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Rick and Morty – Season 3 Episode 6 REVIEW!

‘Rest and Ricklaxation’

*Some Spoilers Ahead*

Maybe avoid the alien spa in the future!

Imagine there was a place where you could get rid of all the toxic thoughts, ideas and feelings of yourself and shove it somewhere else. Well, this is what happens. After Rick and Morty narrowly avoid death on their latest 20 minute six day adventure, Rick insists that he and his grandson go for some much needed rest.


For the majority of the episode, we have the “healthy” version of the characters and the “toxic” versions as they realise that they work best when together. Rick clearly needs the darker side to help keep him competent, but Morty tries to carry on without having his darker side. Without his fears, doubts and insecurities, we get a Morty who is clearly confident and almost uncaring of those who react to him.

When we find out that the “toxic” versions of the characters are wanting to destroy their counterparts, the best sequences then come to life. With the usual stab at religion being played in a throwaway gag and the all-out fight between the two versions of the characters definitely make this episode fun and funny.


It is an episode which strips back on the recurring arcs, the divorce of Beth and Jerry and even other supporting characters as we get right into the minds of our main duo. We learn a lot more about these two in this 22 minutes than we did in the last season. After 27 episodes, I didn’t realise there was still so much to learn. Speaking of learn, what does this episode mean for the show and for it to continue?

We know Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are not afraid of tackling matters which comedy might usually be absent from, even showing that being “healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean good. Also, is it right to say that Rick was actually less of a dick than usual? We see him actually trying to do the right thing and its Morty who actually puts himself on a course to something horrifying by trying to kill part of himself. Plus, could you imagine The Wolf Of Wall Street with Morty instead of Leonardo DiCaprio? It should be done!


Anyone familiar with theories on this show may be aware that people think Rick and Morty are THE SAME PERSON! I still don’t believe this to be true, but Morty is beginning to show a dark side to himself, something that actually scares his grandfather. But if one thing is for certain, the young Smith will continue to fight for the affections of Jessica (and it means he no longer needs to remember the safe word “Sea Cucumber”).

Passing the half-way point, the show continues to produce some eye-opening ideas and the development of our two main characters has been great so far. My only wish is that we get more Beth, Summer and JERRY! But, I think this may be the best episode so far, between this and ‘Pickle Rick’.

Final rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Episode 7 is coming a bit later on 10th September on Adult Swim.


Doctor Who: Extremis. “Life Can Be A Cunning Enemy”

*Mild Spoilers Ahead*

So within the first few minutes, we finally find out who is contained within that vault (are we surprised?). But this is just one aspect of the story…

Beginning what will possibly be an arc for the next few episodes, we meet The Doctor as he is greeted by The Pope and members of The Vatican, presenting him with the details of “Veritas”, an ancient text that causes its reader to commit suicide. The Pope asks The Doctor if he will read the text to stop any further deaths, but there is one problem…The Doctor is still blind!


In a secret library in the Vatican, the text lies ready to be read by the Time Lord. There is also a strange light which appears to come from nowhere and some creepy, freaky monks trying to seemingly capture The Doctor. The Doctor does all he can to read the text while Bill and Nardole investigate the light.

The light acts as a portal to a central hub, where we find portals which lead to other places around the world, including The Pentagon and CERN. The truth of the text leads to a shocking twist which affects about 90% of the whole episode, a truth which hits Nardole and Bill like a ton of bricks.


That other 10%? well that deals with the return of another certain Time Lord (Lady)! Missy returns in a way that we are not used to, she is a prisoner, ready to be executed. It was nice to see Missy pop up throughout the episode, while at the same time not affecting the main story of ‘Extremis’ which will at least lead into the next episode.

Thinking last week when Peter Capaldi’s Doctor was hit with blindness, we had no idea that he would be without his sight for this long. He manages to go through the whole episode and still comes no closer to regaining his eyesight. Though the episode could have almost been a throwaway, it actually becomes the most important episode of the series so far.


What the show has really needed is an arc which presented a good tease and some immediate consequences. We had weeks of teases from the vault, but once The Doctor begins to realise what is happening, suddenly the vault looks a bit less interesting and the TARDIS crew now has a HUGE challenge on their hands. It’s time to save the world!

Trying not to give too much away, but this episode surely was one of the darkest episodes that Doctor Who has ever produced. Steven Moffat once again proves that his scripts can still be very sharp and yet genuinely surprise you. There are a lot of references to video games and this episode does well at giving us something new to discuss and wait to see on screen.

maxresdefault (1)

The new enemy, The Monks, surely do leave an impression of fear. This is something which we haven’t seen before, an enemy making some careful plans on how they are going to invade the world. Could The Monks possibly rival The Daleks and Weeping Angels? I think so!

While the central trio of Capaldi, Mackie and Lucas are great as always, we get to see a very different side to them, literally! The fear from the companions was unexpected and seemed really honest. Then we have Michelle Gomez who always impresses as Missy. While we don’t get a lot of her in this episode, she is integral to the last act and we know there is more to come from her.

