RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Review: Episode 3: Draggily Ever After (SPOILER FREE)

By Joanna Cosgrove

After last week’s elimination of the beautiful and bubbly Jaymes Mansfield, everyone’s eyes are open – but sadly, everyone was not surprised to see her sweet self sashay away.

After the first elimination, everyone’s eyes are open. It’s a real competition, and it’s another week of watching every queen in that work room scratch their way up that little step closer to the winner spot (especially the newly determined Trinity Taylor).

Baby queen Valentina, who unexpectedly won last week’s main challenge, is keeping her head up high and is hoping for a successful streak in this competition. I would suggest for her to stay that little bit humble; at the point of entering the competition, Valentina had only been doing drag professionally for 10 months, so she is going to still make some mistakes. I want to make sure she knows she still has a long way to go – think of her as a new Shangela. She’s amazing but she could still flop. Sorry!

Ru’s entrance is all animal (I love the leopard print suit) but the challenge is anything but real. This week’s main challenge? Designing an outfit for a fairy-tale character! These queens have to be princesses, and as a new design challenge, let’s analyse the interaction and the – yes – panics.


Not having the easiest time really, Farrah Moan and Kimora Blac are performing the classic drag sin: they don’t sew! I hate Kimora’s view of sewing her own outfit, if I’m honest; she said she pays people to make her outfits, she never makes them herself. It’s a classic skill, and as a drag queen who has been doing the art form for ten years, you would expect Kimora to have some idea of using a needle and thread. Someone send her to a tailoring class (and English, while we’re at it – you’ll see why).

Everyone’s ideas for princesses are different, and their inspiration are incredibly varied! Eureka’s idea, for example, really does stand out (as pointed out by Kimora) and you will see later on how she really is a different kind of princess.

Queens like Aja, Farrah and Valentina are using the elements of nature in their concepts, such as ice and fire, and these are stable and useful and broad enough to manipulate, but will they be executed without any stress? It’s Drag Race, it’s not that easy!

Again, special mention of Farrah Moan, who is compared to a crying child by her obvious expressions of pain and fear because she is lacking the fundamental skills of making clothes – pray, girl. Pray.


As the girls prepare, making themselves up, things get personal and this talk is personal and tear-jerking, as the topic of conversation move to the Pulse nightclub shooting from Orlando, Florida last summer. Trinity shares her history of working at the club and how she performed as soon as the weekend before the shooting took place.

Returning queen Cynthia Lee Fontaine shared her losses during the tragic attack, as she knew people who worked at the club and knew a couple of people who had their lives taken. Discussing this event brings almost all the queens to tears, and they all embrace before showtime.

Let’s move on to the runway, where the princesses are introduced – along with their animal and non-animal sidekicks – and shake their royal stuff.

Special shout-out to Charlie Hides, who once more rocked her outfit 110% (and her ‘Lady in Waiting’ made me laugh quite a bit). At this point, it seems there is no bad Charlie can do! I am hoping more and more for her to be the winner!

Alexis Michelle, also, made me giggle. The look was unique, and I loved how it looked, but her sidekick was what won me over (mainly because of the low English accent and the uncanny resemblance to Season 6’s Ornacia).

Every queen had such different looks, from one to another to another; it did highlight the diversity of these queens (although one queen almost burned herself to the ground in a not-too-clear outfit).

A repeat for the bottom two, and another obvious choice from the queens, are chosen to fight for their right to stay in the competition through the Bonnie Tyler hit “Holding Out For A Hero”.

One queen is killing it, using every second of opportunity to move and twirl and give the power you need to; the other, I’m afraid, is showing everyone she is going home. You cannot match up to that power when you aren’t using your whole body as your weapon to win. I was waving from mid-song, saying “sashay away” myself.

RuPaul confirmed it all with those two words herself, and I smile because she wasn’t prepared for the struggles of this contest.

Looking back, the season is going strong and I believe the judgements are as fair as always (but I’m still not over last week’s first elimination for my own reasons). If anything, the episodes need to possibly slow down in its pace slightly, because the first viewing of it (I watch it at least twice before reviewing), I thought it was on and over in no time.

Slow the episode down, let us see more of these queens before they possibly leave.

But overall, I am looking forward to seeing where this contest goes.

Rating: 7/10

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