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Doctor Who – The Doctor Falls. “You May Be A Doctor. But I Am The Doctor. The Original, You Might Say.”

I will tell you now, there is a fair few spoilers!

Doctor Who concluded its tenth series of the revival with one of its most heartfelt, powerful episode’s that Moffat has ever delivered. We had Bill as a Cyberman, a spaceship where the flow of time was all messed up and TWO Masters! How do you get out of this one? Well, with a 90% success rate.


We begin the episode with Missy and The Master teaming up for a great and slightly creepy partnership (The Master flirting with himself/herself and pushing sexual chemistry with themselves is disturbing) to defeat The Doctor. The Doctor manages to get the upper hand early on, encouraging his rival (rivals?) to lend a hand to survive.

For the first time in quite a while, the Cybermen do feel like a real threat. Eventually, they turn on their controller and look to destroy/convert EVERYONE! Seeing the different generations of Cybermen on screen was a visual treat and seeing them blow up was action-packed and a bit funny (loads of them go flying through the air, you will laugh!).


Elsewhere, what has become of poor Bill? Well, she is still a Cyberman! It was upsetting to see Pearl Mackie deliver them lines of sadness and anger as her character struggles with the idea of no longer being human.

Having The Master and Missy certainly was great, and to see the two conflicting was just a treat. While Michelle Gomez brings Missy down from her crazy ways, John Simm continues his ever so twisted plan to defeat his rival (and luckily not dancing around like a lunatic. But I do enjoy his nod to Delgado and Ainley).


‘The Doctor Falls’ is not all about deception, evil and sadness (though that is a majority of it). Matt Lucas gets to once more make Nardole a very comedic character and his interactions with a slightly flirtatious Samantha Spiro was worth watching alone. If this is the last we see of Nardole, at least he had a happy ending…living on a floor of a giant spaceship that looked like the countryside.

Speaking of endings, Bill gets a nice ending which brings her face to face with someone from the past and the emotions are already high. Pearl Mackie has been a magnificent part of the cast and it is a shame to see her bow out here. But, Capaldi manages to steal the show back in that final scene!


Remember that tease at the beginning of ‘World Enough And Time’? Well, Capaldi literally punches his way out of regenerating, setting up what may be a very explosive chain of events which could lead to a highly traumatic change at Christmas. Then we have that familiar face come to The Doctor, but what does this mean for the Time Lord?

I thought this episode was great, and to see Steven Moffat throw so much into his penultimate Doctor Who script was mostly well executed. It was a shame to see Nardole left behind, but I did enjoy how Pearl Mackie was present on screen throughout the episode while still being a Cyberman. To see John Simm take on a disguise as The Master and seeing his look was like being in the classic Who era, and to have Gomez take him on was truly spectacular. Moffat wants his time on the show to go out with a bang, and his fuse which has been burning away since April, is now fit to blow.


While we now have that wait until Christmas for the next lot of Doctor Who, it is clear that the special in December will be one you cannot miss!

Probably the best series finale of Doctor Who since 2008!

Final rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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P.S. How great does David Bradley look as the First Doctor? To quote Christopher Eccleston, “FANTASTIC!”


Doctor Who – Hell Bent. “Get off my planet.”

A finale of two halves is given to us here. ‘Hell Bent’ is a piece of Sci-Fi with many layers which some multiple views shall be required to get them all. The first half was superb, the second maybe not so much. In the Nevada desert, The Doctor is wandering around until he enters a similar looking diner. He finds a woman there who looks like Clara, though neither of the two seems to recognise each other (we will come back to this after). The Doctor is a broken man, he has been pushed to his limits and is ready to take what is his own; Gallifrey. After fighting for billions of years to get out of his confession dial to get home, all he wants to do is just rest and take in being home. The high council all panicking and fearful of what The Doctor is going to do, the idea of the “hybrid” is obviously not sitting well with them (and being the main reason for locking him away). President Rassilon is intent on getting rid of The Doctor, knowing that The Doctor can defeat him. After sending soldiers and other members of the council to bring The Doctor into the capital, Rassilon eventually comes to claim The Doctor himself. The Doctor only has four words for him, “Get Off My Planet”. The Time Lords don’t want to fight The Doctor, and they all side with The Doctor and we eventually see Rassilon getting chucked off Gallifrey. The Doctor, still clearly very angry, is determined to get one more request fulfilled before he is willing to divulge information on the hybrid. They need to see Clara, acquire her just before she dies…

