Death Note – First Trailer!

After months of teases and the hype around an adaptation of the popular manga, Death Note is on its way to come out later this year! Death Note is due for release worldwide on Netflix on Friday 25th August 2017. That sounds like a long way away still, but it is only five months to wait. The film stars Nat Wolff, Willem Dafoe and is directed by Adam Wingard (You’re Next, Blair Witch and the Cinemax TV show Outcast). Watch the first trailer now!

When a Death Note falls into the human world, it is picked up by student Light. He sees the book as a way to change the world into a better place from his own eyes as the god-like Kira. Finding the power of life and death in his hands, Light is joined in this crusade by Ryuk, the owner of the Death Note. While many see Kira as a hero, there is one who is determined to bring Kira to justice. Only one man seems to know a way to stop Kira…L!

The original anime series is available on Netflix now, I would recommend it to all. I have loved shows such as Dragonball Z, Attack On Titan and Elfen Lied, but they are all just slightly under par with Death Note. Death Note in my opinion is the greatest anime adaptation I have ever seen and I personally hope that the film will do justice to its source material. The trailer does hint to some familiar panels from both book and anime, and Willem Dafoe sounds brilliant as the shinigami Ryuk. Time will tell if Nat Wolff’s Light can compete with what we have seen before. Let’s hope this won’t be a Dragonball Evolution move (and also hope that Ghost In The Shell is good too).

Death Note is available on Netflix everywhere on 25th August 2017

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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