Hot Sauce Pony – Fenced In. REVIEW

Punk is possibly one of the greatest revolutions in music history, and today it still exists and remains ever so popular. Hot Sauce Pony give us 2 minutes of that punk rock which many people grew up listening to. It gets you straight from the first second, it gets you moving and you are shocked at how quick it is over.

Though a relatively new band, Brixton Hillbilly Record Club showcase them and I know they have made a great decision. At such a short length, you won’t get bored listening to this stunner of a track and the replay value is there.

If the chance comes, I would happily hear more from this South London band. There is an energy that buzzes from them and a fire which is aching to be set free.

P.S. its available now with Gaygirl – Dance To Death through the following link:

Final rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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