Happy Birthday Alice Cooper! Ten Of The Best!

Happy 68th Birthday to rock legend Alice Cooper, the man who introduced “shock rock” to the world and still to this day continues to sellout many shows and perform electrifying concerts for all those who see. As for music wise, Alice Cooper has managed to keep a fairly great setlist over the years with a number of classics coming from his huge line of album releases. Whether these were the humble rock beginnings of the Alice Cooper Band, the experimental solo and the hard rock anthems, Alice always keeps his audience happy. So to celebrate the birthday of the greatest rocker I have ever seen live, here are ten songs to listen to to celebrate the birthday of Mr Vincent Damon Furnier…


Arguably one of the most recognisable songs from Alice Cooper, this song became an anthem to many during the summer of 1972. Being a Number One in the UK cemented its place as one of the most popular Cooper tracks of all time as well as one of the best rock songs ever. Whether it is in one of the countless number of films it appears in or just being played from a rock radio station, you will certainly be singing along to it with ease.


The newest song on this list, this track made many waves when it debuted as the lead single to Alice’s 2011 album WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE. ‘I’ll Bite Your Face Off’ truly is a spectacle in which it captures many of the tones we’d expect from Alice Cooper, while at the same time keeping a fresh and catchy approach to old and new listeners alike. Certainly a track that’s hard to put down.


What do you do if your first single doesn’t work well but has a catchy tune? You remake the hell out of it and make it into one awesome tune! ‘Elected’ certainly was a success and continued the success that the Alice Cooper Band had received after only recently hitting the top of the charts with ‘Schools Out’ and this begun a run of hits which would help propel BILLION DOLLAR BABIES to Number One on the album charts of both sides of the Atlantic!


How many people this was originally done by Zodiac Mindwarp? Well it is true, the guys brought this song to life just a short while before Alice Cooper would use it as both a track for his HEY STOOPID album and as part of the Wayne’s World movie. A huge success, and a joy to hear through headphones and to see performed in front of you on stage.


A fun rock track with a highly memorable riff, this is a tune which could unintentionally start off a party. Listening to the lyrics, you wouldn’t see this song as being upbeat, but you can’t help but pump your fists into the air as you rock out to this tune. You couldn’t believe this song is over 40 years old, but still feels contemporary.


The first track into the solo career of Alice Cooper, and he needed a track that could stand out. The ballad ‘Only Women Bleed’ really stood out as a true highlight in his career and one of the greatest tunes in his repertoire. Making a song about an abusive relationship may seem a risky move, but to create a great piece of work like this demands your attention.


A very rough and tough track, it goes through the exploits of hitting a stage in your life where you are neither old or young. It is a song which has meant a lot to many people and still is very popular to this day. Also a random fact for you, John Lydon auditioned for The Sex Pistols while miming to this song.


It is said that normally you will get a great song from a terrible film, and this is really the case. I thought this was a great track from the beginning, it uses many of the elements from the Friday The 13th films such as the “ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma” and makes many references to what you would normally see in one of the slasher films. You may not like the movies, but you certainly will be impressed by this track.


This song truly is special. It was one of them tracks which really got into your head and you could feel a certain chaos emerge from it. One from the early days of the band, it really did give you a chill when you heard it. Also, it is seeing Alice Cooper perform this in the 2012 film Dark Shadows really provides a highlight to an otherwise mediocre film.


The tune which saved the career of Alice Cooper. The 80’s had seen a dip in popularity for the legendary rocker, and there was so much expectation on this song. Luckily, the result was a true rock classic which is featured on countless compilation albums and has one of the strongest riffs in rock history. Just remember, you are all poison!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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