The Lounge Kittens – Africa. Single Review

Do you like covers when they basically recreate one of your favourites to create a new favourite? Well this is the band for you. Jenny, Timia and Zan are the trio who will take some of the biggest hits in the world and recreate them in a very unique style. Before I have been blown away by the re-working of Rollin by Limp Bizkit and even hearing AC/DC from this trio is just astounding…but this may be their best yet!

Toto arguably are mostly known for their hit ‘Africa’ which has been a rock staple for many years. For the Lounge Kittens to take on such an iconic track has now become effortless, and the girls prove their worth. A great blend of vocal harmony and piano brings to life this ballad-like effort. The work from all three girls is astounding, they seem comfortable belting this track out and you couldn’t ask for a more respectful cover. At the same time not being a rip-off of its original, it gives a new twist to the iconic song. The three voices when they move between bringing an acapella tone to life and applying their blended vocals, you will fall in love with this track.

The good news is that you can get this song now! The girls are currently doing a campaign on PledgeMusic for their debut album SEQUINS & C-BOMBS (They may sound like angels, but are not shy to utter an expletive or two in their recordings). When you pre-order the album on the site, you will get this song immediately, sounds like a good deal to me. The album, from the tracks I have so far heard, sounds like a must have for 2016. A true gem from Southampton, England. Be sure to keep up with these ladies when the album is out later this year and when they tour the UK this autumn!

For more information on their campaign, follow this link!

Final track rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove



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