The Bad Education Movie review

Jack Whitehall continues to prove why he is one of the UK’s most loved comedians, with this movie which packs in many many laughs and brings a series worth of jokes to a 90 minute movie. The successful Bad Education show pulls an Inbetweeners and transfers to the big screen for a new chapter. Expanding on the premise of Alfie Wickers leading a class of students who would all rather have “class wars”, make a menace of the school and do all they can to wind up their teacher. The kids are nearly finished with school, Alfie plans to take them on one last trip before they leave. From best friend Joe, the crafty Mitchell and flirty Chantelle, all of your favourites are back. The trip to Cornwall begins as an idea for fun, drinking and good laughs. But, when Joe’s mum also adds herself to the trip, she is determined to do all she can to get Alfie fired. Having so far a dull time, the adventure begins when Alfie involuntarily becomes part of a terrorist group which looks to liberate Cornwall from the UK.

At the heart of this film is friendship, same as in the TV show. Many shows normally see the teacher/student relationship as being non-existent. Jack Whitehall makes for a believable teacher and his friendship with Joe and the other kids is genuine and definitely the heart of the movie. The laughs come in many forms, whether it be from going down a zip-line with pants down, a sword fight in a castle or a rather humourous wall of art, there is plenty to take in. Is this the best comedy ever? No! This is not the intention. Is this the best film of 2015? No way near. What makes this film fun is that it continues what made the TV show so fun and it is all about the cast and the close relationship they have with each other. A few jokes do get repeated (and a couple do push the boundaries of decency) and the minimal use of Harry Enfield, Sarah Solemani and Mathew Horne feels like a waste for these highly comical figures. But, Iain Glen definitely makes for captivating viewing as a smuggler and a leader of the Cornwall Liberation Army. Without giving too much away, a few strands from the Bad Education TV show are finally tied up with a trip to the estate of an old friend.

This is mad, funny, crazy, over the top and at times purely stupid. It is also genuinely funny and superbly acted. It is also bubbling with so much pop culture that you will get tastes of everything from Braveheart to ET and 300. Not for a long time have I seen a cast who really displayed such a true closeness. Jack Whitehall and Ethan Lawrence really do make the heart of the film, they show such great chemistry as the best friends and it would be a shame to think this may be the last time the two of them work together. Get a smile on your face, watch this film!

Final rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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