Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who!

Well the title says it all. Peter Capaldi has announced that he is to step down from Doctor Who after his upcoming third series as the Time Lord. I am someone who will miss Peter as The Doctor, he gave us a real mature Doctor (more for a mature look, but certainly had some zany moments). There are so many moments that the 12th Doctor has been part of which has stuck out for me.

We have got the new series of Doctor Who beginning on Saturday 15th April (back to the much favoured Easter start date, why did the BBC ever take it away from that date?), which means we still have twelve brand new episodes with Capaldi. Also, Steven Moffat will be making his Doctor Who finale writing this year’s upcoming Christmas special. Moffat and star Capaldi will both be leaving to give the incoming Chris Chibnall an almost blank slate to begin his Doctor Who role as head chief.

So, we know who will be leading Doctor Who behind the scenes from 2018, but who exactly will be taking the lead role in front of the camera? I will be writing a couple articles soon in regards to my favourite Capaldi moments from Series 8 and Series 9 and also a list of actors and actresses I think could take on the lead role and the likelihood of them getting cast. There is bound to be some casting news by May/June time as production on series 11 will have begun around that time. Until then, let’s get ready for series 10 and watch THAT trailer one more time!

Doctor Who returns to BBC ONE and BBC America on Saturday 15th April.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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