Six shows which are being revived

What shows are coming back?

Well, we have heard some great shows will be coming back. But, are you aware of what will be returning to your screens? It’s time to break down what is coming and how much you should be looking forward to it.


Many will agree that Heroes was robbed of a real finale. When the lacklustre Season Four suddenly got exciting and teased a huge game-changer, NBC cancelled the show. While many had given up hope of a return, NBC announced that a new 13-part season titled ‘Heroes: Reborn’ will debut this autumn. All we know is that the show features a relatively new cast, will most likely not focus too much on that “Brave New World” volume which we was teased and may not have them voiceovers that opened and closed most episodes. What we do have is the return of creator and executive producer Tim Kring who will bring the episodes to life. Cast wise, we do have Jack Coleman back as Noah Bennet, Jimmy Jean-Louis as The Haitian and Masi Oka will return as Hiro Nakamura. Hopefully a few more returns will come as the show approaches and maybe a new bright future for what was one of the 21st Century’s most gripping shows.

The X Files

US Sci-fi really hit a peak in the 1990’s when The X Files emerged. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reached super-stardom as the lead characters Mulder and Scully. Over the years, the show was parodied in many places (The Simpsons episode ‘The Simpsons Files’ is a great example), saw many guest stars and two theatrical films. 2016 will see six brand new episodes reunite the supernatural fighting team. What will be in these episodes? We currently don’t know. But, we will certainly be watching this one!

Full House (or Fuller House)

If you saw this show back in the day, you will remember it gave Bob Saget and John Stamos their most popular roles and gave Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen their break. The story of a father who gets his brother-in-law and best friend to help him raise his daughters after the death of his wife is a touching premise, but it was the great casting and writing which kept the show funny and at the top of its game. The new show “Fuller House” will apparently have a big focus on D.J. and her kids after the passing of her husband, but be sure to see all the favourites return.

The Muppets

The Muppets are coming back to TV. After two successful films in the last few years, Kermit and co. are returning to the small screen. Little is known so far about what the future holds for the characters, but we can be sure that the gang will provide a show similar to what we all enjoyed during its original run. With many people always wanting to appear on the show, you can be sure every week will feature a whole lot of fun and variety.

Twin Peaks

It’s time for some more of that damn fine coffee. After all the behind the scenes drama and multiple doubts as to whether this show would ever return, David Lynch finally settled his dispute with Showtime and Twin Peaks will officially be returning in 2016. Originally returning for nine episodes, the series has now been extended and fans could not be happier. Set 25 years after the ending to the show which left many people begging for answers to that cliffhanger, we finally get to see Special Agent Dale Cooper and the rest of the residents return for what will no doubt be an exciting and intriguing series.


OK, this is a cheat. Torchwood is coming back, but not to our screens. It has been announced that audio dramas of the hit show will be making their way to fans starting later this year. John Barrowman has been confirmed to appear in these, while no other cast has yet been announced. While it is unclear whether this will follow on from 2011’s Miracle Day, we have had previous audio dramas and they have been utterly brilliant. More Torchwood is always fine by me; let’s just hope this will lead to a TV comeback soon.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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