Ten Best Character Portrayals On The Walking Dead

If like me, you are a huge fan of The Walking Dead, then you have been really itching for Season Seven to come back. Robert Kirkman’s comic had a massive following, and a TV show was very much inevitable. Since 2010, The Walking Dead has been one of the most watched TV shows around the world. With six seasons passed, we have had many portrayals which have stood out amongst some of the greatest acting in the 21st century. Though we may have had some characters not given the life we would have liked (I know a lot of people didn’t like Laurie Holden’s Andrea, but I did…and Laurie is a lovely lady too), many characters have also just had such a great run and surpassed their comic book original. Also I will just say that these are my own picks and opinions, and I would like to know who you really liked to see. I know the title states ten, and I was so close to adding Abraham and Hershel to this list, but there had to be an honourable mention for someone who will most likely rise up this list soon!

  1. Negan – Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Can I really get away with this one? Despite only being on screen for around 10 minutes so far, Jeffrey Dean Morgan made an immediate impact as the leader of The Saviors. Though maybe not as strict to his look as in the comic, to see that leather jacket and the “Lucille” baseball bat was indeed chilling. His delivery to the survivors stands as one of the best moments in the show…and then there is THAT death scene!


10. The Governor – David Morrissey

Starting off as a fairly understanding man looking after the town of Woodbury, we soon learn about the dark side to this character. He is willing to kill anyone who is a threat to him, he hides his own daughter who is a zombie and is able to get two separate armies against the gang in the prison. The Governor was then shown just as a force for vengeance and wanted to destroy Rick and the gang at all costs, which resulted in him finally being killed by one of his own.


9. Andrea – Laurie Holden

When the character was first introduced in the show, it was evident that Laurie Holden would be playing a more mature version of the character. Andrea say her fair share of conflict and always tried to be the peacekeeper. Initially she is suicidal after the death of her sister Amy, but does become a strong character and a bridge between Rick’s prison and Woodbury. Her relationship with Shane was always to end badly, then her time with The Governor just spelt the end for the former attorney.


8. Morgan Jones – Lennie James

Morgan appeared in the first episode and is still in the show. The character begins as the link for Rick to learn about what the world has become and to make his first true friend in the zombie apocalypse. After making small appearances in Season Three and Five, we finally get Morgan back full time in season six and we see how much his journey has changed him. Initially surviving with his son Duane, he ends up alone and has experiences which alter him to a more peaceful person who believes all life is sacred, so only kills the walkers…and we know Negan hasn’t killed him!


7. Shane Walsh – Jon Bernthal

Shane was indeed a bad guy. He wanted to kill his best friend, he wanted his best friend’s wife and could have caused the downfall to the survivors. In the beginning, Rick and Shane are the best of friends. Shane does all he can to save Rick after the apocalypse begins and doesn’t purposely fall for Lori, but we all know how it went. Shane survived longer in the show than he did in the comics, and also gave us the moment we all needed to see: Everyone is infected with the zombie virus, whether or not you are bitten!


6. Maggie Greene – Lauren Cohan

A character who surely has become a heart of the show. Maggie and Glenn surely have become one of the most popular couples in TV history. They help each other a lot and are not in your face about their relationship at all. Maggie begins her journey at her home farm when the Atlanta survivors first come to there. She has since fought for her friend’s numerous times and becomes a powerful figure in Alexandria. Maggie also helps in the fight against the Saviors and is also shown to be stronger than Carol at this time.


5. Glenn Rhee – Steven Yeun

Where would the show be without Glenn? First, he helps to rescue Rick Grimes when he is stuck in a tank. Second, he is the best person to obtain supplies for the group as he is quick and resourceful. Since that BIG moment in issue 100 of the comics, the fate of Glenn has been a big question leading up to this moment. Not that we know if he is to be pulverised or not, but he would certainly be missed. He became one half of a very popular couple and is the most human character in the show.


4. Carol Peletier – Melissa McBride

Given how the character was in the first two seasons, you could forgive Carol for her whiny faced outlook of life before she became the badass we now know her to be. Carol was always in the shadows, seemingly weak and timid. Then, she took matters into her own hands by trying to stop the flu-like bug in the prison, surviving the shoot-out with Negan’s men and who can forget single-handedly freeing the survivors from the cannibals Rambo style! Carol is probably your best bet at surviving the apocalypse, even if she does have a few morality shocks now and again.


3. Rick Grimes – Andrew Lincoln

A leader has to be someone who isn’t afraid to do the unspeakable. Rick Grimes is that man. In the first few minutes, we see just how willing he is to keep himself and his friends alive. He has also survived the hordes of walkers, the betrayal of his best friend Shane, the sinister Governor and even the attack on Alexandria. But, can Rick survive Negan? And will he keep his hand (my comic book friends will know what I mean!)? Above all, he does everything he can to save his children. He won’t flinch when he puts a gun to a man’s head and pulls the trigger, especially if he thinks it is for the right reasons.


2. Michonne – Darai Gurira

Where do we start with Michonne? Her first appearance is very much ripped straight from the pages of the comics. She has two walker “protectors” with their jaws sliced off, she dispatches of zombies with ease and she wields a flipping Kitana! Instantly a strong character, she makes herself a very vital part of the survivors, including being very close to both Rick (yep, we know!) and Carl. She starts very cold in season three, but has become more relaxed as the show has gone on and is definitely not to be messed with. Michonne embodies strength and coolness at the same time.


1. Daryl Dixon – Norman Reedus

Was there anyone else? The only character on this list who was not in the comics, Daryl ended up being one of the most popular characters on TV today. Introduced originally as the brother to the terrifying and short-tempered Merle, Daryl eventually established himself as a true ally to the survivors and becomes Rick’s second-in-command as they fought for the prison and then for Alexandria. Daryl may still enjoy his own time, but that doesn’t mean he has no friends. He develops a bond with Carol when he gives all his effort to find her daughter Sophia and you could see there was real love there when he carried the lifeless body of Beth Greene out of that hospital. He is ace on his motorbike, wields a mean crossbow and is there any better way to say how f***ing awesome he looked with that rocket launcher?!?! Truly an iconic character and someone we really hope will be in the show till the very end!


What did you think? Do you agree with the list? Who would you have put in the top 10? Let me know and maybe contribute your own favourite or top 10! Thanks for reading, watch out for my review of Season Seven Episode One this Monday!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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