Top 12 Bring Me The Horizon tracks

Bring Me The Horizon have had a very interesting lifespan so far. In the 12 years they have existed, the band have released 5 studio albums, done countless tours all over the world and have been praised many times for their work. But, after all this time, what is their best songs? Well, after listening from COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS to THAT’S THE SPIRIT, I can bring you my list for the top 12 songs from one of the UK’s top bands of the 21st Century.

12.  ‘Sleepwalking’ from SEMPITERNAL

One of the singles from SEMPITERNAL, this song appealed to many straight away as having a greatly different style and edge to previous music from the band. Though not the best track, it certainly gets you thrashing once the guitars are at play.

11. ‘Pray For Plagues’ from COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS

I know many will moan for saying I only picked one track from this album, but sadly I could not see a lot in this album that really stood out. This track though showed me what Bring Me The Horizon could be capable of and the Deathcore effort indeed sticks out for many people.

10. ‘Don’t Go’ from THERE IS A HELL…

One of the collaborations on the band’s third album, Oli Sykes proved that his rough, screaming vocals could work well with songstress Lights. The track was indeed a success in terms of combining music genres and paved the way for the band to do this more in the future.

9. ‘True Friends’ from THAT’S THE SPIRIT

The bands fifth album proved that their evolution is not slowing down. Continuing to create great tunes, ‘True Friends’ is one which probably brings a connection between band and listener. The thoughtful lyrics and gritty tones really strike a chord, and yet come out as more post-hardcore than metalcore.

8. ‘Chelsea Smile’ from SUICIDE SEASON

Though many were split on the album, there was still a few gems to find. ‘Chelsea Smile’ really packs a punch for the listener. This was also one of the first songs from the band that fans could actually sing along to, and still remains popular today at the live shows.

7. ‘It Never Ends’ from THERE IS A HELL…

A song which was a reflection of the inner demons of lead singer Oli Sykes, many can’t help but get engrossed in this fantastic song. The track received praise from many sources and even the bonkers music video is a sight to be seen.

6. ‘Blessed With A Curse’ from THERE IS A HELL…

A song which starts low-key and calm, the tone later shifts for another hard-hitting entry from the rockers. Truly this was a track which helped with the praise the band was to receive when it was released in 2010. Truly the best song from their work with Jona Weinhofen.

5. ‘Throne’ from THAT’S THE SPIRIT

Truly one of the biggest tracks from the band, the step in to the Nu-Metal territory was indeed a great one. The track really does provide much life to the soundtrack of 2015 and one for all the fans to easily pick up and scream along to.

4. ‘Antivist’ from SEMPITERNAL

Probably one of the songs closest to their roots on SEMPITERNAL, this track truly is an angry song which we can’t get enough of. Though not a single, it has developed a life of its own and has some of the best lyrics on the album. “You say I’m just a fool who stands for nothing, well to that I say you’re a ****”.

3. ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ from SUICIDE SEASON

Every band needs a song which all fans will know and will happily chant with the crowd. This song fits the bill perfectly. The metalcore genre is fully exposed in this track and this was to be the start of big things for the band.

2. ‘Shadow Moses’ from SEMPITERNAL

Taking your name from a location in the video game Metal Gear Solid and using extracts from its music may not seem like a good idea. But when you can make a song which indeed a game-changer and makes you want to live it out on Guitar Hero Live at every opportunity, you know you have a winner.

1. ‘Drown’ from THAT’S THE SPIRIT

I am expecting a lot of people to think why have I chosen this song. I can give you many reasons. This track was the first one to truly show Bring Me The Horizon evolve their style while keeping their roots in mind. They may have attempted a more mainstream style than previous here, but the sound is still them 100%. Also, how many songs can have you hooked after one listen? This track truly spelt a new beginning for the band, a brave new image for the band and they finally showed the world they are the band we have all been waiting for. If not for this track, we would not have had the superb THAT’S THE SPIRIT at all. Many fans may be upset that the band have changed too much, but this song justifies their change and highlights their strengths.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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