As A Band Closes, A Singer Opens Up

By Joanna Cosgrove

It’s been a very mixed week for Directioners, including me.

Go ahead and laugh, but when one of your favourite bands call it a day, it hurts. It hurts to hear the news break, it hurts to watch their last ever live performance, and it hurts most of all when they release their last music video – when they know it’s their last.

On Tuesday 26th January, Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam gave the greatest ‘goodbye and good luck’ they possibly could with their long-awaited music video for new and last single, History. From leaked images, we knew that they were filming it; we knew that they were doing some singing and (not-too-serious) dancing. However, what we saw made the whole event a million times more emotional.

The History music video is basically 3 minutes and 15 seconds summing up the last 5.5 years in the world of One Direction: from being teenage boys singing their hearts out on X Factor, to being young adults still singing their hearts out in arenas and stadiums (two arena tours, in fact, I have seen them on).

Know what made me smile upon my first of many viewings of the new video? It was the five of them. The curly one, the short one, the Irish one, the mature one… And the one that got away.


Directioners were given plasters to place over those wounds, opened 10 months ago, when they saw the footage including Zayn Malik. From his nervous days in X Factor in 2010 to his confident stage presence throughout his time in the band, it proves that in the end, all that matters is that all five of them have had the time of their lives.


If you’re a fan of 1D and haven’t (or have) seen the video, view it here:


Now we have discussed the week for 4/5 One Direction members, let’s go to where Zayn has moved on to…


It seems Mr Malik is trying to start anew – and while he has casted a few harsh words at his old bandmates, I would like to keep this neutral and music-based. Since his departure in March 2015, Zayn has signed to a new label and has gone through a series of appearance changes, from shaving his famous hair off to trying out a rainbow of dyes (unpopular opinion: I actually enjoyed the green colour). Now, he has comfortably found himself, found his feet musically, and is now making the music he loves.

I believe the music you love to make is #realmusic – and this is the realest Zayn can compose.


His first single, PILLOWTALK, was released this morning (Friday 29th January), along with the accompanying music video. To sum up briefly: the song is a huge departure from One Direction’s pop-rock tone, as he dips into the more R&B side of the music spectrum; and with his unique and ear-pleasuring vocals, he fits as well as a ring on a finger. That’s how you know it’s gonna go amazingly.

The video, I cannot describe in simple terms. It’s a visual feast for the eyes, as the ears eat up the tune; featuring rumoured love interest Gigi Hadid as Malik’s leading lady, the video has an undertone of love and intimacy – and that is very visible with the closeness of the couple.


I honestly cannot wait to hear more. I was here for Zayn Malik from One Direction; I’m here for Zayn, international R&B icon.


If you’re interested in viewing the Bradford singer’s new debut, here you go:


What are you preferring: Zayn’s first step alone, or One Direction’s last visual adventure?


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