Constantine is coming to Arrow!

After the upsetting cancellation of Constantine after only 13 episodes, there is finally some good news for fans of the supernatural fighter. Matt Ryan will be reprising his role as John Constantine in the fourth season of Arrow. How amazing will it be to see the “Self-Proclaimed exorcist and master of the dark arts” and the “Emerald Archer” come together? Well episode five, titled ‘Haunted’, will see Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) get critical support from John Constantine (Matt Ryan, reprising his role from the short-lived TV series) when arrows aren’t enough!

It has been reported at this time that this will be a “great, one-shot episode” by CW president Mark Pedowitz, so doe’s this mean this is the only time we will Matt Ryan take on the trench-coat again as Constantine? Well, here are five things I would like to see happen with the character.

  1. Don’t erase the past

It seems likely that a soft reboot will take place to bring Constantine into the world of Arrow/Flash/Legends Of Tomorrow. Though it may take a few changes on board, let it not completely erase what came before it. The show, though had its critics, was enjoyable and at times rather gripping. Matt Ryan coming back as John Constantine is definitely a push in the right direction. But, don’t make it a whole new slate for those who followed the character previously.

2. Embrace the mystical side

Marc Guggenheim, co-showrunner of Arrow, has said that the mystical side of DC would be visited in season four. Though this promise was made, it is easy to sometimes not push an area too far. But, I think Constantine showed that it can work, and it will be great to see a new dimension come to the well-established show. Hopefully, we may see Papa Midnite pop up to cause a bit of chaos too.

3. Please don’t leave this as a one-off

I am not saying I want Matt Ryan to just pop up in Arrow anytime they can put him in! But, wouldn’t it be great for him to become a recurring force in the show? This may convince the CW to do one of them backdoor pilot’s to bring him into a TV show of their own creation. If a new show doesn’t come, let us at least have Constantine as an ally to The Arrow (or should that now be Green Arrow?) in the same way as The Flash has came back to Starling City on occasion.

4. Don’t be afraid to share Constantine in the universe

Wouldn’t it be fun to tease a Justice League Dark team within Legends Of Tomorrow? Well, I reckon just adding Matt Ryan to the already impressive cast in the show would be fantastic. With the immortal Vandal Savage, a slight touch of mysticism may be floating about this show. Also, the time-travel aspect could bring some great storylines about Constantine’s past and bring him face to face with some previously unseen characters in his mythology.

5. Bring him to be the central force in ‘Haunted’

We may be going into spoiler territory, but it is believed that Constantine will in some way be central to the revival of Sara Lance. Sara (Caity Lotz), who will be a main character in Legends Of Tomorrow, has yet to be revived in the continuity and it seems likely that Oliver Queen will be getting John Constantine to assist in something around the resurrection of the former Black Canary. But, what will be his part in this, if any?

Arrow Season Four will be returning 7th October 2015 on The CW in the US and at a slightly later date on Sky One in the UK.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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