Outcast: Season Two Episode One. “F**k Off Preacher!”

FOX UK gets the world premiere of Outcast Season Two. For international readers, I will keep this as spoiler-free as I can.

When we last saw Outcast, we had Kyle and his daughter taking a trip and Reverend Anderson trying to destroy Sidney (though Sidney did not go up in smoke in his home as planned, though that whiny little kid went…sounds horrible, but then again, so was he!). Kyle comes back and along with checking in on the Rev (who is feeling a whole lot of guilt for killing that little git. I guess that is just human nature, even if he was evil), Kyle then goes to see his sister after she was possessed late in season one. Kyle Barnes also wants to find Sidney, see what “plans” he holds for Kyle. During this time, Officer Giles is also investigating a crime and their paths cross once again.

Considering where the first season was learning of these characters and the effect that a possession can have on a person, this time we get back into the story and pick up where we left off. Kyle wants to end this once and for all, but all his leads are coming off less than helpful for him. The Reverend is the only person that can really help Kyle in this quest, but can they still rely on each other?


Not wanting to give too much away, Outcast is back with full force in this season opener. Madeleine McGraw is indeed forever charming as the young Amber Barnes, providing some light in all the darkness. She is getting used to this world of evil and is determined to be there with her dad for the whole of it. She seems to get through to her aunt Megan better than Kyle could. Speaking of performances, Patrick Fugit continues to impress as Kyle.

The show sets up another series of scares and spooky moments. Then there is the attic that is filled with creepy dolls and other dusty knick-knacks does give the goosebumps a chance to rise (but that isn’t why you will feel creeped out). We also see more of the repercussions of the work that Kyle and The Rev have done, including a visit to a certain young boy who is scared to help the man who saved him.


I know this has been covered more in the first season but the whole idea of what happens to someone dependent on how long they have been possessed by a demonic presence. Kyle seems to now consider this in his actions and maybe this will have a big effect on how the show goes forward and the action he takes to stop the darkness.

This episode makes a strong start. Not too many moments that stand out, but that moment where Kyle finds Lenny Ogden…it is indeed a tense and powerful scene. Then there is that part near the end, which does give a haunting thought of what is happening with those possessed. While I may not still be completely on board for Philip Glenister’s voice in the show, he does make his character a conflicted and pain-stricken man. He wants to be punished for what has happened, showing his religion is still strong. And while we may not really see Brent Spiner’s Sidney in this episode, his presence is felt throughout the show…and having Alice Cooper’s ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ was a nice touch to end the episode. Not perfect, but it will surely rise as it goes on.

Final Rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Outcast airs on FOX in the UK on Monday nights!

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One thought on “Outcast: Season Two Episode One. “F**k Off Preacher!””

  1. Lame ass writers… or is it the director? Premise is great but the characters are written as simple minded pretense of a suspenseful plot.


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