HELL BENT (By Steven Moffat)

Using an extraction chamber, they are able to obtain Clara between her last two heartbeats of her life. The Doctor uses this as a way to keep her alive and take her away from her doom. Being frozen, she has no pulse and is ageless. The Doctor knows he is risking huge splinters in time by taking her away from her fate, and fights the Time Lords and the Sisterhood of Karn to get to The Cloisters. It is here The Doctor comes to steal a new TARDIS and hopes to pull Clara far enough away to give her life back and re-ignite her pulse. They go all the way to the end of time, just minutes away from the last remnants being destroyed. Clara is still frozen, but they do encounter Ashildr who has survived all the way to the end. The Doctor claims her to be the Hybrid, and this is denied. The Hybrid is by Ashildr to be The Doctor and Clara, a Time Lord and a human who both have the same characteristics and are willing to do anything. With The Doctor knowing he can’t save Clara, he decides he will have to wipe her mind of her time with The Doctor (similar to what he did to Donna in series 4). The device he goes to use is tampered with by Clara, and it results in The Doctor forgetting about Clara. Though he loses her face in his mind, he mostly remembers Clara by the time their chat in the diner finishes. Clara then leaves The Doctor in the stolen TARDIS with Ashildr and leaves his TARDIS for him. Clara tells Ashildr she will go back to Gallifrey to finally die, but wants to have some fun first. The Doctor takes to his TARDIS, and picks up a super-cool (I know, but it is) new sonic screwdriver and prepares for a new adventure.

I have heaps of praise for Peter Capaldi, this year he has been superb. From his top speeches, the quirky moments and the guitar solos have made him stand out as a top Doctor. Seeing The Doctor finally tread on Gallifrey again for the first time since the Time War, it was fantastic to embrace that and see what he would do with the power granted to him. Although this takes away somewhat from the epic death in ‘Face The Raven’, Jenna Coleman was great to see one more time. We see that she just wants to accept her fate, and knows she has to tear away from this hybrid combination that will destroy time if they stay together. Donald Sumpter gives a great move as Rassilon; it is just unfortunate we don’t get to see more of him in this episode (though this could be setting him up as the Minister Of War? Or am I looking into that too much?). Maisie Williams has done a superb job in this show, Ashildr has surely become the River Song of this series and I mean that very positively. Her character appears at the times when it is required and to see her right at the end of time is a nice touch and adds real solid ground to the shaky second half of this story. I feel Steven Moffat wanted to achieve so much in this story, and the call-backs to ‘The Impossible Astronaut’, ‘The Day Of The Doctor’ and ‘Listen’ work well in creating this story (and the trapping of Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels in the cloister room). But, the whole aspect of bringing Clara back like that following her death was a bit too much. I was hoping she may appear pre-death sentence for The Doctor to say goodbye. Also, Ken Bones and Clare Higgins make great cast additions and really cement the re-emergence of the Time Lords that began with the 50th anniversary special. We now know that Gallifrey is back in the fold, The Doctor is free to travel again and it’s time for him to meet his wife again. But, has River Song been a bit naughty?

Overall, a great episode. Not as strong as the previous two leading into this story, but I feel Moffat should have just restricted the Clara role more as she was dead (and this is mentioned many times). Will the four billion years take a toll on The Doctor? I can’t wait to see. Such conflicting thoughts I have in certain aspects, but I still enjoyed this episode a lot and I can forgive the few problems to say series 9 has been nothing short of fantastic. Bring on Christmas!

Final rating: 8.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Doctor Who – Death In Heaven. “This is a promise, the promise of a soldier!”

