Russell Brand – Live at Civic Hall, Grays


Being a TV host, an actor (Despicable Me, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), singer (he is actually a rockstar waiting to be released. Check out his music as he plays fictional musician Aldous Snow) and a comedian is an impressive combination. Russell Brand shows everyone tonight just how funny he can be, and it is all for a good cause. Supporting the charity Jackson’s Smile, Russell Brand promised to do a show for free after meeting Jackson’s father at a West Ham match. Jackson Garwood has been diagnosed with Infantile Krabbes Disease which sadly is terminal. So Russell felt he could help with the support for Jackson. The result of this meeting was a great fun show, where many expletives were muttered and some humorous stories shared.

Starting the night off with some introductions and chatting about his past in his hometown, Grays warmly welcomed the comedian who was born and raised here. Talking about being beaten up and flicking through the Thurrock gazette provides a few good laughs, but being the announcer for when two cars are told to move makes a great moment which provides a bit of unexpected hilarity. Exploring the crowd and seeing the faces of his audience a bit closer, he makes a number of jokes around the lads who all looked like 1D knock-offs and the woman who apparently was desperate to marry him (and her friend who really wants the marriage to happen). For a show that relied a lot on improv by the main man, he also had a few set pieces at his disposal. For example, there were a number of emails (death threats) he had at the ready from hosting at the MTV Video Music Awards show in 2008, some of which really were over the top and hilarious. Also mentioning his much loved/loathed comments about George W. Bush. Did I mention he talks a lot about drugs? Because there is a lot of that topic on the show, and really it shows that Russell really is happy to bare all to his audience to keep them entertained and give them insight to his life.

Russell Brand

Not afraid of any subjects, he also mentions a twitter spat from a Katy Perry fan who really hated him and was happy to say a bit about his more private time with the pop star (a bit). Also, there is a few jokes that really makes people cringe, including ones about consent and how he justifies the age of if more than one other is involved adds up to more than his age (I clearly couldn’t write that any better). Overall, Russell was a great guy and provided a great laugh to his audience. A true gentleman, Russell then stayed behind to greet his audience and took part in many selfies and pics. He may have been there to make people laugh, but more importantly he made sure he could do his best for that brave little boy. Though I may not be the biggest fan of the comic, I have to say I had a great night watching the madness of Russell Brand being unveiled in front of me.

Final Rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


Also, you can find out more about the charity by following the link here…

3 thoughts on “Russell Brand – Live at Civic Hall, Grays”

    1. He certainly did, and I could not really say how good it was of him to do that. Not many people would ever be that helpful, and the best thing is that Jackson will get a lot more recognition because of this act of kindness.


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