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Metallica – Live At The O2 Arena!

London, England. Sunday 22nd October 2017

*support from Kvelertak (check them out, they are great!)*

There was a great sense of anticipation for Metallica’s first UK tour for over 8 years! The band have come over many times for festival appearances and it was great to finally see James Hetfield and his band of merry rockers take over the O2 Arena for 2 hours of pure rock!


As this is a tour to promote their latest album HARDWIRED…TO SELF DESTRUCT, the album is given plenty of life in a setlist which blends the new songs with a great mix of the classics! ‘Hardwired’ and ‘Atlas, Rise!’ kick off the fresher section of the list, then we move on to ‘Seek & Destroy’ which gets the old and new fans jumping!

While the set goes between the old and new, there are very few gaps for air as the show is relentless and exciting throughout. The stage, being in the middle of the arena, meant that everyone could see the band clearly. Also, a great number of boxes floated around the stage which projected various images and added to an already incredible aesthetic for the show. We see the screens look like old TV’s, display fan art of the band and even depict music video sections.


‘Fuel’ sees the literal flames rise from the stage and ‘Moth Into Flame’ see a great array of lights fly around the stage in a visual spectacular! The highlight for me was reaching them last few songs. With ‘Master Of Puppets’ leading the end of the set with a blistering nine-minute performance and the encore providing the beautifully chilling ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and the almighty ‘Enter Sandman’ which was the perfect end to a brilliant show.

While I would have liked a few more classic tracks and a couple less of the newer songs, I can’t say I wasn’t blown away. The stage was set perfectly for all to see, the screens provided a great visual spectacle for all to see. Whether it was the ever-impressive vocals of James Hetfield, the hard-smacked drums of Lars Ulrich or the great guitar work of Kirk and Robert, they all made it work well. For a band that have 36 years of history, they still can pack out a crowd and wow them with so much energy!


All I will say is that it better not be eight years again for the guys to tour our fine country. This is rock music at its finest!

Final Rating: 9.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove



Queen Greatest Hits II. Random Review

How many bands can honestly say you could have a second Greatest Hits album? Well, Queen actually have got three. This release continues the superb collection of hits that covered 17 spots on the first release with another 17 that blow your mind. It would be near impossible to find anyone who has never heard the music of Freddie Mercury, but I want to show why this is such a great release.

The album begins with ‘A Kind Of Magic’, probably one of their most recognised tunes, the song gets the album off to a thumping start. Music from the Highlander film fits perfectly in this collection, and the addition of ‘Friends Will Be Friends’, ‘One Vision’ and of course ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’. Just from these few tracks, there is a nice variety of rock hits and emotional ballads in this collection. Speaking of hits, this is the album which brought Queen and Bowie together for ‘Under Pressure’. This song does everything for fans of both acts, it truly is a work of art. What about tracks from THE WORKS?


THE WORKS brought the world ‘I Want To Break Free’, still one of the greatest anthems in the world, and introduced us to the brilliance that was ‘Radio Ga Ga’. Appearances from albums including THE MIRACLE and INNUENDO really goes well to show the later work of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor. Though the music of Queen would still come out for many years following Freddie’s death, we got to see more variety and versatility in their work.

Coming out just a matter of weeks before Freddie Mercury passed away, it really is a great piece of work and has got an almost bitter edge to it. Some of the songs such as ‘The Show Must Go On’ and ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ really do sit with you for a long time after hearing them. Most of the Queen songs were rock classics which gave you so much energy, but these ballads are really the heart of the band! This album has something for all the fans, definitely to be the centre of your album collection!

Final rating: 10/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove