We Signal Fire – When The World Starts To Break. REVIEW

A Manchester band who don’t follow the Britpop standards of their elders (I love Britpop, in case that was in question), this alt-rock four piece entertain fully with some deep and gritty chords mixed with the voices of Chloe and Pete. The band stands out well, reminding me of acts such as Unleash The Archers (a bit heavier, but worth a listen). Not to take anything away from We Signal Fire, as this song is captivating and punchy.

There aren’t many songs I hear where you get a whole band who has a chance to shine on a track. Chloe’s powerful voice is the charm to this rocking tune, and every instrument is given its chance to be heard and shine! The song begins with a great riff; how often can you hear a line which opens and sounds original? Within seconds, you are pulled into this musical delight. If Amy Lee thought nobody could dethrone her, someone better tell her about this charming lady whose voice stands up there with the best of them.

As I mentioned, ‘When The World Starts To Break’ is something that just sounds fresh and exhilarating. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for these guys and girl, and I will definitely be giving that E.P. a listen very soon!

Final rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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