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10 Games We Need For The Nintendo Switch

Do you love your Nintendo Switch? I do. The console has become part of the family and I love to get stuck into one of its many great titles. While the Switch is great, there is a need for some more AAA games to build the library. Yes, the console is still new in its life, but here is a list of the video games that I would like to see…

Pokemon (probably based on Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow)

Yes, they have announced a “Pokemon RPG” is on the way, but that’s all we know. A game that is a partial remake on the Game Boy classic could be a sure-fire hit! I know it is pretty much the same thoughts of a lot of people, but honestly it’s what we would be happy with. Maybe with elements of Final Fantasy would make this a big hit. Let’s see what the 2018(?) release will look like.


Super Smash Bros

Another obvious one, but not a confirmed one…yet! Super Smash Bros is indeed one of the most enjoyable multiplayer franchises in the world and the Switch is primed for a new edition. Where you can get people to play either through one Switch or multiple consoles, this could be the game you need for your next house party (if it gets made).

maxresdefault (7)

Silent Hill

OK, this one is really out there, but hear me out. The Nintendo Switch needs a good horror game, something that could make good use of the unique controls from the console. Silent Hill is due a new entry and hopefully bring us something new and exciting for us patient gamers. Silent Hills P.T. showed that the franchise could still deliver, so let’s wait and see.

Silent Hill Revolution trailer 4


I love these games. The version on Nintendo DS was one of the best games the system had to offer and could be perfect for the Switch. 1-2 Switch seemed like a substitute for the game we would want and I hope that this means Warioware will soon come to fruition and give us the fun and thoughtful software we love. Come on Nintendo, WE WANT THIS!


Star Wars RPG or Action/Adventure

Star Wars is a massive franchise and many games have stemmed from the series. Whether these be action games, tactical playthroughs and racing titles, there has been a great range. As of yet, there are no announced Star Wars games for the system. But what could we have? I would like to see the controls used for lightsaber battles and maybe a HD remake of Knights Of The Old Republic? Or at worst, maybe a game to fill the blanks in the new trilogy. It’s a dream, but I know it can be done!



Bayonetta honestly was a pleasant surprise when it was released in 2009. Platinum Games had a massive hit with gameplay similar to Devil May Cry and an engaging storyline with riveting characters. Maybe a new release for the Switch would be worth the investment. Maybe not a Bayonetta 3, but something around the timeline of the first two which could be fun and joyful.

maxresdefault (8)


This Wii game was brilliant, it had a fantastic art-style and some unique controls. Another Platinum Games hit, this made you feel like you were watching an American Sports event (being bloody murder) and the visuals looked striking with the limited colour pallet. A new edition could see a continuation to the story of the protagonist Jack and see him in another “DeathWatch” situation. All I know is that I would be hooked for hours.


Donkey Kong

At E3 we had announcements for Kirby, Yoshi and even Mario and Rabbids (still feeling weird over this one), but where was Donkey Kong? The Nintendo ape is someone who does get a lot of people interested and maybe a revival of the Donkey Kong Country series? It would certainly be fun to play it in new HD graphics. We need the main guy under our control once again as he protects his bananas!

maxresdefault (9)

Ninja Gaiden or Afro Samurai

Ok, this is a slight cheat putting these too together, but hear me out! Ninja Gaiden could translate well and has proved on many platforms to be a worthy slasher game. But if I could choose, it would be for the Switch to have a crack at giving Afro Samurai a new lease of life. After the disaster that was Revenge Of Kuma, many fans of this series have now got a sour taste in their mouths. It is unlikely another film or TV series will come, so a video game continuation just seems obvious. Get Samuel L. Jackson back and you are set!

maxresdefault (10)

Metal Gear Rising 2

A game that could really benefit from the movement controls, a sequel to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is needed so much! The first one was a worthy spin-off to the long-running franchise and showed that Raiden could hold his own as a video game hero. The game could carry on the story with another personal vendetta and possibly a return for Solid Snake? It is unlikely, but this could be the title that would bring some action to the Switch console!


WHAT GAMES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE? I should also mention to see the Batman Arkham games would be good too!


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Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Afro Samurai 2: Revenge Of Kuma. Volume One

Afro Samurai has been a favorite among anime and manga fans for years. When the anime debuted in 2007, it was a massive hit. Samuel L Jackson starred as the titular hero as he went on a journey of revenge against the man who killed his father. Though not wholly original, it was indeed gripping. This in turn inspired the 2009 video game which showed a similar version of events as that on the series. Though the game wasn’t widely praised, it was still a very fun fighting platformer which took a further look into the world of the futuristic feudal Japan. Then, six years later, we get a “sequel”/spin-off to said game. As the title suggests, it has a strong focus on Kuma/Jinno as he…seeks revenge! He looks to go defeat Afro Samurai and kill him following the death of his family and the wounding of his adopted sister Otsuru, being haunted by memories of them. So, we have a Kuma who has been hacked to pieces and literally puts himself together again to fight Afro. Also, the soundtrack is provided by The RZA once again! Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, that all changes here…

While the idea to the game is nice to see a fresh take on the Afro Samurai story, the execution is unfortunately not as great. We get a strong focus on Kuma and his relationship with Brother 3 of the empty seven. After initially fighting, the two team up on a quest to find Afro Samurai and destroy him. To do this, they first start their journey to get the legendary headbands. The story is told large via pictures and sound clips, though some of them clips sound like they were made off of an old CB radio. The fighting sequences consist of mostly one button hits, no real combos or combinations available. A couple finishing moves and one or two altered attacks is the best you get. Graphic wise, I am a fan of the comic-like imagery, but it is rather clunky and the animation of talking characters is laughably bad. Also, with this being 2015, the graphics look like they would fit in with the graphics engine of a decade ago.

