Panic! At The Disco: New Album, New Song, New Video, New Era

By Joanna Cosgrove


As of 22nd October, Panic! At The Disco are officially on their way back!

This pop-punk band, celebrating a decade in the music industry this year, have finally announced their newest era in the form of a triple threat: an album, a new song, and a new music video.

The album? Titled after a previously released track, Death of a Bachelor’s features Urie on what is guessed to be an allusion to his life years back – as he states on the official Panic! website that the album is like a throwback to the start of his musical interest (even referencing him first trying to find the perfect musical instrument). The photo was edited with red and white details and images, to portray Urie’s story of “the death of a bachelor”.


The song? A brand new one revealed with its pairing video. The song is called “Emperor’s New Clothes”, and the lyrics capture an era to end all, making it the perfect introduction to what this band has in store. Brendon Urie catches the depth of these words in his eternally powerful vocals, where he describes himself in an invincible, almost godly manner, as he is creating anew with this newfound power in his hands.

THAT is how you put power into your music – you treat yourself like a leader as you burst into a new scene.

The video? Firstly, I must put the disclaimer: the video can have some triggering features to people, such as visual references to Satanism and possession (even if that was not Urie’s full intention) and a detailed physical transformation of Urie from human to a Gargoyle-like demonic creature, so if that sounds like imagery you would want to avoid, this video is not for your viewing pleasure.

Now to the review: the video was released to reveal the latest song shown from upcoming Death of a Bachelor, “Emperor’s New Clothes”. The video starts off with a drift-away from the previously released music video for the Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die single “This is Gospel”, and portrays Urie’s ascent to heaven becoming a descent to a form of hell.

Its overall imagery shows the strength, power and ownership the song holds. Urie’s transformation captures his wanting to be memorable – be a relic that everyone can remember and admire for decades to centuries to millennia. With Halloween approaching also, the video’s visuals of mythical creatures and human skulls (voiced by Urie) worked well in its favour.

But overall? I’m excited.

A new era always brings greatness, and I have always believed that with bands like Panic! At The Disco where every album brings on a new side of the band and a new story in their growing archive.

I wish them all the best, especially frontman Brendon Urie. Being the final member to survive since 2005, Urie has had to carry this whole album on his own, with only the supplying musicians filling the roles of bass and percussion onstage. Urie is practically going solo, in the name of his band, and for that I have to give him all my luck and wishes in making this album a success.

Good luck, Beebo. You deserve praise for your ten years of hard work and creativity.

And now, if you care to view, here is the newest video by Panic! At The Disco, “Emperor’s New Clothes”:

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