Maggie, though is seen to be very caring and also wants to help her former husband. Also, that Avenger is given a rather fun, if short, time to impress and build on his already established popularity. Michael Pena gets the funniest lines and his humour is just perfect, his stories about how he obtains information as well are just brilliant. But the winning performance in the supporting cast has to be Abby Ryder Fortson as Scott’s daughter Cassie as she gets some of the best lines and is just adorable throughout the movie.

Worth every penny of admission, Ant-Man provides the perfect follow-up to The Avengers and piles on the excitement for Phase Three of the MCU. Two things, be prepared to see Ant-Man (and maybe another insect related character) in the future and make sure you watch both scenes that come once the film has finished (yes, an after-credits scene as well as mid-credits is used once again!). Great film, great laughs, great cast and an overall enjoyable movie. Bring on Phase Three!

Final Rating: 8.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove