Jessica Jones. Four Things We Need To See

Jessica Jones is due to debut on Netflix all around the world over the next 24 hours. Starring Krysten Ritter in the title role, Jessica Jones is the latest character to debut to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first female to headline a live-action Marvel property in live action form. Unlike the previous series Daredevil, Jessica Jones is a much newer property and a less known hero. Her origin story is one which is darker than many of those you may know. She starts her career as a superhero after an accident that kills her family, she was known as Jewel and was inspired to be a hero and use her abilities because of Spider-Man. She later retires from being a superhero after a very traumatic experience and begins her own private investigation services. By the looks of it, we will see a similar origin story take place in the new show. But, this is what we need to see in the 13 episodes that are about to be released. Warning: There may be some spoilers.

1 Jessica Jones needs to still lose everything

Jessica Jones obtains her abilities originally due to an accident involving a military convoy which contained radioactive chemicals which killed her family and gave her the superpowers to which she used in her time as a hero. Though it seems cliché to do the “hero loses family” story, it really is the origin of Jessica Jones and needs to be told. Plus, where Peter Parker and Matt Murdoch are both decent humans, Jessica enjoys drinking and swearing and not using her origin towards her heroic purposes (and she has no appreciation for alarm clocks).

2 The Purple Man has to be the top villain

Zebediah Kilgrave AKA The Purple Man is a dangerous villain. He is billed as the main villain in the show, but we need to see that he is given the same life as his comic alter-ego. The reason Vincent D’Onofrio worked so well as Wilson Fisk is because people could believe him as a serious villain and emphasise with him as he was much more than just a mean man with a pendent for others pain. The power of bending the will of others and controlling minds is definitely something that needs to be explored. Hopefully this will allow Doctor Who lovers to finally see a different side to David Tennant.

3 Luke Cage should only be a supporting character until we really get to see him

To see Mike Colter will help expand this area of the MCU further by introducing us to Luke Cage before his own show debuts. The only problems with this will be how his show will then fit into the timeline (will his show be set before Jessica Jones?) and also will we learn too much about him before his own show? I don’t think it will be a problem, but I would like to see Luke Cage is staying as a supporting cast member (and maybe a cameo from Charlie Cox as Daredevil?).

4 Don’t be afraid of referencing the MCU

As we saw in Daredevil, the show wasn’t afraid to make references to the films (though minimal and infrequent). I would be happy to see a few more little nods to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as the fact that Jessica’s father worked for Tony Stark or even some connection still to Spider-Man. I am not saying for the show to be soaked in references (Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. has got a lot to answer for), but never forget where you came from. Plus, teasing The Defenders is worth a go.

Jessica Jones will be available on Netflix worldwide from Friday 20th November 2015. Luke Cage will debut in 2016.

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