So last week we saw Danny die, Clara trapped in a room with a Cyberman and The Doctor seeing his arch-rival The Master has regenerated into the Time-Lady The Mistress. The Cybermen begin their invasion of earth and the dead begin to rise as Clara attempts to survive in 3W with her Cybermen captors as she states she is The Doctor and that Clara Oswald is not real. Eventually Clara is saved by a Cyberman which is actually a certain Mr Danny Pink who has been sent from The Nethersphere back to his body, with a full upgrade. Meanwhile, the Cybermen are seen to be going up to the air and exploding into “Cyber-Pollen” which rains down over the graveyards of the world. The Doctor and The Mistress are both taken to an aircraft by Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Doctor-obsessed Osgood with The Mistress as a prisoner and The Doctor is made President of Earth during this time of crisis. During the time on the aircraft, “cyber-pollen” is spreading and creating Cybermen, but they seem to be child-like and not fully functional. In one graveyard, Clara finds herself in the middle of a group of recently risen Cybermen who have been created by the storms made by the pollen. Clara finds one Cyberman who is functioning properly, finding out that it holds Danny who has still got his emotions after refusing to delete his memories. Danny is alive, kinda. Clara is happy to see him, though she is upset that he wants to delete his emotions so he can not feel his pain anymore. So what happens on that plane?

The Doctor finds that The Mistress has escaped her imprisonment and killed Osgood (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!). The ship is attacked by flying Cybermen (I know, it is actually pretty cool) and a massive hole is made in the plane. Kate falls out of the plane and so does The Doctor. The Doctor manages to get to his TARDIS and find Clara and Danny. They learn the ultimate plan is to change all living people as well as the dead into Cybermen. The Mistress claims that the Cybermen were a gift to The Doctor for his birthday, she gives him the control over them and this only upsets The Doctor as he states nobody should have that power. Though he decides to transfer that power to Dan the Soldier Man as he takes the Cybermen to the skies and destroys them all. The Mistress is then seemingly blasted away by a lone Cyberman, is it Danny? Nope. This Cyberman is an old friend of The Doctor known better as The Brig; he saves his daughter Kate and flies off after receiving a salute his long-time friend and former UNIT co-worker. Before parting, The Mistress states co-ordinates to where Gallifrey is hiding. But is she telling the truth? Also, what happens when Danny is given one last chance of life? Well, let’s just say that tears and anger flow at the end. But, a certain jolly character comes to help save The Doctor, will he be able to bring the Time Lord some much needed joy and cheer this Christmas?

Well, this episode had a lot to get through. The death of Danny Pink may have started last week, but the impact of a post-deceased Danny makes probably the strongest performance of the episode. Samuel Anderson makes Danny one of the biggest highlights of series 8 and to see his soldier side come to be the hero for the day is just fantastic. Michelle Gomez is a creepy and psychotic female Master and hopefully will come back soon as the Time Lady. Jenna Coleman really does well as Clara, the side of her which has The Doctor influence really comes out in full force and at times is rather scary when we think of how her character was just a few weeks ago completely against The Doctor’s methods. It was nice to see the return of Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver as Kate and Osgood, though I am sad to see Osgood is gone, or has she? (Well I think it is conclusive she is gone). But I can’t forget Peter Capaldi, he shows some great emotion in this series finale and the anger over The Mistress lying about Gallifrey is probably the biggest emotional blow that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor has suffered so far. Steven Moffat pulls a great finale out of his hat, it is probably the best finale since 2010 and shows how Doctor Who can still grow and captivate. Though the double threat of The Mistress and Cybermen may not have caused too much menace, the way they are displayed and brought to the screen is just wonderful. A lot had to be resolved, the scene where Danny gives up his chance at life again to bring back to life a child he accidently killed is touching though I feel this could have had been explored earlier in the series for more emotional impact. The storylines may have been a bit iffy at times, but we get plenty of answers and hopefully a happy ending on the horizon. One last highlight, the opening titles which gave Jenna Coleman top billing and featured her eyes was rather fun and a good way to mess with viewers as Clara pretended to be The Doctor. We have only a matter of weeks till Christmas, and Nick Frost is about to become Santa Claus!

Final Rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove.

Death in heaven pic

Doctor Who – Dark Water. “Oh, you know who I am.  I’m Missy.”

