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Coldplay – Live at Wembley Stadium – Saturday 18th June 2016

A fantastic, light filled and colourful night was in store for all of those in Wembley Stadium. There are so many times in which I just thought “That was so awesome”. The concert saw a great blend of hits, some spectacular stage production and the real treasure being the feeling of fun and joy within the sold-out stadium. Notes should be given to Reef giving the night its first real sing-a-long of the night and then Lianne La Havas providing her beautiful tones to the audience who accepted her with open arms. Then when the main act come out…WOW!


Starting off with title track ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’, the band come out to the crowd in a big and colourful way. Then the colour changes yellow, for the song ‘Yellow’. It is fantastic to get this classic track so early, I couldn’t wait to start singing this one at the top of my lungs and so did the other 90,000 other people in the venue. The show does flicker between tracks as we have the energetic ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’ which gets everyone jumping, we then get the emotional ‘The Scientist’ as everyone really loves to sing to this track and there was a good amount of tears from some of the audience members (not me though, I wasn’t crying. Just want to make that clear. But there was a lot of people with tears falling down, basically creating a waterfall). ‘Birds’ and ‘Paradise’ really get everyone back on the positive swing, then the band then move to the B stage situated in the middle of the stadium.

B stage kicks off with ‘Always In My Head’, ‘Princess Of China’ then sees the funky guitar effects come to play and some guest vocals from Rihanna (obviously she ain’t there, maybe they should have got Lianne La Havas to perform her vocals). ‘Everglow’ is warmly accepted and ‘Raspberry Beret’ proves that the band can do a fantastic job of a Prince classic which also gives them the chance to make a tribute to Muhammad Ali. Back to A stage, ‘Clocks’ then gets its chance to shine and you know that so many people love this track. ‘Charlie Brown’, ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ keeps the energy up and then ‘Fix You’ makes it mellow once again. Giving Bowie a dedication, you then have ‘Heroes’ which I wasn’t that well sold on, but it was again a great dedication. ‘Viva La Vida’ is again another track everyone loves singing, especially the “Oh oh oh oh ohh oh” line which gets heard so much, and I even got to hear it done a few times during the gig and even when I was heading back to the train station. ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ then gives them the opportunity to make a transition to be C stage (Yes, they had 3 stages!!).


On C stage, we got the classic ‘Don’t Panic’ to hear in full in an acoustic format, followed by a great request for ‘Green Eyes’. Then how do you end a short acoustic set? Chris Martin dedicates ‘Ring Of Fire’ to his dad, and does it rather well. The band then returns to A stage to finish with three more great tracks. The sad thing is, Coldplay finish their set with mostly new songs. Not that I didn’t like them, I thought they were great tracks. ‘Amazing Day’ starts the encore, followed by the almighty ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’ which I think is the closest Coldplay ever comes to having a dance track. It sounds so good and everyone is pumping for this track. The night closes with ‘Up&Up’ and the energy is flowing right to the last moment.

This was a fantastic night; throughout the show my eyes were treated just as much as my ears were. The problem with Coldplay, like many bands, is that they have so many songs that people want to hear. I feel that 7 tracks from the new album was too many, but I did still enjoy them. The band know how to put on a great show, and to see them play a request for someone dedicating it to his partner and going for a lesser-known track was a great selection. The colourful stage and the effects were so eye-catching and appealing, nobody could hate how that venue looked. The songs were all fantastic and it was great to hear the tracks in all their glory. I would have like a few more tracks from X&Y and VIVA LA VIDA OR DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS, but I couldn’t complain with what was selected. I really hope this isn’t the last tour from Coldplay as many seem to think it is, as I am sure Chris Martin and company have got many big shows ahead of them and I want to go again!

Final rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove