Outcast – Episode 1 ‘A Darkness Surrounds Him’

Well done on making kids creepy again! We start the episode the episode with a kid literally eating the fingers off his hand and then we get to hear some Conway Twitty (I know, scary stuff) as we are introduced to Philip Glenister’s Reverend Anderson as he is given a job. We then go straight to Kyle Barnes, a tortured young man who is keeping himself isolated from the world. He has flashes back to his youth, showing his mum seemingly possessed and locking him away into a cupboard. While the Reverend goes to visit the mother of the possessed child, Kyle is taken to the supermarket by his sister Megan to get him out in the world and get groceries as he is on bare minimum. Kyle then learns about the boy’s possession, and the topic of his mother is brought up as well. Straight away, like I was hoping, this does not have too many similarities with Preacher.


So the boy, Joshua, is definitely in a bad way. He is fully possessed and is barely being restrained by Reverend Anderson. Maybe he needs some help? Kyle himself has got many personal demons. We find out that during his “possessions” he had been seen differently and apparently hurt his daughter. Kyle eventually looks to help Reverend Anderson with the case in hand. He doesn’t know why he comes to the Reverend, but he is then thrown into the case of the possessed Joshua. The thing inside him is talking directly to Kyle and knows him. The “Boy” attacks Kyle and is barely taken away from him as he seems to take the life out of Kyle. There is some great horror tropes on display throughout, and the

Reverend Anderson and Kyle Barnes get their first real moment together afterwards, discussing possessions and also about Kyle’s mother when she was having the same ordeal as Joshua. Speaking of the mother, turns out she is still alive. Hard to tell how much she can comprehend, but it looks like Momma Barnes is very much out of the picture in her mental state. He then returns with the Reverend to Joshua’s house. They fight the demon again, this time using its weaknesses to get rid of it. A mix of direct sunlight and Kyle’s blood drive the demon out and Joshua is saved. The police come to arrest Kyle, but his mother says she doesn’t want to press charges after he beats her son while trying to save him. The demon, before it goes, warns that there is more evil to come. Kyle has one more flashback before the episode ends, it shows that he didn’t actually attack his daughter in a rage of possession, but it was his wife Allison. So, what does this mean for his family? And why did he keep that a secret?


It is a great time for Supernatural TV shows. We have just this year alone had Lucifer (which was ok), Preacher (so much fun in one episode) and Damien (I feel bad for Bradley James for agreeing to star in that mess of a show, glad it was cancelled). Where Lucifer and Preacher use a more fun motif to the world of demons, Outcast takes a more serious tone and does give you a great insight to Kyle Barnes and his life affected by the dark forces. If you have read Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel, you know this episode is very faithful to its source material. The show does attempt to put a lot in its first outing, and most of it sticks. Not a real complaint, but it does feel like watching book one page for page. Also, then old women who just appeared out of nowhere to see Kyle and depress him even further, that was a bit odd right? But anyway, only minor gripes. It’s true the accent on Philip Glenister is still a bit off as Reverend Anderson, but a lot better than when he was on Demons (A show from 2009 which was…BAD!!!!). But the best character is Patrick Fugit’s Kyle, he portrays the character so well he could potentially make my top 12 characters list next time round. I can’t wait for episode 2, and to see what comes from this well paced and greatly acted drama which may not scare you, but will creep you out!

Final rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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