Ok, this review is going to have probably the highest spoiler level I have ever written so far. You have five seconds to stop reading if you haven’t watched ‘Dark Water’ yet. So this first part gave us more of Chris Addison acting like an usher to those who had died, proclaiming about how they had Steve Jobs design the iPads that they use in the Nethersphere. Any, I have more on the Nethersphere later. Clara calls Danny to tell him the whole truth about everything, but Danny dies before they get to talk. Clara then tries to contact The Doctor, she hatches a plan to force The Doctor to save Danny, but things don’t go as planned. Clara has become an almost different person, threatening to destroy all the TARDIS keys to stop The Doctor gaining access again unless he helps her and betraying her friend to do this. The Doctor forgives Clara, even though Clara realises she pushed too far. The Doctor gets Clara to use the TARDIS to sync herself to Danny again and find themselves in the Nethersphere. The Doctor claims all cultures believe in an afterlife, so they go to explore what is really happening once the living depart. The Nethersphere holds the essence of many people, including Danny Pink as he is being greeted by Seb. Seb reminds you of an insurance salesman who just wants to do his job but thinks he is a part-time comedian. Danny is told that The Nethersphere is basically the next step after you die. Meanwhile, The Doctor and Clara arrive at their destination to find Mr Pink.

A Mausoleum is where the TARDIS lands. Inside they find many tanks which are filled with skeletons covered in a water-like substance. While looking around, they find Missy. Missy has been appearing throughout the series, and is shown here to be an android who gives information to The Doctor and Clara, or is she actually something different? Well, Doctor Chang takes The Doctor and Clara to show them about their life preservation work and the Dark Water, a liquid which allows only organic material to be seen through it. So no clothes, jewellery or metal (yes, you see where this is going). Missy then begins to unleash the skeletons from their tanks or “tombs”. Danny finds himself being confronted with a deceased child who died during his time as a solider. The truth about the dead bodies and how they are still intact with their minds after they have been placed into the Nethersphere is revealed and that they are being kept for something. Missy then begins to flush out the tanks; the water slowly reveals that the deceased are all actually Cybermen. The Nethersphere is shown to be in the middle of the mausoleum, a device which is of Time Lord Technology (the device is used to look after the minds until the bodies are ready to be used once converted). Missy reveals she is a Time Lord (or Time Lady) and calls herself “The one you abandoned, the one you left for dead”. As The Doctor runs outside (into Contemporary London) he tries to warn the crowd of the Cybermen emerging. Danny Pink manages to talk to Clara through a device which can contact the dead, but she is not convinced Danny is the person on the line. Meanwhile, Clara is stuck in a room with a Cyberman and Danny contemplates erasing his whole life to free himself from the pain he is suffering in the Nethersphere. The Cybermen begin to unveil themselves all over London and the world. Finally, Missy reveals her big secret to The Doctor. The line that says it all from Missy is “Please, try to keep up. Short for Mistress. Well, I couldn’t keep calling myself The Master, now could I?” and the dreaded TO BE CONTINUED is finally back to taunt us for 7 days of guesses, ideas, theories and crazy fan fiction.

BRILLIANT EPISODE!! Clara finally becomes Clara again after realising she went too far when threatening The Doctor. Jenna Coleman plays the episode well. Samuel Anderson gives probably the best emotional performance as the deceased Danny Pink, his scenes warrant enough for award for best actor in this episode. Points also to Peter Capaldi, especially after that kiss with Missy and The Doctor. He knows that what is happening is familiar, and it really affects him that he couldn’t see that the Cybermen were in full force. Chris Addison should get a mention too as he was slimy, weird and all round fun. Perfect Doctor Thirteen material is Mr Addison. Also there should be a mention of Steven Moffat for once again using his lies to bring back The Master, the most iconic Time Lord that has ever rivalled The Doctor. Finally, how can I forget Michelle Gomez? This woman probably has been given the biggest task this year to bring back one of the most popular characters in the history of Doctor Who. Michelle Gomez is wonderfully cast and brings a great menace as the gender-swapped renegade Time Lord. The story is well written and the story is strong. The story opens for old and new alike and brings together elements ranging from many episodes (The Doctor Wife bringing the idea that Time Lords can change gender). So, next week is the finale and no trailer is out for this…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Bring us Saturday night!!!!!!!!!!!

Final Rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove.

Lets just share that reveal one more time…

Dark Water