TOP SONGS OF 2016 (10-6)

Well here is the next lot, breaking into the Top 10 with some truly memorable songs. These include an 80’s vibe and a track from a top musical in this side. Tomorrow we reach the Top 5, but lets see if any of the following are in your personal list too!

  1. The 1975 – She’s American

This song feels like it was ripped from the 1980’s. The 1975 produce a fun, fresh and upbeat tune which really took 2016 by storm. ‘She’s American’ is a great addition to an already well produced list of hits from the band. Featured heavily on radio in the later part of this year, just stick this track on and turn it up loud.

  1. Lauren Aquilina – Kicks

This young lady, up until earlier this year, looked set to take the world by storm with her music. Previously, I had been a huge fan of the FOOLS EP and the others that followed. When I heard about the album, I was very excited. Unfortunately, Lauren has announced she will take a more background role in the music industry. Whatever her future, I wish her all the best and am glad she had standout tracks to finish with. ‘Kicks’ indeed being one of them very fitting parts to her finale.

  1. Sia – Cheap Thrills

Sia has been a huge music staple of the 2010’s and we are all the richer for it. Whether its her jaw-dropping collaborations with David Guetta or one of her own catchy tracks, Sia surely has got her fans in the palm of her hand. ‘Cheap Thrills’ is yet another banger to go with an already impressive collection of successes. ‘Titanium’ was powerful, ‘Chandelier’ was heartfelt but ‘Cheap Thrills’ is the fun and excitement we really needed this year.

  1. Michael C. Hall, Cristin Milotti and the original New York cast of Lazarus – Absolute Beginners

“I’ve Nothing Much To Offer…”. These first words from the hit song definitely send a chill, mainly because the music doesn’t actually kick in for about 30 seconds. The dazzling vocals of Michael C. Hall and Cristin Milotti do really stick with you throughout the song. From the Lazarus musical, this soundtrack is a must for any Bowie fan. I could have picked any song from this soundtrack and I reckon this song is definitely the biggest moment.

  1. Luke Treadaway – Satellite Moments

When me and my girlfriend went to watch A Street Cat Named Bob, there was something about the music which really sounded familiar. To later find the songs were written by Charlie Fink (lead singer of Noah and the Whale) and actually worked superbly in the movie. This song was in my head for a few days after seeing the movie, I was so glad to obtain the soundtrack. It is rare that there was a film we both thought was great. I owe this to the brilliant soundtrack.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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