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Let’s be honest, how many people were honestly going to say they wanted to see the 1992 animated classic Aladdin remade in a live-action production? Well, Disney have been taking a huge number of the favourites and bringing them into the 21st century by utilising special effects and techniques which seemed impossible when the cartoon counterparts first debuted. While the various images and clips make the film look amazing, the biggest criticisms seem to come on Will Smith playing the all-powerful Genie of the lamp!

I for one was all up for this casting. We knew that you would never get a Robin Williams type of casting, but then again, I feel that makes casting Smith a better choice anyway as he will indeed be different. Over the last few hours, I have been reading some Twitter and Facebook messages and I will be defending this iteration of the blue being that will be at the centre of this remake!


“He Is Just Doing Will Smith!”

Really? Well done for working that one out. Now I can not say that Will Smith is the best actor in the world, but when you cast the man, you have a good idea of what you are to get from him. When Robin Williams was cast, it is believed he was just allowed to be himself and become as zany as possible to create a Genie that was much loved and definitely the source of much of the humour in Aladdin. So is an actor being like himself really that bad? Nope!

“Why Was He Cast? He Will Just Play The Same Character He Always Does”

Well, can you really get an idea of the character he is playing from a couple of images and 5 seconds of video? If you can, then well done. Why is it the opinion can be stamped to an actor and/or character before the film comes out. Anyone remember Heath Ledger as The Joker? I think the internet exploded that day when the announcement was made. Everyone only remembered Heath for either his romcoms, A Knights Tale (oh god!) and Brokeback Mountain. But it turned out Ledger was awesome and the Oscar was well deserved.


“I Had Such High Hopes For This…But I Can’t Get Past The Horrible CGI On Will Smith’s Genie”

If Genie was just a human in blue paint, would you be annoyed? Of course. Does a big imposing Genie with blue skin, otherworldly body and huge presence require CGI to work? I would say so. I can understand why many won’t like the CGI. But remember, this is just a few seconds of what is to come. I honestly think it looks OK, Will Smith looks like the genie with his essence all over it like I would have wanted. Also, am I the only one who likes the CGI?

“…I Wanted Gabriel Iglesias”

NO! OH GOD NO! NO NO NO NO NO!!! If I could have chosen, I would have loved to have seen Matt Lucas to create a truly laid back Genie with a rather animated look in real life.

“I Won’t Watch This Car Crash”

Ok, that is up to you. I honestly see that this film will be much like The Jungle Book and Beauty And The Beast and live up to its legacy and actually appeal to audiences old and new. Aladdin was indeed a great movie in the 90’s and the one thing that does sadden me is that Robin Williams didn’t live to reprise his role as The Genie. Apart from that, I reckon this will be a decent movie. It won’t be the best of all time, but it will be successful.


So, now that I have gone through my timelines and found some answers to the people complaining about the Will Smith version of the character really needs to either wait until we get a bit more footage or just go into the film with an open mind. I know this will not be the perfect iteration of the character, but no actor can ever top what Robin Williams brought to the part when he got in that voiceover booth and unleashed possibly the most iconic Disney character I have witnessed in my lifetime.

What do you honestly think? Do you believe Will Smith will be good? Do you believe he will sink the film? I for one can’t wait to see this film.

Aladdin will be out in cinemas May 24th 2019!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Why Iron Maiden Should Be Christmas Number One!

Iron Maiden, one of the most successful and recognised band’s in the world, have been on the scene for nearly forty years. Starting up in 1975 in Leyton, East London. The band have become famous all over the world and still today can sell out appearances in arenas and festivals with very little effort. With fifteen studio albums, countless other releases and many hit singles, you can’t help but admire them. Steve Harris has lead this band for nearly 40 years and they show no sign of stopping. So, why should they be Number 1?

Well, once again The X Factor is looking to hit the top spot over the festive period once again. I miss the days in which the competition was made by established musicians who looked to make their mark. The Pogues, The Darkness, Slade, The Pretenders, Cliff Richard, they and more all did that and their christmas hits we’re hugely successful and still are to this day. Nowadays, christmas songs are not as regularly created and there seems to be too much emphasis on recreating what has already been so the interest is lost. X Factor then took this as their chance to steal the Christmas top spot for many years. Then, in 2009, a truly wonderful thing happened.

When a facebook campaign was created to look at putting an end to The X Factor’s continues reign of the christmas charts, who knew it would be so successful! The group attracted over 750,000 members at it’s peak. The song they wanted to win the chart was the appropriately named ‘Killing In The Name’ by Rage Against The Machine. The band were seen as the symbol of hope to have something different hit the peak. This paid off and ‘Killing In The Name’ became Number One a little over 17 years after its original release. The response from the band was so positive they agreed to do a free show in the UK as a thank you for the achievement.

So, Iron Maiden have been picked this time round and one great guy has put together a group on Facebook called IRON MAIDEN FOR CHRISTMAS NO.1 (link will be below). The song picked will be the classic ‘The Number Of The Beast’. It will be fun to see if this can be achieved, currently the campaign is 3rd in the bookies odds to hit Number 1 over christmas. If the campaign was to succeed, this would mark only the second Number One that the band have had in the UK, the first was in 1990 when ‘Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter’ took the top spot from Cliff Richard. But how cool would it be for ‘The Number Of The Beast’ to be in the singles chart over the Christmas period? Well you can help. Like the page and join in when the window for the Christmas Number One opens on Sunday 14th December, all sales till Saturday 20th December at 11.59pm will be counted and we will see how it has gone. Until then, help the efforts and big thanks to the chap who put this page together!

Link to the page: https://www.facebook.com/maidenxmas/

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove