Harry Styles’ Solo Debut “Sign of the Times” Coming 7th April

By Joanna Cosgrove

We thought he was gone. We didn’t know when he was gonna come back into our lives. But now, it’s finally been revealed what Harry Styles has been working on during his career silence.

We know he is to appear in war flick Dunkirk (which in turn will teach a lot of teenagers about the war, while they support their favourite boyband member), and he has been writing songs with and for other artists here and there, but finally it has been revealed that out of nowhere, Harry is coming back to our ears with a solo single. His very first!

Styles announced on his Instagram account (@harrystyles) recently that his first single, titled “Sign of the Times”, is coming – this Friday!

Yes, on Friday 7th April, Harry Styles will be releasing his debut solo single. This announcement was accompanied by a promotional photo, suspected to be the single cover when it’s released.


I personally cannot wait until Friday, so we can all hear this. Will it be different? If so, how different? Where will his influences be coming from?

I’ll keep you all updated and I can assure you, a full single review will be uploaded as soon as I hear the song.

Let’s all wait together!

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