#SaveMarinaJoyce: Getting YouTube Together

By Joanna Cosgrove

YouTube culture hasn’t had the best reputation as of late – drama, disgust and diss tracks (so many diss tracks) – but now it seems YouTubers have a chance to come together and ignore all their disputes and differences because of this terrifying concern.

Before a few days ago, like myself, you probably have never heard of British fashion YouTuber Marina Joyce. Marina Joyce, this time last year, seemed as happy and giggly as your average teen girl; but then, from what people suspect around January of this year, she has had a personality change. There are noted videos, documenting these theories, and they have video comparisons that show that Marina lately has not seemed so bubbly. I can see this also. Marina, in fact, looks more tired than cheerful – more tortured than happy – and it’s scary.

YouTuber Scarce has covered Marina Joyce in two of his latest videos, along with Philip DeFranco, and the evidence is there.

In her most recent video, “DATE OUTFIT IDEAS”, people have been gathering their freshest evidence. Pay attention to her body language: her face is neutral, almost frozen, and her words sound forced. Her face is exhausted and to me, she looks so close to tears in this video.

Other notes people have made are, her house (supposedly her house) in the background has bars over the windows and there is an obvious finger pointing at her from the bottom left, commanding her to stand in a specific area. Later on in the video, as she spins in her clothing, there is very obvious bruising on her arms and people have seen these bruises on her arms and legs and her back in previous videos. If you are curious, here is the video:

A couple of days ago, she tweeted on her Twitter account about a London meet-up at Bethnal Green – which seems sweet and normal, but it was planned at 6:30am. She even suggested bringing a friend “so you don’t get lost”. This isn’t normal, it’s not right, and it was supposedly this morning (Wednesday 27th July). I have not found any secure sources on what happened, so I cannot comment on what happened truthfully. All I can say is, it was not her there.

There are stills from her videos over the last few months, which speak many different possible stories: kidnapping, abusive partner, drug addiction, so on and so forth. All that’s evident is, something’s up.

All thoughts and prayers to her, and I hope she is found safe and sound, as many police forces have been informed now about her unsure location and situation.

Watch Scarce’s video below for a clearer run-through:

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