The five reasons you should have faith in the Ant-Man film

July 17th isn’t too far away now. This is the date that Marvel will be releasing its 12th entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With many characters such as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America already popular and much loved in the public eye, Marvel took a great gamble by introducing Guardians of the Galaxy. Arguably, this film could have failed just by not getting an audience. But, it turned out to be a funny, smart and action-packed feature which you can’t help but love (and possibly the best Marvel movie ever!). So, why are so many people worrying about Ant-Man? Well, it could stem from many people not being as familiar with the character or possibly the behind-the-scenes drama which was widely reported last year. But, this is why you shouldn’t worry about the tiny hero…

  1. Ant-Man has been in Marvel for over 50 years

Many people wouldn’t believe it, but original Ant-Man Hank Pym has been in the comics since 1962. He even pre-dates Spider-Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and many more famous characters. The idea of a man who could shrink in size but increase in strength may not have been seen as the greatest ability, but it was a very fun one. In all those years Hank Pym went through many identities (such as Giant Man, Goliath and Yellowjacket. Last one on this list, look out for more information in this article). His mental state was also a big part of the series as was his relationship with Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp). Also, Hank Pym is the original creator of the villain Ultron. Many traits of Ultron in the 2015 MCU film are still similar to the original comic creation, though Hank Pym is shown to have been hypnotised by his creation to forget it ever existed. Hank Pym would eventually pass the suit to Scott Lang, he would then become the second Ant-Man and show himself going from criminal-to-hero. He has also been part of a certain group too…

  1. Ant-Man was an original Avenger

Yes, when the heroes of Marvel first assembled, Ant-Man was one of the first characters to be part of the team. It was September 1963 when Ant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk first combined forces to become earth’s mightiest heroes. Since then, he has played a prominent part throughout its history. Though Ant-Man may not have been part of the original Avengers roster in the MCU, it has been announced that Scott Lang’s (Paul Rudd) Ant-Man will be taking part in Captain America: Civil War as a possible recruit to The Avengers.

  1. Three people have become Ant-Man, but none are the same

Yes, three individual characters have taken the mantle since 1962. Scientist Hank Pym originally was the hero, and then he passed it on to Scott Lang. Since then, 2006 saw Eric O’Grady become the 3rd Ant-Man in the comics. O’Grady starts as a SHIELD agent with questionable morals. He steals the suit for his own plans, which includes theft and stalking women. He doe’s eventually become a hero, but I think we can agree that this character should be a long long way off. Scott Lang was seen as a man who had it all to gain. As Ant-Man, he becomes a great man and was able to fight with both The Avengers and The Fantastic Four.

  1. Yellowjacket will be the villain, this gets a little complicated

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made some big adaptations. They made The Mandarin an actor and gave a different origin to a top villain this year, but this year we will see Yellowjacket become a villain. Why is this a surprise? Well, in the article earlier we saw Yellowjacket was a Hank Pym creation. This was during one of his darker turns, where an almost villainous side came out. In the upcoming film, Darren Cross (Yellowjacket) is to be portrayed by Corey Stoll. He is seen to be a former protégé of Pym’s and wants the technology for his own. See what happens when Ant-Man and Yellowjacket clash next month.

  1. The film has got a lot of talent behind it

The film started with Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) in control of the project. Him and Joe Cornish wrote a script and was originally to be one of the earlier films in the MCU, eventually being given the 2015 release date. Paul Rudd (Scott Lang) signed to the film, as did Michael Douglas (Hank Pym), Evangeline Lilly (Hope Van Dyne), Corey Stoll (Darren Cross). Unfortunately, a “difference in their vision of the film” saw Edgar Wright leave the project. From that, Adam McKay and Paul Rudd then tweaked the film script and Peyton Reed was hired to direct. We have many people that have been known to excel in the movie world, and to see the fruit of their labour is exciting.

Ant-Man debuts worldwide on Friday 17th July 2015

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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