David Brent Is Back!

August 19th will see the release of mockumentary David Brent: Life On The Road, and it will be 15 years since David Brent first emerged onto our screens in the hit BBC show The Office. A lot has happened to Ricky Gervais and his iconic character since 2001, and the anticipation of his character making a return is indeed strong. There are many things to prepare for this year, and it isn’t just about the film. Ricky Gervais will be releasing a soundtrack album to coincide with the release of the movie and has just unveiled a few shows for September where he will be performing with his “band” Foregone Conclusion. So, let’s talk about why David Brent will be one of the biggest stars of this year!


The movie has so far had two trailers, both of which do well to tease what is awaiting our next outing with the former head of Wernham Hogg. What we know about the film is that this will see David Brent taking holiday time from his new workplace to tour his band. He also apparently will be paying for his band out of his pension money to help make his dream of being a rock star come true. Rapper/Actor Ben Bailey Smith (Doc Brown) will co-star in the film as they play “hits” such as ‘Equality Street’ and ‘Lady Gypsy’ (we will get to that one soon!). If you are a fan of The Office or of Gervais in general, you will surely enjoy this.


As mentioned earlier, there will be a soundtrack album featuring tracks recorded by Gervais as David Brent. A few years ago, Comic Relief got to present a music video from Foregone Conclusion and ‘Equality Street’ was a big internet hit. This album is going to feature 15 songs which features writing from Chris Martin and other musicians from the UK to build a strong release. Due out the same day as the film, there will be plenty of David Brent all around the country. Also there is Andy Burrows (former drummer of Razorlight), Nina Sosanya (Shetland, FM, Last Tango In Halifax) and Peter Andre featuring in both the film and soundtrack.


Yes, you too can play the songs of Foregone Conclusion when this book comes out. Due 11th August, you could be learning ‘Free Love Freeway’ and then take your guitar with you to your local cinema and really annoy everyone with your interpretation of the tracks. The book is not only filled with all the notes and words to the songs, it is also said to be a very humorous take on what you’d normally get from a songbook. Also, if you fancy having something a bit more special, there will be an edition of the album on vinyl too! Ricky Gervais is really going to be rich this year!


Last year, Ricky Gervais sent pictures of his music video shoot for his song ‘Lady Gypsy’. The video was released just a few days ago and it was a whole lot of fun. The humour was high in both the lyrics and the visuals, and the song is ready to hit the charts when its released next week. Can you imagine ‘Lady Gypsy’ getting to Number One in the UK? Let’s make it happen! It is fun and will definitely make you smile and laugh.


As Ricky Gervais has previously done before with Foregone Conclusion, he will be bringing Brent and his band to Hammersmith Apollo in September for two nights of music and to promote the film. Tickets for the two shows were gone within moments, the demand on Saturday was so intense. If the shows bring anything like the 2013 and 2014 dates, you can be sure these nights will also be superb. I have got my ticket for this show and I can’t wait to see this show. I also hope they film the show and have it as an extra on the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Life On The Road.

David Brent: Life On The Road will be in UK Cinemas from Friday 19th August, the same day the soundtrack will be released!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove



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