Game Of Thrones: Winter is coming late…and ways to cope


For a show which makes a lot of mentions about winter, it looks like it isn’t coming quick enough for production on the hit show. Usually, Game Of Thrones would begin filming this month to get it ready for its usual April start to air. This year may be an exception, as Daenerys has FINALLY left Meereen to take her place on the Iron Throne, we expect to see a lot more of winter as the seventh season sees it finally come. As you may notice, this is the summer. You can’t really make a winter setting when the temperature is reaching an average of 95 Fahrenheit. As much as it may be bad news for fans, you can’t help but laugh that it is the lack of the show’s most common motto which is keeping it from starting production.

How much longer will we need to wait to see Mad Queen Cersei making Kings Landing (should that be Queen’s?) her dumping ground and what will Jon Snow think about his true heritage? We need answers, and it may not be till the summer of next year when we get our next trip to Westeros. Until next year, and the possibly shortened runs for the last two seasons, Winter Is Coming! What can you watch to keep your mind entertained until 2017? Well, there is a lot of great shows which can satisfy your hunger for your epic drama cravings and I will tell you what they will help with.


Why? The body count

Do you like your shows with a huge body count and multiple favourites being picked off on a regular basis? Well, you must have seen this show or at least heard of it. This is not the only similarity with GOT (I know there isn’t a lot) but it is truly an ensemble piece. The world goes bad and the dead are coming back to life as zombies (though are never called zombies, anyone else find that weird?). Arguably this is one of my favourite shows, even after six seasons. There is a lot to enjoy in this show. The human stories are indeed intriguing, the special effects on the zombies is just breath-taking and indeed they do deliver on the entertainment and shock value. Whether you just like the gore or just love Norman Reedus, you will love this show! You have 83 episodes to watch before Season 7 begins and that huge cliffhanger is finally resolved, get started!

walking dead conquer


Why? It looks awesome

Special effects in Game Of Thrones are stunning and give a real film quality to it, but it isn’t the only show that truly delivers on its looks. The Flash begun as a spin-off to hit show Arrow, but has since become front and centre of The CW programming and the best superhero show on TV now away from Netflix. The show probably has a fraction of a budget than that of the DC comics movies, but it looks great every single time. The attraction to the show is not just the special effects, but the characters are all truly engaging with tight storylines and the fan service on screen is nothing short of perfect. Two seasons in and I don’t see an end in sight for this show, especially after that finale…P.S. Arrow should be added to this too!



Why? Moral grey galore!

Breaking Bad really made good use of characters who you found it hard to decide if you like them or hate them, and this only is brought out in Game Of Thrones as well because of how perfected it was in this show. Walter White is definitely one of the most conflicted characters in TV history and the show was filled with many more that you could neither straightforward love or hate. A show about a man who finds he has cancer and wants to provide for his family by making Crystal Meth isn’t the best selling point is it? Well, turns out you only get the greatest show on TV ever according to many sources! The acting is well done and there is never a dull moment. Every episode in its 62 count is important and adds more detail to what is the most addictive shows I have ever experienced…and Better Call Saul is essential too!



Why? Epic scope and long games

120 episodes since 2005 to sink your teeth into! That should help towards 2017? Well, this is also for anyone wanting to get into Doctor Who before series 10 (or 36 for the purists!). Arguably, the biggest show to come from my home country is still one of the best on TV. Even the 2015 series proved how fresh and shocking the show can be. Science Fiction has definitely seen a huge spike in popularity because of this time travelling show! Series 1-4 keeps things fairly simple, then Steven Moffat makes it more in-depth and involved, perfect for all of you who like complicated storylines and long pay-offs (The silence between series 5-7 I am talking about, and Gallifrey from 2005-2015).



Why? Gripping

Only 13 episodes were made of this top drama, and I think this is truly one of the biggest mistakes ever made in TV. Just when the show was really making good traction and the main mythology was established, NBC cancelled it and left so many opportunities to be had. But, if you find yourself with a day free, then it would be worth watching this show about time travel and the effects it has on a man and his family. The show builds to a nice enough conclusion so you will be fulfilled by the time you reach the end, and the tension in this show can match that of GOT even though they are both very different.


Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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