Peter Kay’s Car Share: Series Two Review

Well, four episodes clearly wasn’t enough! Nearly two years since this charming sitcom debuted, it has clearly grown from its originally format to continue as one of the best shows in the UK right now! Where Series One ended, we saw Kayleigh and John part ways after she moves in with her sister and is no longer on his car share route. She gives John a copy of her favourite album (Now 48…just stick with me on this one!) and it is shown he has played it at least a few times (she highlighted the Hear’Say track ‘Pure and Simple’ and John has clearly taken it to his heart). But, as we know, John isn’t great with expressing his emotions. John and Kayleigh have clearly got to get together, am I right?


The first episode shows John on his regular commute to work, with Kayleigh now having to rely on public transport to get her to the store. But the two are inseparable as they are continuously on the phone with each other on their respective journeys. So it was great that by the halfway point of episode one, they were reunited and their car share journeys continued yet again. The best thing is that this series does mix up the format to a certain degree. We also see the duo as they go to a fancy dress work party, bunk off for the day and Kayleigh gets herself locked in at home (you read that right, she gets locked IN! and it is funny). It is clear that the chemistry between the two is so strong that everyone around them notices too. While Kayleigh clearly wants something to happen with them, John is a lot more reserved and holds back on showing his true feelings.

The cast does get a chance to expand a bit in this series. We get to meet Kayleigh’s brother-in-law Steve (yes, it is Guy Garvey from Elbow) and we are introduced to another co-worker called Elsie (played by Conleth Hill, Varys from Game Of Thrones!). We also get to meet John’s nan when he gets her to house sit while waiting for a package. Then we also have Forever FM! Yes, the radio station which manages to be just as entertaining as our two leads. The music always sets the mood perfectly in each episode and the adverts do bring a few giggles each time.


The show remains as sharp, funny and relatable as it was in the first series. The changes to the straight to work and back formula is more than welcome and helped us learn more about our two leads. Peter Kay’s John is probably the best character he has ever created, because he is an everyman and is someone who has a bigger heart than he is willing to admit. But it is Sian Gibson’s Kayleigh who is arguably the biggest draw to the series. Her sweet nature, innocence and ditzy demeaner are what we love most about the character. Sian Gibson stole the hearts of millions with her love of music and her charming way of making John’s life a bit troublesome on occasion. Also, the scenes of her daydreaming into the music is still as fun as it ever was.

The second series may only have four episodes, but they do enough to bring us straight back into the story (and give us an episode with a monkey) and makes me really want a series three. Without any spoilers, the last 5 minutes of Car Share will make you either really annoyed or leave you with a tear in your eye.

Final rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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