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Foo Fighters – Live at The O2 Arena, London

Tuesday 19th September 2017

You wouldn’t expect to have such a great concert in the middle of the working week, but Dave Grohl and his band of merry men shook The O2 with a near 3 hour set of hits that wowed and amazed the crowd throughout.

The band begin their set with a rocking rendition of ‘I’ll Stick Around’ and then quickly blister through ‘All My Life’ before wowing the crowd with the almighty ‘Learn To Fly’. This show, as well as being part of the 10th Birthday Celebrations for the Arena, was to promote the release of Foo Fighters ninth studio album CONCRETE AND GOLD. Yes, there was plenty of new songs too…


‘The Sky Is A Neighbourhood’ was slotted into the setlist early and it was amazing to see almost everyone singing this. Along with some other new tracks, we do get a version of ‘Rope’ with a greatly extended outro and ‘My Hero’ which begins as an intimate performance between Dave Grohl and the 16000 fans inside The O2.

Fancy a cover? ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ was performed by the rock band, and it was played in the presence of Roger Taylor and Brian May who were in attendance. Want another cover? How about ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ with Rick Astley singing on stage with them? This was indeed so damn good, you couldn’t help but rock out to it.


The night continued with a great blend of tunes from all nine albums, I can’t think of many songs that were left out, this was a real collection of hits! When you get to ‘Best Of You’ and ‘Everlong’ at the end of the show, this is where the ultimate conclusion comes in. I will say I sung hard with every song that came on. Never have I known so many tracks by one band at a show.

For a one-off show in the UK, this was done with incredible precision and sounded fantastic throughout. Playing on stage for nearly 3 hours, the guys didn’t seem to beat a single drop of sweat. Dave Grohl was as usual on top form and could out-sing every single person in that arena. Then you have the awesome Taylor Hawkins on drums and then guitarists Nate Mendel, Pat Smear and Chris Shifett and not forgetting Rami Jaffee on keyboards. The whole band were tight and controlled without hitting a duff note.


I loved this gig, the Foo Fighters met all my expectations and more. I was unable to see the guys in 2015 when Dave broke his leg, but this surely was the best concert I have ever attended. Can it be topped? Only when the Foo’s return to these shores!

Final rating: 10/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Remembering Kurt Cobain

Today, 20th February 2017 would have been the 50th birthday for the music icon. While many today still find his music inspirational, I find it almost hard to believe I am older now than what Kurt ever was and I still find him a massive influence on my musical taste. The world sadly lost Kurt in 1994 when he was just 27 years old, though he showed us so much in his short time. Today I can only imagine many others are honouring Kurt Cobain in their own way. Imagine what the world would be like if Kurt was still here? Would Nirvana still be going strong? Would the Foo Fighters ever have formed? We really will never know.

But in a small tribute, I would like to make a mention of some of the tracks which I grew up to and still love today.

The Best Ever Cover Song?

You know you have covered a song well when even fans of the original artist don’t even know it was actually their song. David Bowie spoke of when people said well done for covering a Nirvana track, not knowing Bowie had released the song over twenty years previously. No disrespect to David Bowie, ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ is indeed a classic on both sides, but Nirvana really gave the song life and still today stands as one of the greatest cover songs ever!!

The Loud Debut!

The first album BLEACH featured many rough and ready tracks, signalling a change in the music we had become accustomed to. Nirvana didn’t know how far their brand of grunge was to take them. While the album is filled with many favourite songs, ‘About A Girl’ is one necessity to start any rock playlist.

The One Everyone Knows!

Of course you know this one, this is the song that put Nirvana to the top. ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was not only a massive hit worldwide, it helped make the album NEVERMIND a massive seller (over 30 million albums sold). Even Weird Al Yankovic gave this song a parody and the results were fantastic…and Kurt liked the cover too!

The One With The Questionable Title!

How many bands could get away with a track called ‘Rape Me’? Not many! Have you ever dealt with censorship? It isn’t fun! This track from the IN UTERO album earned much praise for being a straightforward song and giving a great anti-rape message. Kurt would also agree that it had more meaning to him personally, but you can’t disagree with the impact this song has.

This One Makes You Rock Out!

I think it has already been said that Nirvana created many great songs. After originally making ‘Lithium’ for a follow-up on their independent label, they eventually re-recorded it for 1991’s NEVERMIND. Kurt said that there was a lot of fictionalised elements in the song, but he did also use real experiences in the album. Plus, it is so damn good!

The fourth album that wasn’t the fourth album!

I am referring to the fantastic MTV Unplugged session that the band recorded in 1993. Taking mostly unreleased songs and covers, the band sculpted a mighty fine performance which today is still enjoyed and studied. So many people are glued to this release and even those who may not be fans of the grunge band still find this release popular.

R.I.P. Kurt Cobain and happy birthday, you will never be forgotten.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Foo Fighters Cancel Tour…But I Have Something For The Fans

It was announced today (Tuesday 16th June) that Foo Fighters were to cancel their UK tour after Dave Grohl had broken his leg. Under doctors orders, the band have been forced to pull out of the following shows…

London, UK – Wembley Stadium – Fri 19th and Sat 20th June

Edinburgh, UK – BT Murrayfield Stadium – Tuesday 23rd June

Werchter, Belgium – FestivalPark Werchter – Thursday 25th June

Glastonbury Festival – Friday 26th June

While no date has been announced yet for the shows to be rescheduled, fans should stay hopeful that they will be able to do Wembley, BT Murrayfield and the other shows they have missed out on in the near future. Though this may be a sad time for fans, I have got an idea which may lessen the blow

On Friday 19th June from 9pm GMT, I will be live on The Radio Alternative providing fans with a playlist which will feature a track from each Foo Fighters studio album. That is EIGHT Foo Fighters tracks which will be played during the show. Give a shout to what tracks you want to hear and if you want to make any dedications. Will play more than the eight if needed.

You can listen via your computer on http://www.theradioalternative.com or follow the link HERE. Also, you can listen via your mobile/tablet/iPad through the Tune In Radio app. You can download either for ANDROID or APPLE and listen by searching for “The Radio Alternative” once on the app.

You can contact by either putting your message on the facebook link for The Radio Alternative here: The Radio Alternative Facebook Page

If on Twitter, you can send your message either to @RadioJonjo or @TheRadioAlt

Finally, you can email it to jonjo@theradioalternative.com

Let me know what Foo Fighters track you want to hear, and why. Also all other requests are welcome

It may be a sad day today for rock fans, but I will do my best to lessen the pain until the Foo’s return to the UK

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove