Constantine is coming back!

We wished and wished for more Constantine, we needed to see Matt Ryan come back in the role that he perfected. We had him appear on Arrow, but that wasn’t enough! Matt is about to reprise the role in the Justice League Dark animated movie, but still that couldn’t stop us wanting more! So, how does a new series set in the Arrowverse sound? Well, we are about to get our wish!

What Is Coming?

An animated series is being produced for the CW Seed who will air a 5-6 part series as a continuation of the NBC series which I really did enjoy. 13 episodes of supernatural thrills was not enough, so this news is indeed a good sign. It builds the establishment of John Constantine in the Arrowverse and maybe put the hope into the heads of the network to produce that live-action Season Two? We can only hope so.


Who’s Back?

As this is the first announcement on the show, we have nothing much on the casting except the return of Matt Ryan as the self-proclaimed master of the dark arts. I would assume we would see some of our favourite cast members return in the animated spectrum. It would be great to see the continuation of the storylines from Harold Perrineau’s Manny and Emmett Scanlan’s imminent transformation into The Spectre. Also, I do miss Zed and Papa Midnite and their interactions with Matt Ryan, so maybe they will all come back?

When Can We See It?

The reports I have seen suggest that the show isn’t too far away. We could be looking at Autumn/Fall 2017 for the series to begin, but it may be this time next year it could see the light of day. Whatever happens, we have got new Constantine coming. Whether it’s in a matter of days or months, I am happy to wait. But, can we have it now please? We have already waited so long!

Constantine - Season Pilot

The Future

As mentioned, I would really hope that this would help bring Constantine back into the live-action side of the CW’s well-established superhero universe. As done before with Vixen, the crossover between live-action and animated has gone well. John Constantine appeared on Arrow in 2015, but maybe a future appearance on the show or even in Legends Of Tomorrow? How cool would it be to get an alternate version of Matt Ryan’s hero in Supergirl? We had Earth-2 version of Laurel, Barry, Iris and even Henry Allen/Jay Garrick, so why not?

Are you excited to see Matt Ryan return as Constantine? Will you be watching the show? Do you think Constantine will make a full return? Let me know what you think and thank you for reading.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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