Another fantastic episode and the only real sad point is that we are now half way through the series! Keep the quality coming!

Final Rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Next week, pack your suitcase as we are heading to ‘The Pyramid At The End Of The World’!

P.S. I did like the inclusion of Ivanno Jeremiah in the episode (he is Max in the fantastic Humans!)


Gotham – Episode 6. The Spirit Of The Goat

“I am the spirit of the goat” is said repeatedly by the crazed Randall Milkie as we go to ten years before the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. He abducts a woman by the name of Shelley Lawson and kills her in a certain ritual. A younger Bullock (Donal Logue in probably his best performance in Gotham so far) and his former partner Dix are on the hunt for Milkie, Bullock shows real concern for finding Shelley, when she is found dead they are then involved in a shootout which ends up with the death of Randall Milkie, who claims to have been taken over by “The Goat” and also Detective Dix is hit in the crossfire (not before showing a manner similar to present day Bullock). We flash to present day Gotham and Bullock is shocked to see a murdered woman in the same fashion as “The Goat” had done so many years previous. Before making the crime scene, Jim Gordon and Barbara are talking and the two seem to still be on patchy ground, will they resolve and come back to being a strong couple again? Also within the first 15 minutes we have more of Edward Nigma as he is on the crime scene helping the police and also looking for records to do with the old crimes involving “The Goat”. Robert Hastings is visited by Gordon and Bullock as his daughter is identified as the latest murder victim. The detectives speak to Dr Marks, the family therapist to the Hastings to learn more. In the neck of the victim, there is a penny stitched into the neck, which was the calling card to Randall Milkie when he killed his victim. Oswald Cobblepot finally goes to see his mom to let her know he is still alive, at first angry, Mrs Cobblepot welcomes her son back. Bruce Wayne wants to help in the case of finding “The Goat”, but what will happen? Edward Nigma upsets record keeper Miss Cringle as he attempts to re-arrange all the files under her care. Dix is visited by Bullock and Gordon who talks about the trademark penny, a fact which was only known to a handful of people. Bullock is upset at the idea that another killer is out there and not a copycat or lone murderer. So can the cops save the next elite socialite before she meets a grisly end?

Amber, the latest kidnap victim, is now being hunted by GCPD as they look to stop “The Goat”. Barbara goes to Montoya and begs for her to stop going against Gordon, Montoya reveals that Jim Gordon’s apartment will be raided and he will be arrested. Edward Nigma helps them find who may be the killer, and gives a tease to his future as The Riddler with his mug with a question mark upon it. Gordon and Bullock track down the goat and Gordon goes to grab Amber as Bullock attempts to hunt down “The Goat”. After a fight with the killer, the two cops apprehend him and save the day. Back at Wayne Manor, Selina Kyle goes to see Bruce Wayne and sees the board he has made up involving the corrupted officials and trying to find his parents murderers. Oswald is under his mother’s care and he finds himself in need of seeing his “friend” Jim Gordon. Raymond Earl is identified as “The Goat”, Bullock is upset that there is no motive for Earl to take on the persona, the same as Milkie who just became a murderer. Bullock is certain there is a connection. Gordon gets home to see Barbara is about to get out of Gotham and wants him to go too. Bullock goes to see Dr Marks and speaks of her career as a hypno-therapist. He discovers Raymond Earl was one of her patients. He realises a link as both Raymond Earl and Robert Hastings have the same type of habit to clench their fists. When confronted, Dr Marks claims she had to hypnotise these people so she could help change Gotham and eliminate those who are making the city bad. She gives Hastings the command and he suddenly attacks. Bullock puts him down and then stops Dr Marks from escaping. Back at GCPD, officers Montoya and Allen have Gordon held and arrest Bullock too for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot. Then, Oswald waddles into the police station and reveals to all that he is alive. This enrages Bullock.

Definitely a great episode, the idea of the murderer “The Goat” is played out well and to know that two people actually became this killing force was creepy and effective. Donal Logue gives in the best performance of the episode as Bullock, to actually see Bullock seriously care about a case is great and this results in the first time you really care for the Detective. Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon, though still central, is almost left out in this episode at times. A few flashes from main cast members make them almost irrelevant. But top marks for finally making Cory Michael Smith more central as Edward Nigma and see he can be fun when given screen time. Erin Richards makes Barbara Kean a very highly favoured character as she doesn’t know who to trust and Erin makes her best appearance so far. Finally, Robin Lord Taylor still impresses as Oswald, though this week is a bit calmer as he doesn’t kill anyone and gets to spend time with family. A great episode, great villain and was a lot easier to take in with the fewer main cast members taking centre stage.

Final rating: 9/10

Written By Jonjo Cosgrove.

Preview of the next episode ‘Penguin’s Umbrella’. Which I will review this week.

Gotham spirit of the goat