Why GradeAUnderA is the best YouTuber today!

GradeAUnderA has recently seen his YouTube channel hit over 2.5 million subscribers. He doesn’t have tons of money put his way for videos (he saves that for his Brazzers membership! Don’t act like you don’t know what Brazzers is!), he hasn’t got a huge team producing his videos for him and he has no controversy around him or his actions (that I am aware of). What Grade has is a great sense of humour and an honest outlook on life. Nothing is safe from Grade, he will pick apart everyday annoyances and YouTube upsets (will mention that a bit more later). I only really found out about Grade recently, since then I have really enjoyed his videos and want to give my reasons for why I believe GradeAUnderA is the best person on YouTube…


Because someone may say I am being mean, I have nothing wrong with the YouTubers doing the “Draw My Life” videos and those who discuss personal aspects of their self. GradeAUnderA succeeds for me as he never really talks about his personal life. A few things have slipped through his uploads and most notably a picture of himself in one of his recent video’s. Apart from that, we just know that Grade is a very funny YouTube star and has done so with minimal representation of his self.


Most of the comical videos that come from Grade are just about the things we go through every single day. Grade has made videos which go from discussing how to make the phone call to work to tell them you are sick to the dumb things that parents say to their kids. The comedy doesn’t have to be at the expense of another (more on that later) and it is simple and relatable. I don’t know how many times I have seen that one about why the alphabet is stupid. That and the sick video makes me laugh every single time.


Yes, he has a rant around gay people…but not in the way you are thinking. Grade moans about why he loves the gay people and has a deep hatred of straight men. He says about how they are so nice and that he has never had a gay guy stop him finding a woman. Then there is the racism test, which is obviously done in a tongue-in-cheek way and again is not offensive. It is a way to take these taboo topics to make fun of, and brings in the laughs by making comedy by twisting the subjects.


Recently, Grade has made videos about the YouTuber Keemstar of Drama Alert and has rightfully kicked him down a few pegs while not being as nasty to him as I think he could have been. I have heard a lot about Keemstar and about the accusations that he has thrown about other YouTubers and Twitch streamers. He has accused around eight people of being Paedophiles and this has had varying effects on these individuals. Tobuscus, one of the more prominent YouTubers from the last few years has barely uploaded any new videos since the false allegations. Also, a 62-year-old man was also accused and was deeply upset because he knew he was wrongly identified and refused a pay-off by Keemstar after Keemstar was proven wrong and forced to apologise. Bashurverse was probably one of the most upsetting to see, he uploaded a video showing his very real breakdown over the allegations and threatened to quit YouTube altogether because of all the unnecessary hate he received. Keemstar is a horrible person who clearly does not care about anyone and will destroy the lives and privacy of anyone he wishes, AND THIS HAS TO STOP! Grade has rightfully shamed Keemstar and shown his appreciation to his fellow YouTubers. Not only is there the love he has for the poor guys who have had this trauma, he also supports FUPA which helps the YouTube stars if they are in trouble. We salute you Grade!


Unlike many YouTubers who have sadly bowed down and taken some of the unnecessary punishments that come with YouTube fame, Grade will fight for his rights as a YouTuber. He has made great points about those who break copyright and benefit from his videos. He tears the rules of YouTube to pieces as they do nothing to keep it fair for those who are doing a good honest job. Reaction videos particularly get his back up, especially when a reaction video shows a whole GradeAUnderA video with just only SEVEN words said throughout it by the YouTuber Tyrone Magnus “reacting” to it. He also brings up many good points about what is wrong with YouTube and you can’t help but agree with the guy. He won’t take on any form of bullying and will make his point clear by calling out those who wrongs him. I praise Grade for making his points and putting people into place.

I know them last two points went longer than the previous ones, but that is because GRADE is a serious YouTuber. He knows that what these people can do can have a massive effect on his career on the site. He will do anything for any YouTuber and will not take any shit from anyone. This for me, makes him the best person on the site today. He is honest and funny all the time and will make you think twice about what you are watching on YouTube. Also, the guy keeps me entertained and I think you don’t get that balance from anyone else on YouTube.

You should go on YouTube now and subscribe to GradeAUnderA and keep up with him on Twitter too!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

P.S. If somehow this article gets to Grade and he fancies it, I would love to do an interview with you.

GradeA profile

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