While not the worst game I have ever played (I still consider Too Human as the worst game I have ever played as it was always super clunky and having to wait to respawn was just painful, and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct took a great idea and made it purely abysmal and tiring to play!), it really isn’t a great start for a trilogy of games. At around two and a half hours, the game is relatively short. Though returning voice actors Yuri Lowenthal and Phil LaMarr make a great impact bringing Kuma and Brother 3 back to us, would it not have been great to have had Samuel L Jackson at least make an appearance as Afro Samurai or even as the comical Ninja Ninja? Maybe in volume 2 and 3 we will have them and get a more prominent appearance from the title hero (and maybe a level or two as Afro). The music is fun, it’s great to keep with what we know, but a few more tracks would be nice. Also, please do some tuning on your combat system, and make the gameplay a bit smoother. I have faith the rest of the trilogy will make a huge improvement and I will certainly be playing the next two (as I bought the pack for the trilogy, so I may as well do it now). Volume 2 is due out soon! Redacted, please save this game and make it brilliant! If you even make a patch improving volume 1, I shall make the rating better!

Final Rating: 4/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

TV Shows Due A Revival

TV revivals seem to be all the rage nowadays! 2014 saw 24 return with a limited 12-part run, Doctor Who came back to become one of the most globally watched programmes and who could forget Family Guy being brought back twice? Well, I think there are still some shows that deserve to be given a second life, a chance to either continue with what they begun or at least bring a close to the original story. Many shows never get this, but I am going to name my Top 7 shows that need to come back.


British thrillers don’t get much better than this. Gripping from the very start, this is the story of a group of individuals who uncover a manuscript. It is supposed to have predicted the world’s biggest disasters and their fight to save the world. What we find is actually the plans to save the world via mass sterilisation. With an incredible cast (Adeel Akhtar, Alexandra Roach, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and many more great British actors), perfectly comic book-esque cinematography and a great blend of dark humour and gory imagery, this show stood out amongst many others. Finishing its second series with a big cliffhanger, we may never know what happened to our heroes. But, we will never forget Neil Maskell’s creepy Arby or his phrase “Where is Jessica Hyde?”.


A cartoon which was just mad, crazy and roughly 22 minutes of anything funny! Co-created by Batman: The Animated Series developer Bruce Timm and Paul Dini whom also contributed to the show, they created a cartoon which brought a new, original character to the plate. The idea of a computer geek called Dexter Douglass who one day gets sucked into his computer and becomes The Freakazoid. A lighter toned superhero series than most from the 1990’s, the series saw a great mix of pop-culture references with slapstick and parody running throughout. Though the series was short lived, it is still favoured by many fans today and many people remember its theme tune which is just so infectious and joyful.


A man who travels through time, ok it’s not the most original idea ever. But it is the journey of Kevin McKidd’s Dan Vasser that will have you hooked. Without notice, Dan jumps back in time to help people who are in danger. Throughout the 13 episode run, we find him being reacquainted with ex-fiancée Livia (who travels forward in time), struggles to keep hold of his family and work out the secret to his time-jumping power. With a finale which showed the origin of Dan’s powers, there was so much more to explore in this sci-fi series. Maybe, we can one day see what would have happened. Also, what about Dan’s wife Katie as she finally sees her husband jump before her very eyes?

Pushing Daisies

Fantasy shows can sometimes be eerie, violent or filled with mythical creatures. This though, features a pie man who can bring the dead back to life. Sounds creepy? Well, not as creepy as you may think. When Ned touches the dead, they come back to life. When he touches them again, they die. If left alive for more than a minute, someone else nearby will die. Ned (Lee Pace) has since gone into business with Detective Emerson Cod, who he helps with investigating murder mysteries. When Ned brings back his childhood sweetheart Chuck, he finds he is still in love with her and refuses to touch her again. The show becomes fantasy comedy-drama with great dialogue and unforgettable characters and is a great family show which makes you want to believe this fairytale was true.


Though we haven’t heard that Torchwood is officially cancelled, considering our last adventure with Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper was in 2011, it is safe to say it’s a very slim chance of series five happening. With Miracle Day finishing with a big cliffhanger in new ally Rex becoming an immortal like Jack, we never got to see what happened next or if The Family was to get their chance to rise again after the defeat they suffered. To see a reformed Torchwood with Captain Jack Harkness in control once again would be great, though would it work with all that has happened? Also, should we finally let Ianto Jones come back to life? Well, I think Russell T. Davies needs to get this one going, and soon.


Truly one of the best comedies the UK has ever produced, the adventures of Edmund Blackadder and his descendants gave a twist to the sitcom. By setting each series in a different time era and in a new situation while retaining the characters we grew to enjoy, you found yourself familiar with your cast as each series came. Though we very much said goodbye to Blackadder, Baldrick and the others back in the millennium special, I reckon that Rowan Atkinson should consider reviving the legendary character for a new series of adventures. Maybe take in the rock era of the 1970’s, or maybe even leading a government in London through the 1990’s. If it was to happen, we need Tony Robinson, Hugh Laurie, Tim McInnerny, Miranda Richardson and Stephen Fry to be part of it. Please make it happen!

Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai has been a big hit since its release as a manga series in 1999. When the news broke that an anime series was to be produced and to star Samuel L Jackson, then we all knew this would be big. Since 2009’s ‘Resurrection’, the talk of a new special or series has slowly diminished. Since the film finished with a tease of the return of the villain Justice, many have wanted to see a follow-up. Maybe a final special to wrap up this dangling thread would go well. Since the talk of a live-action adaptation has completely died down, an animated special would be the natural conclusion. We need more Afro Samurai, see him defend that Number 1 headband one last time.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove