Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara) – Heavy. Single Review.

Linkin Park has managed to keep themselves fairly relevant over the years, the mix of music from all six albums so far has shown much evolution and change. With THE HUNTING PARTY seeing more collaborations and a more mainstream rock vibe, could we see album number seven changing even further? The answer is…Oh My God this is different!


‘Heavy’ is the first single from the upcoming album ONE MORE LIGHT, and immediately it is nothing like anything from Linkin Park’s Nu Metal past (or the alternative rock movement that it took later on). Straight away the thrashing of guitars is missing and the ferocity of Chester Bennington’s ripping vocals are absent, but there is a lot of weight to this relatively lighter tune. The lyrical content though is still what I would expect from the group and the delivery of Kiiara (I will look her up later as I am unfamiliar with her sound. But she does sound good). While the rock sound may not be too evident, this may just be one part to a more complete puzzle when the album is released.

While I may be a bit uneasy about the massive change in output, I can’t hate the track. The song is a good way of showing evolution in their sound and I just hope they don’t completely forget where they came from. I feel this may be a step too far for the band, the radical change may be too big of a gamble. I hope I will like this more as time goes on, but I honestly hope this will lead to a great album.

Final Rating: 7/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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