The New Logan Trailer

With the final Wolverine film just a matter of weeks away, we have been given a new trailer to the upcoming Fox/Marvel release. Where the first highlighted the darker tone and gritty setting, this one showcases X-23/Laura as she is shown to be very important to the story and gives a bit more into the relationship between Charles Xavier and Logan. Join Hugh Jackman for one last time as he gives all he has to protect the professor and Laura from any harm. Watch the trailer below and think about these 8 points I highlighted from the trailer.

• We now know for definite this is X-23 (or at least the X-Men film universe version of her. Which I think we all guessed. Am I right?)

• X-Men comics in an X-Men movie? That is meta!

• Holy F**k! The R rating is definitely well needed here. The blood and the bloody swearing!

• The relationship between Professor X and Wolverine seems to be the only thing keeping Logan alive till he has to look after Laura/X-23.

• Richard E. Grant is shown…for about 1 second. Looking like himself actually. Maybe he will be more interesting when the film comes out.

• Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce doesn’t seem ready to fight a child, but do you blame him?

• Logan will be in full fighting force, nobody messes with the Wolverine!

• “Two days on the road, only one meal and hardly any sleep. She’s eleven years old and I’m fucking ninety!” Gotta love that quote from Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier.

Logan is out in UK cinemas Wednesday 1st March and US cinemas Friday 3rd March.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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