Serena Kern – Dream (Feat. Rishi Rich)

Serena Kern a few years ago was a musician I was really happy to chat to. I knew her talent was going to take her far. Into the hands of music producer Rishi Rich, this song shows that Serena has indeed flown high. As part of the DREAM EP, a more electronic sound is introduced to the warm vocals that Serena has presented before. Though you could never call this a club-banger, ‘Dream’ still has got an infective beat.

The beats are consistent and fun, the tune is easy to take in and will get you bopping along in no time. Also, there seems to be very little change to the usual sound that Serena has been known for producing. Her vocals mixed with the R&B styles which Rishi Rich has brought to the table are tight, it sounds very natural and there seems to be no strain from either party. Rishi blends his trademark Indian-R&B fusion and the results are incredible. This is the man who made Jay Sean become a household name, I am sure he is going to do the same here.

The EP in question has got an additional three tracks, continuing with the same style, though each as rich and original as the last. Serena Kern is out of her comfort zone, well I would say she was but there is no sign that she doesn’t like a change. This music suits her well and I look forward to more collaborations between these two.

Final rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Available to buy here

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