Doctor Who – A Series 10 Theory (Maybe!)

Since watching the series 10 opener ‘The Pilot’, I have been thinking about how the whole TWO Masters will come together. I want to make it clear, I have no insider knowledge nor have I seen beyond the first episode, but I have come up with this little theory which actually made sense to me. Missy is not The Master!


What was that? You’ve heard that one before? It is true, many have mentioned that Missy could actually be The Rani. Now I have a slight twist to that thought, imagine if Missy is actually another time lord! Remember a certain young lady called Susan Foreman? (Yes, I went there!) My main thought has been the more recent nods to Susan (the picture in ‘The Pilot’ and named in Coal Hill Academy’s honour roll in Class.

As I mentioned, this is just a theory. There has been a few little moments that have made me think Susan could return to the show. Also, what would you think to actually having Carole Ann Ford make a welcome return too? This is my four steps to how I think this has played out and how it comes to be part of a plan set by The Master (The John Simm version of The Master).


Step One: Motivation

Back in 1964, The Doctor said goodbye to his granddaughter Susan and left her with her human partner David. This did initially upset her as she wanted to stay with The Doctor. Maybe in time she has been depressed with not living in the adventures, losing David, grows angry of being left alone and possibly heads back to Gallifrey…but, oh no! TIME WAR!

Step Two: Meeting Master

The last time we saw John Simm’s Master, he was pulled back to Gallifrey with the Time Lords as he fought Rassilon. Maybe Susan has then somehow got back to Gallifrey (either pulled there by force or somehow got another TARDIS). Knowing they are about to be sent into a pocket universe, The Master then escapes with Susan in tow and they take a TARDIS to some random point.

Step Three: Regeneration and Revenge

When they crash land on a planet, Susan begins to regenerate. Her and The Master moan about The Doctor, though Susan is a bit more sympathetic about her grandfather. The Master can sense a lot of hate in her, so he then takes the opportunity to implant some of his mind into hers (Time Lord stuff, there must be something like what happened to David Morrissey in ‘The Next Doctor’). She then believes herself to be the regenerated Master (Missy), and her hatred of The Doctor helps with the takeover.

Step Four: The Master Comes Forth

Ok, so Missy has faced up against The Doctor a few times. The Master finally decides it is time to come out of hiding, especially since Missy has failed multiple times to defeat his rival. She tries to destroy The Doctor morally, whereas John Simm’s Master just wants to destroy The Doctor. So The Master finally makes his appearance and reveals the truth of what has happened.


Well what do you think? I know this is a long shot, but I reckon the recent few nods could symbolize her return. How great would it be to see Carole Ann Ford even just briefly make a return to Doctor Who?

Doctor Who airs every Saturday on BBC ONE in the UK.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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