Charlie Fink – My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm

Since April Fools Day, we have all been mourning the break-up of Noah and the Whale. Since that news emerged, all the members have been continuing with new projects. Founding member Matt Owens started his own solo career, as did Fred Abbott (check out ‘Funny How Good It Feels’, a great song). Now Charlie Fink has emerged with his own debut solo song, three months after the split was announced.

Gone is the melancholic folk and new wave indie rock, instead is a more electronic and upbeat splash of vibrant sound that instantly gets you. His heartbeat may have lost rhythm, but his musical abilities surely haven’t. Give it a few listens, you shall be enjoying this one very much. Though this may not sound as grand as some of the tracks from Noah and the Whale, it does keep a distinctive tone throughout and the only real link to the band is through the vocals you hear. It is a new day, the new Charlie Fink is here!

The day Noah and the Whale split was a bad one for many fans, but it goes to show that so far we have had three solo projects that have all been exceptional so far. Though I still am eager to hear more, I still can’t help but think this could have been a direction for the band. But, Charlie has won me over.

Final rating: 8.5/10

Charlie Fink My heartbeat pic

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